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Despite Draft Picks at CB, Should Cowboys Consider Veteran Logan Ryan?

The bolstered the cornerback position during last week’s , selecting and Reggie Robinson. Should the now be content at CB for 2020, or could they get even better with veteran Logan Ryan?

The best CB on the market right now, Ryan just turned 29 and is coming off a great season with the with four interceptions as a full-time starter. His contract expired this year and Tennessee opted to get younger at the position rather than pay the veteran what he’s due.

The Cowboys just lost their top cornerback when signed with the in March. But while Jones’ new deal averages $16.5 million per season, the older Logan Ryan is reportedly looking for only about $10 million per year.

To be fair, Dallas is already bringing a lot of bodies to the CB camp battle in 2020. They still have and , re-signed and , added the two rookies, and signed free agent .

That’s already 1-2 more players than they’d likely keep on the active . Goodwin is a predictable cut if they keep six corners. But if they only keep five then, the Cowboys are already facing a potentially tough decision.

But numbers are one thing and talent is another. Logan Ryan would easily by a top-3 player on this group if added, and he just might be your best cornerback in 2020 depending on what Awuzie and Lewis do.

Logan Ryan
Free Agent CB Logan Ryan

Veteran is another big reason to consider Ryan. While young, Byron Jones was a model citizen and leader for the locker room and the CB group. Dallas could use someone to fill that role and especially with the two rookies coming on.

Remember, Awuzie and Lewis are both next year. They may not be too motivated to help groom their possible replacements.

Finances may be the biggest issue here. The Cowboys have a little over $10 million in cap space right now and still need to sign their rookies, which one source estimates at about $7 million.

However, Dallas still has $8 million in cap space to be gained by cutting . They also could free up space if they sign to a long-term deal soon. That one-year crunch on the can look a lot different with multiple years to work with.

Also, the of Logan Ryan wanting $10 million was back on March 19th. Spending another 5 1/2 weeks without a job can do a lot to make players more flexible, and especially once the Draft comes and goes. Ryan’s asking price may have come down a bit now.

This is just one way that Dallas could still improve the roster during the remainder of the . Perhaps you’d prefer another pass rusher like or a cheaper option like . Maybe you’d like one more proven player at receiver, , or , or perhaps a veteran swing .

Heck, what about or for backup QB?

We’ll get into some more of these options in the coming days. But for now, CB Logan Ryan is one of the most attractive. He could provide an instant boost of talent in the and a much-needed veteran among so many young prospects.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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  1. Very true we are one injury to Dak away from our season going down the drain.Forget Dez I think another problem is linebacker where Lee is still injury prone Smith had a mediocre year and Vanderesch who knows about his neck.Thats why I would have loved to get Willie Gay or Logan Wilson in the draft,but can complain with who they took.Maybe a veteran backer gets cut now that draft is over.

  2. Safety wise I’d bring in Morgan Burnett or Jones or take a 1 yr flyer shot on Eric Berry. I know he has a injury history as of late, but bringing in a guy like that for vet leadership & for the young guys in the secondary will do wonders. And heck you could make him a 2ndary coach after this yr after the fact. As for DE I don’t think we are in the running for Clowney unless his asking price lowers drastically now I wouldn’t mind stealing Markus Golden from the Giants but he’d have to lower his price too. A rotation of Golden, Tank, Aldon, Randy, & the rookie Bradlee would be nasty & arguably the league’s best rotation of rushers.

  3. If Dallas does add a FA in the secondary it should be at Safety. Berry would be nice if he’s healthy but the real value could be Reshad Jones. He’s coming off a good year in Miami and at 32, while still highly productive, would not break the bank. He would also provide that “veteran leadership”.

  4. I for one, believes Dez deserves another chance for several reasons. His play, especially in the red zone, was always solid when he was healthy. Reports say hes in incredible shape. He would be an impact player at a low cost. Finally, he got screwed at Dallas by a Garret-regime characterized by cliques and coach-favorites. HDez has always been passionate and outspoken, but ALWAYS demanding better results from everyone. Garrett never liked that. Clappy preferred to “trust the process” and keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Bring Dez in for a fair chance to earn a spot. He’s a diehard Cowboy.

    I also think the Cowboys still have a huge and obvious need at qb. DiNucci may be a great long term solution, but this year, we are completely exposed. We’re one twisted ankle, pulled hammy, or concussion away from a multi-game need at QB. The right backup QB could mean an additional 3-4 wins. I vote for bringing in Cam Newton. Its $ better spent right now than another CB, DE, or any other position.

    Go Cowboys!

    • I agree with bringing in a backup QB, but I don’t agree that’s all we need!! But I’m not like everybody else that wants to waste more money and roster space on positions we have plenty of!! I think we need another safety or 2!! Right now all we have is Clinton Dix and Xavier Woods, then we have Wilson and Thompson as backups!! Idk about everybody else, but if Clinton Dix gets injured or Woods for that matter, I don’t feel too good about having the other 2 starting for us!! I been saying this since before the draft….. We need another safety…. Maybe even 2!!

    • Marcus, I agree with everything that you wrote. Dez was ousted by Garrett and Witten and Garrett also railroaded Wade Phillips and took his job. So glad Garrett is gone. Bring back Dez and find a veteran QB – Matt Moore maybe.

  5. Never a good idea to max out the cap. I like Ryan, but I could make the argument that signing him at that kind of money (especially beyond a single season) is cost prohibitive and if the team has any faith in the guys on the roster today, he would limit their ability to get on-the-job training. I don’t think there’s much of a chance that either Lewis or Awuzie can do much to warrant the same $10m next year, so let them have their shot. As good as Jones was, and as key as a CB1 is, that position did not cost us nor gain us anywhere in the standings.

    Not sure cutting Crawford is the answer to anything. As of this moment, he’s the best RE we have. And Trysten Hill is apparently not long for being here. If they’re going to spend, I’d rather it be for a proven edge rusher, and Clowney is too much … nor has he ever really elevated a team. I’d prefer a flyer on Griffen.

  6. I totally agree with Travis. If you have forgotten, Dez had nothing good to say about the Boys on his way out and made a point to name call several players as well. I want nothing to do with the sniveling puke, especially now that he wants to grovel his way back since nobody wants him and can’t find a job. He dug his grave…now he is lay in it.

  7. While we are at it let’s trade for JJWatt J Clowney and Aaron Donald to bolster our defense. Let’s sign Antonio Brown to help our offense. The cowboys are fine with what they have you always need to have some money left over in case of injuries.

  8. Get Logan Ryan for stronger competition and Dez Bryant for a red-zone threat and that’s all we need. Dez on a 2 year contract and let him retire and then hire him as WR coach.

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