Despite Reassurances, Dak Prescott’s Future With Cowboys is Still Murky

    's may have come to an abrupt end due to a season-ending ankle , but the contract dance between him and the has only become more murky than it was before. Jerry and have both said Prescott is “the future”, however, any words coming out of their two mounts should be taken with a grain of salt.

    The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott's representatives have been dance partners for a few years now trying to work out a mutually agreeable long-term extension. As of yet those talks have come to nothing and I don't imagine things will get any easier this summer after the 2020 season comes to an end. In fact, I'm not sure either side is going to be willing to give an inch in either direction.

    How many times in the past have we seen Jerry or Stephen Jones say one thing and do the complete opposite? We've seen and both blindsided after being led to believe their jobs were secure, so it wouldn't be a complete surprise to see them do the same to Dak Prescott. His future in Dallas is far from secure, which is what we'll discuss today.

    I honestly have a hard time believing the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott's representatives can come to agreement on a long-term deal. They've been back and forth for a few years now and still have failed to come to terms. Neither side really has any more leverage than the other, although I'm sure the Cowboys will try to use Prescott's recent ankle injury to their advantage if they can.

    It looks like another standstill to me, meaning if the Cowboys want to keep Prescott around next season they will have to use the once again and that will cost them a little over $37 million. But what if other and quite possibly better options arise that pique their interest more. Could they actually part waits with No. 4?

    Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance
    Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance

    Choosing not to pay Dak Prescott isn't as unreasonable as it sounds. He's going to be seeking around $40 million per season – give or take – and that's a lot of money that could be allocated elsewhere to improve the roster. The only problem with that way of thinking is then the Cowboys are without a starting caliber QB on the roster, but that's where the comes into play.

    If the Dallas Cowboys wouldn't have won last week against the and moved into first place in the East division they would have a Top 10 draft pick and quite possibly a Top 5 pick to draft a QB. That's well im range to come away with a new starting QB and at a fraction of the cost it would take to retain Dak Prescott.

    That's not the way things played out though. Sitting atop the division means they would be a playoff team if the season ended today, meaning they would be picking in the mid to lower 20s instead of the Top 10. I could be wrong, but making or not making the could play a huge role in whether or not Dak is back next season.

    I think this is a situation worth monitoring moving forward. There's still a lot of football to play, but there's no reason to believe the Cowboys will be any better as the season progresses. They could still end up with a Top 10 draft pick and be in play for one of the top QBs coming out this year (Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance). Any one of the three could be an adequate replacement.

    Depending on how much power truly has building the team the way he wants, he may prefer not paying No. 4 and using that saved money to bring in the players who he believes fits their system better. This of course is a lot of speculation on my part, but I have a hard time believing the Jones' are is committed to Dak Prescott as they let on. After all, they have to do what's best for the franchise and that means exploring every single option.

    Do you believe Dak Prescott is “the future” for the Dallas Cowboys?

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Ben Miller

    I’ve been saying for months that the cost/benefit of signing Dak to a contract that represents 20-25% of the salary cap just isn’t there. Spreading that $40M across the roster would pay much higher dividends. Just look at what guys like Tannehill, Bridgewater, Cam, Brady have done for their teams at $25M or less. Some combination of Dalton, Darnold, Rosen, Taylor, Winston, Fitzpatrick, Haskins, Smith, RG3 are going to be available as stop gaps this off season. Any could be viable options as Dallas drafts and develops a longer term starter. With the plethora of talent on the offensive side and the multiple high dollar contracts Jerry has given out. A QB on a rookie deal is the only way to manage the roster and salary cap going forward.


    Cowboys got spoiled with their qb playing on the rookie contract. They will be tempted to revisit that situation.


    no way the jones are gonna pay a QB 37+ million a year on a bum ankle. this greedy young QB should have taken the 170+ the jones were offering him, but he didn’t now we are all suppose to feel bad for his greedy ass, not here baby!!,, now with a couple good young QB’s comin out in this year’s draft, ANYTHING is game,,,plus DON’T forget about mr rodgers in green bay!!!!! enter the RED ROCKET!!!!

    Jay Rudin

    There was no disagreement about paying Dak a multi-year contract. There was little or no disagreement about roughly how much money it would be.

    The only difference between Dak’s position and the Cowboys’ position was whether that long-term contract would be four or five years.

    They will sign Dak (unless his ankle doesn’t heal).

    Dub Be

    I read this article and the comments below it and one word comes to mind: delusional. Actually two, the second being: unappreciative. Maybe I’m the only one to remember when this team was in the QB wilderness after Aikman with Quincy Carter, Hutchinson, Henson, Leaf, Testeverde, Wright, Storener, and Bledsoe. Those were the longest years of my sports life until Romo came.

    And then the same conversation thats happening now happened then. No one believed in #9 when all he did was win. Now the same inane conversation is taking place about #4 and all he does is win. SMH

    Robin Hood

    What occurred to Dak is unfortunate, but NFL is a business… JJ & Son has to do what’s best for team… Dak’s hit to a reduced cap space (estimated to be 175 mill) would be detrimental to building the team for success… New atmosphere is on the horizon for QB’s salaries tobe team friendly such as Mahomes & Brady has done for years with NE & now TB in order to be able to furnish the pieces to win the SB… Remember that is the goal for all NFL teams.


    If Dalton is able to keep this offense clicking and somehow lead this team into the playoffs it will be hard for Jones to commit a large portion of the cap to Dak going forward. It will be very tempting for them to look for an affordable game manager that can allow them to invest elsewhere…loke the defense. Dak may end up loosing his job the way he gained it.


    Prescott sustained a tough Injury, I wish him good luck in his recovery. No one can deny he plays and tries hard. That being said, if you look OBJECTIVELY at this year so far, Prescott has NOT won a single game. Sure on paper he has one W. But the Falcons gift wrapped that W, and handed it to us. NO ONE CAN DENY THAT. We did not win that game, Falcon LOST it. NO WAY we should have won that game. Worst blunder I’ve seen in a very long time, that onside kick. That Head Coach is gone, and I am sure that play was a huge nail in his coffin. I am more and more in the camp that thinks when a team has huge leads, like the kind that teams had playing the Cowboys, they go into cruise control. PREVENT DEFENSE. Then Prescott looks good, when the other team lets up, and his stat line grows. He should be 0-4. Andy Dalton won the Giant game.

    As far as the contract, Prescott had MANY good offers on the table. He refused THEM ALL. So now we are to have some kind of sympathy for him? I have been tough on Prescott here in the past, mainly because of his outrageous CONTRACT DEMANDS, and was excoriated. After the his franchise tagging, I wanted to see how this year unfolded. Well in my book, its been a disaster.

    AGAIN, his somewhat shiny win total has a lot to do with the PUTRID DIVISION FOES. Interesting how the Prescott lovers always bring up HIS win total, but when he loses, well it’s a TEAM SPORT then. Can’t have it both ways, folks.

    Lets not feel too bad for him, still making $31,000,000++ this year. Lets see what the draft brings.

    Dub Be

    All the blame for losses, non of the credit for wins


    High $ contracts have ruined professional sports! Proof is in the prices fans have to pay

    Gary b

    Let’s see how Dalton does at the helm. That will tell you alot about how much value Dak had to the team. If Dalton can keep us competitive and in every game like Dak did, then the views will shift. But if we start getting blown out in games then that tells u what you need to know about what this team would look like without Dak. The defense will suck regardless, but if the offense can’t score alot of points we will have little chance to win each wk and we’ll know why.


    Agree Gary b, lets see how Dalton does now. But also we should definitely keep an eye on the QB prospects in the upcoming draft. I hope Dalton kills it, not because it will make Prescott look bad, but because I WANT MY TEAM TO WIN!. If Prescott was able to produce WINS for us, GREAT! But the REALITY is, he could not so far this year. I understand the defense part of the equation. Has to be addressed and QUICKY. On a positive note, LVE has a chance to be back for Cardinals. Big plus! Also we should sign 6’3″ 330 DT Marcell Dareus, as recommended by Brian Martin in a different article. And go more with the running game. BALL CONTROL! We have one of the BEST RB tandems in the league,

    Mr. Cowboys 1966

    This Cowboys team wasn’t great, with Dak, under center. Because of a the mishaps of the Falcons and Giants, not able to take advantage of the Cowboys flaws, this Cowboys team would be staring at a 0-5 record, instead of being 2-3, 1st place in the NFC East. And that was with those players the Cowboys that started the Rams game on defense that is currently on the IR or eligible to return to the active roster, and with the offensive line under reconstruction, Dalton maybe running for his life. Hopefully, Zeke will step up to the plate and not allow Dalton to be at a disadvantage on down and distance,.

    Remember, last year Dalton was the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals, who happen to have the 1st pick in the NFL draft. There’s a reason why the Bengals let Dalton go instead of mentoring Joe Barrow. Could lightning strikes in the bottle again for Dalton. These eleven games will tell us the story.

    Even, if the Cowboys play the rest of the season on the “win for Dak”, that emotions usually disappear over a course of the season. I hope I’m wrong and Dalton rally the Cowboys to the playoffs. But the reality he is a backup for a reason.

    Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, where it look awful now, but in the end of day, the Cowboys come out of this situation smelling like a rose. After saying all this, the Cowboys will upset the Cardinals next Monday and take the Cowboys to the playoffs.

    Cowboys fan

    Vam…. Dak may have not got us a lot of wins this season, but that’s on the defense that can’t stop anybody!! If it wasn’t for Dak we would have lost all of these games in a blow out!! Dak is the reason we were even close in any of these games!! And if it wasn’t for our bad defense we could be at least at 4-1 right now, maybe even 5-0 if it wasn’t for Mike Mccarthys bad call to go for it on 4th down when we were in field goal range and could’ve tied the game up!! Again, our defense is the reason we don’t have more wins and Dak is the reason we haven’t been blown out yet!! And you can’t say Dalton won the giants game for us either, he didn’t do much of anything!! He only passed the ball 9 times, and he didn’t pass for any touchdowns either, so no, Dalton did NOT win that game for us!! You can be a Dak hater all you want, but anybody that’s watched football recently will tell you that Dalton is definitely no Dak and everybody that knows the Cowboys will tell you that this is Daks team!!