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DeMarcus Ware Speaks on Micah Parsons and who he Compares to at Linebacker

When the Dallas Cowboys selected Linebacker Micah Parsons with the 12th overall pick in the , the excitement for what he could bring to a that was one of the leagues worst in 2020 began immediately.

One of the Cowboy's most revered legends on the defensive side of the ball, DeMarcus Ware, has noticed just what a special talent Parsons is. The future Hall of Famer sat down with RJ Ochoa of Blogging The Boys recently to discuss various topics regarding the Cowboys.

First on the list was Parsons, and when Ware was asked about what he feels he brings to the table, the NFL's ninth all-time sack leader had this to say.

“We call the guys that are like him are utilitarians, Ware said. “Guys that can rush the passer, that can drop back in coverage, be that thumper against the run, especially in the East. So it's just cool now to have that new guy with being retired, having you know , he's stepping up even more being a leader on that .

“They are running a true 4-3 with . Then you got over there who had a full , now what is this guy capable of? Because he's been reckless. And then you got Parsons coming in. With just to name a few. With Jaylon, I mean that linebacker core is a beast. So I just can't wait to see now how they can wreak havoc. First, stop the run, which we didn't do last year. And then wreak havoc on the with some amazing athletes.”

The Cowboys will certainly need Parsons and his swiss army knife-like skill set in 2021. Last season, the Cowboys were 31st against the run, 28th in points allowed and 23rd in overall defense. Granted injuries played a role in those but when you yield 473 points, the most in franchise , it's imperative that a guy like Parsons comes in and makes an impact right off the bat.

During his 12-year NFL career, Ware played against and with some premium talent at the linebacker position. He was asked who Parsons reminded him of and the seven-time All-Pro brought up some interesting names.

“I think it has to be a couple of guys,” Ware said. “I look at him as like a Brian Urlacher type guy that can rush the passer. And then a thumper like and . And then a coverage guy like Sean Lee. If you can mix all those guys, that's what you get with Parsons.”

hopes Ware is right about his assessment of Parsons. It's no secret that the Cowboys are loaded on and it's likely that unit will be the driving force for them in 2021. However, if they want to compete on the highest level they will have to make vast defensively, and the talent of Parsons is a good place to start from.

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Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. Please watch the college tape of Micah Parson, cornerbacks are a dime a dozen, Anthony Brown in the 6th
    Round in 2016 ( the best cowboys draft class in the last 10 years) is a good example. Micah Parson has special abilities that you cannot coach. Dallas is going to be happy they didn’t take a DB.

  2. Loved the pick. We badly needed help at the first and second level of the D, to help that poor 31st ranking vs run. Osa O should also help vs run. Big name comps by Ware, that would be great if he can live up to. Hopefully LVE can stay on the field and produce. Smith is still a question mark, IMO. Bad angles, quickness issues, and his good on paper tackles total is littered with tardy ones.

    One would think this defense could be better with the good infusion of draftees and FAs. We’ll get our first look next month.

  3. When we drafted Parsons I was kinda mad!! I wanted Surtain or Horn, but since they were taken before we were on the clock, I was hoping we would trade down and get Caleb Farley or one of the other top corners left in the 1st round!! The way Parsons was described and from what I seen from him in college, he was just another Jaylon Smith, and we definitely didn’t need another Jaylon Smith!! But now that we got to get a good corner in the 2nd round, I’m good with the way the draft went!! I’m still not all that happy with the Parsons pick, but I do feel better about it now that I know Dan Quinn is coaching him to do more than just play LB!! One thing I don’t get though is Ware is saying Parsons is good in coverage, but that’s one thing Parsons wasn’t really good at and that’s one reason he was being compared to Jaylon Smith, so how is he all of a sudden good in coverage!?

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