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DE Everson Griffen is Still Available, Cowboys Should Make the Call

You can never have too many pass rushers in today’s NFL, especially with such an emphasis put on the passing game. Through free agency and the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys added some much-needed pieces to their defensive front. Gerald McCoy and Dontari Poe were brought in to address a huge need on the interior, an area the Cowboys have overlooked for years. Neville Gallimore and Bradlee Anae were both steals in the third and fifth rounds and will have opportunities to contribute early.

Aldon Smith was conditionally reinstated a few weeks ago and Randy Gregory, who is currently going through to reinstatement process, shouldn’t have any problem getting back on the roster either with the NFL softening its stance on marijuana use. Factoring in DeMarcus Lawrence and a returning Tyrone Crawford, the Cowboys seem to be set with their pass rush. However, veteran Everson Griffen is still available and would instantly put the Cowboys defensive front on another level.

Griffen has been highly productive since entering the NFL in 2010. He had 17.5 sacks in his first four seasons, but the next four would make him a household name. Griffen reached double digits in sacks three times (career-high 13 in 2017) and made three Pro Bowls. After a down year in 2018, Griffen made his fourth Pro Bowl last season recording eight sacks.

So as you can see, even at 32, Griffen still plays at a fairly high level. He would instantly challenge Crawford as the starter coming off the right edge opposite Lawrence. This could potentially replace the 11.5 sacks Robert Quinn produced last season. Lawrence, Crawford, Smith, Gregory, and Anae are already a formidable rotation. However, adding Griffen would give the Cowboys a plethora of different combinations to work with when it comes to rushing the passer from the perimeter. More importantly, it would keep guys fresh in the fourth quarter, which is when most games are decided.

Smith and Gregory haven’t played since 2015 and 2018 respectively, so it’s going to take a while for them to get back into game shape to maximize what they have left in the tank. Griffen would provide insurance just in case there is a setback for either due to another suspension or injury.

The Cowboys have nailed this offseason with strategic and cost-efficient moves, but if they want to put an exclamation point on this retooling of their roster, they need to call Griffen, expeditiously.

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Matthew Lenix

Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.


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  1. This move if made signing Griffin would surely make our defense one of tha most feared in tha league! And would put us over tha top!!!

    • Come on Jerry, Stephen, & Will McClay jump all this, Cowboys will go very far if Jerry got the courage, Smith, & Gregory shouldn’t be leaned on too heavily or dependent on, sign Griffen immediately.

  2. Dallas doesn’t need yet another DE who peaked and is now considered a rotational DE at best. If he was anything more, he would be in a Vikings uni.

  3. All these stories of Dallas needs and possible Hail Mary new players show how talent poor the Boys are on defense. Dallas hype is so illogical. On one hand, stories say Dallas has best level talent and is a SB team. Then. you get stories saying the team needs to sign some reclamation project or old vet to fill in as a starter.
    The defense is going to be a coach created Frankenstein made of a jumble of parts . Every East team is going to be much better on offense in 2020. That is going to make for a strange 2020 season.

    • All the stories you’ve read about the Cowboys being a super bowl contender are based on their offense…. You won’t find a story saying anything about signing somebody for our offense, unless it’s a player to put in rotation with our offensive linemen…. But we really don’t need anybody on offense!! The only stories you’ll read that says anything about adding players to start for us is on defense…. Our defense does need a little help!! Although I believe Aldon Smith is gonna prove a lot of people wrong when he gets his chance to play!! But having a backup plan just in case doesn’t hurt, and that’s what these stories are trying to get across to people!!

  4. Matthew I agree with you 100%. Griffen would be that final piece for the Dallas D and would be a “proven” commodity. He’s even mentioned that he wants to play for the Cowboys (what player doesn’t). So many Cowboys fans are set on Crawford who pales in comparison to Griffen. Not too mention Crawford is coming off double hip surgery. If Crawford was an average at best player imagine after his season ending surgery. With that said, Dallas is playing with fire if they think Crawford, Gregory, and Smith could actually be relied on this season.

  5. You might be on to something Matthew. Griffin would absolutely increase our talent pool on the D-Line! Why not add him? Think about it everyone, guarantee you that sign him as a rotational piece and by week 1 he will be our starter on the RDE. Or sign him 2/3 yr deal and when he shows that he still has more in the Tank than everyone thinks then release Crawford because he counts around 8 mil on the cap and name Griffin your starter and then give the Jets next years 1st rounder for Adams and we will be SET!!! With our D-Line strong w/2 rotations and LB’s are solid and then with Adams at safety helping our corners we will be on the cusp of another Super Bowl win! We have to be able to grab it when available! I mean the Adams deal would be just like the Cooper deal…

  6. People won’t let this go – I think it’s cause they need content so they have to and I get that, it’s a hard time right now – but it’s not happening so get over it

  7. I say if we can get Griffen go for it. Agree with Omar if we’re reliant on Crawford/Smith/Gregory we’re in trouble. Just too many variables there with those 3 and its not inconceivable that none of them are very productive for wherever reason. Nor can we assume that any of our rookie lineman will have an impact though I’m happy with who we drafted there but.D Lawrence is really the only one we can count on and his sack numbers were way down last yr our secondary will be suspect this yr so imperative that we get some pressure on the QB

  8. Really good player who stood out to me when watching Vikes, could start. But that position seems to be pretty full already IF Smith and Gregory work out. BUT that’s a big IF. As Matthew points out – insurance.

  9. Griffen is better than any lineman the boy’s have except tank, and that is just by a hair. He would have more sacks than anybody else on the team by seasons end. But Dallas will not sign him. They are gonna take their chances on Smith and Gregory. What a joke. Smith hasn5 even played in 5 yrs. Sad

    • Just because Smith hasn’t played in years, that doesn’t mean he forgot how to play the game!! He’s been playing this game his whole life, a few years out of the league won’t change that!! It mite take him a few games to get into game shape, but I think he’ll prove all of you doubters wrong!! I think he’ll be another Robert Quinn….. Nobody thought he would do anything either, and at the end of the season he was the leader in sacks on the team, and he was better than D. Law in pretty much every other category for edge rushers too!! So like I said, Smith has been playing the game his whole life, so just because he’s been out of the league for a few years it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten how to play the game!!

  10. I don’t think the BOYS have made a bad deal this year yet. We still have about 4 young lions that the BOYS have been grooming for a year or so. Let’s give them a chance. Then I think Griffin would be nice but , Clowney would be better for the money. Let’s really go for the gusto and raise the bar. I think if we don’t make another move we are still going to kick some a…… and take some names. I guarantee with those big horses up the middle now , teams won’t be able to double team D Law and he will have a great season. We have enough talent on both sides of the ball bought to kick up some real sh…. THE BOYS ARE BACK. COWBALLING the whole season. We are going to put fear into the whole league this year. This is etched in stone.

  11. We have plenty of talent: Veterans and youngsters that are already on the team… signing a high-priced pass rusher for a year or two would be a waste of money for one, but more importantly, it would limit the reps for Johnson, Jelks, Anae … etc. We have seen only too many times of great players wasting away behind veterans before being waived… These guys can all play… let’s see them play!

  12. Come on Jerry, Stephen, & Will McClay jump all this, Cowboys will go very far if Jerry got the courage, Smith, & Gregory shouldn’t be leaned on too heavily or dependent on, sign Griffen immediately.

  13. Dallas could also try two other moves: 1. See if Telvin Smith, olb, would unretire for a year. The linebacking corps could be incredible behind DTs that actually do absorb blockers, unlike last year. Hopefully, LVH’s injuries accounted for the drop in his play, otherwise not blameable upon the DTs. Also, hopefully, Jaylon has refocused to become the talent he was in 2018; 2. Kick the tires on David Irving. He was one of the top three DTs in football his last 16 games in terms of production. Pressure up the middle is more disruptive to a passing game than outside pressure or good coverage. Chris Jones of the Chiefs was just as instrumental as Maholmes in winning the Superbowl for the Chiefs last year.

    • I’d be leery of “going to” Irving … maybe if he would exhibit some desire and “came to” the staff and asked for a return, but I wouldn’t flaunt money in his face and ask an uninspired guy to play .. but that’s just me (dude impacts games though). I think it’s his head that makes him a different animal than either the Gregory or Aldon examples, and therefore an unreliable option.

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