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Despite What Stephen Jones Says, Dak Prescott is About to Be Paid

John Williams



Playoff Scenarios Aim Towards Seahawks vs Cowboys in Wild Card

When it comes to the offseason and the Dallas Cowboys it doesn't really stop. It's one thing after another. Free agent signings, trades, draft rumors, and contract extensions. Less than a week after getting DeMarcus Lawrence signed to a five-year $105 million deal, the front office sets its sites on Quarterback Dak Prescott.

This week Stephen Jones spoke to ESPN 103.3 FM in Dallas and was asked about the negotiations. Jones, who hasn't shied away from talking about the team's intentions in public stated that any deal that the Dallas Cowboys do with their franchise quarterback would have to be "team friendly." This is a notion that has been expressed by major media in Dallas this offseason as many would argue that Dak Prescott isn't worth the projected $27-30 million he is set to receive. The problem is, when you look at the quarterbacks in that range around the NFL, it's hard to argue against him not being worth that money.

There are currently four quarterbacks making an average of $27-30 million per year on contracts signed within the last three offseasons; Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins, Matthew Stafford, and Jimmy Garoppolo.

In the Spring of 2018, Matt Ryan signed a five-year $130 million deal with $94.5 million fully guaranteed. That same offseason, Kirk Cousins signed a three-year $84 million contract with 100% of the $84 million fully guaranteed. Back in 2017, Matthew Stafford signed for five years and $135 million.

The most important contract to look at in Dak's negotiations, is San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Garoppolo signed a five-year $137.5 million contract with $74.1 million fully guaranteed. The reason this contract stands out more than the others is because Jimmy Garappolo hasn't really done anything in the NFL. The 49ers signed him to that lucrative of deal with only 10 NFL starts in his career. I believe Dak Prescott has an argument to be paid more than Garoppolo.

Dak Prescott is sitting at 48 NFL regular season starts and three playoff starts in his career. With Prescott at the helm, the Dallas Cowboys are 32-16 in the regular season and 1-2 in the playoffs, with Dak playing pretty well in the two losses, most recently bringing them back in the second half against the Los Angeles Rams and putting them in a position to have a chance at the end of the game.

Again, Garoppolo has only 10 NFL starts. In three games in 2018, he threw for an average of 239 yards per game to go along with five touchdowns and three interceptions. He only completed 59.5% of his passes and the 49ers went 1-2 in those games.

There is zero way to argue that Dak Prescott hasn't been as good of a quarterback or better than Jimmy Garoppolo in his three-year NFL career.

Totals Table
Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush
Rk Player From To CarAV G QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Rate Lng Int Sk Yds Y/A AY/A NY/A ANY/A Att Yds TD Y/A Lng
1 Jimmy Garoppolo 2014 2018 10 26 8-2-0 236 361 65.4 2968 17 97.3 61 8 29 205 8.2 8.17 7.08 7.03 48 54 1 1.1 13
2 Dak Prescott 2016 2018 42 48 32-16-0 975 1475 66.1 10876 67 96.0 90 25 113 675 7.4 7.52 6.42 6.56 189 944 18 5.0 28
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Generated 4/13/2019.

Dak Prescott's 48 starts have had some ups and downs, but there's been far more good than bad for the young signal caller. In looking at them statistically, Garoppolo has thrown 2.125 touchdowns per interception, while Prescott has thrown 2.68 touchdowns per interception. This doesn't even include the 18 touchdowns that Prescott has rushed for in his career. In San Francisco, Garoppolo has thrown 1.5 touchdowns per interception.

In yardage, Garoppolo is averaging 253 yards a game in his two years in San Francisco. Prescott is only averaging 226 passing yards per game, but also averages 19 rushing yards a game bringing his total yardage total to 245 per game. Garoppolo only rushes for 4.9 yards per game, not really a part of his play.

As the salary cap continues to go up and the quarterback contracts continue to rise, Prescott is a player who is going to get paid a big bag of money, despite what Stephen Jones has said. While Prescott's obviously accomplished more in the league than Jimmy Garoppolo, one could make the argument that he's accomplished more than Kirk Cousins as well.

Sure, Cousins has thrown for some big numbers in his time as a starter, but as a starter, he's never led a team to the post season. The 2015 Washington Redskins had the best record of any team he's been a part of at 9-7. The Minnesota Vikings reached the NFC Championship Game with Case Keenum at quarterback and barely managed an above .500 record with Cousins at quarterback going 8-7-1 in 2018. His first season as a starter in Minnesota is generally seen as a disappointment though he threw for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Cousins and Garoppolo may look better as passers, but they haven't accomplished as much as a quarterback in the NFL as Dak Prescott has. When you factor in the intangibles -- toughness, leadership, running ability, resiliency, perseverance -- that Prescott brings to the table, it's easy to see why he's about to be -- at least --  a $28 million quarterback.

This play is the reason that the Cowboys are about to make Dak Prescott one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. 3rd and 14, only up three and they called a quarterback draw. Prescott nearly takes the ball in for the score before being tripped up, but he makes All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner miss a tackle here on his way to picking up the crucial first down that helped seal the victory. Sure the coaching staff was being a bit conservative, but it was an excellent play call and in the most crucial time of the game, they gave one of their best players a chance to make a play.

Dak Prescott Clutch in Crunch Time During Win over Seahawks

More often than not, Prescott has put the Dallas Cowboys in a position to win football games. His play in the second half of the playoff games against the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams are what Dak Prescott is about. He doesn't let a bad snap, bad drive, or bad half get to him. He almost always finds a way to put the team in a position at the end of the game.

Anything out of the Dallas Cowboys' front office about Dak Prescott negotiations needs to be seen as negotiation tactics. The Cowboys plan on paying him. When you find a franchise quarterback, you pay them. Good negotiators never let on how much they are willing to pay for a product or a service. Stephen Jones isn't going to come out into the media and proclaim they're willing to give Dak Prescott $27 million, because then Dak can up his asking price. That's how negotiations work. Franchise quarterbacks in the NFL get paid a lot of money and Dak Prescott is a franchise quarterback.

At the end of this, both the team and Prescott, will come to an agreement that will pay Dak Prescott a stacks on stacks on stacks of money over the next five to six years as the face of America's Team. And the front office will watch Dak Prescott help the Cowboys stack wins on wins on wins.

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.


Dallas Cowboys

3 Biggest Non-Divisional Games on the Dallas Cowboys 2019 Schedule

John Williams



The Dallas Cowboys Are Legit Contenders

There hasn't been a repeat champion of the NFC East since the early 2000's when the Philadelphia Eagles won three in a row from 2002-2004. Unfortunately, history is already against the Dallas Cowboys repeating as division champions again in 2019. For the Cowboys to repeat as NFC East champs, they'll have to navigate a tough slate of opponents.

That's the reward of winning your division.

Though much can change in the next five months as the NFL prepares to play football games that matter in September, there are already key matchups for this young Dallas Cowboys team. We know the NFC East is always a difficult division to play in. The rivalries make for a lot of close games. The Cowboys have to play well in the division to have a shot at winning the division. But with the schedule they have, they'll have to win some contests that they probably shouldn't to stake their claim as Super Bowl contenders.

Divisional games are always important, but let's take a look at the three games outside the division that will have the greatest impact on the fortunes of the Dallas Cowboys 2019 season.

1. Week 4 - Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

The Cowboys have an opportunity to get off to a hot start in the first quarter of the season with games at home against the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins, and a road game against the Washington Redskins. There's a legitimate chance for them to start the season 3-0.

Whatever momentum they do gain in the first three games of the season could all come to a screeching halt with a tough week four matchup in New Orleans.

New Orleans has been a tough place to play in the Sean Payton and Drew Brees eras. The Dallas Cowboys defense will have a tough test attempting to slow down the high scoring Saints offense two years in a row.

When the two teams met in 2018, the Dallas Cowboys defense completely dominated the Saints. On that day, they held the Saints to 176 total yards (111 passing and 65 rushing) and an amazing 3 for 11 on third downs. It was especially impressive because the Cowboys only had two sacks and one turnover in the game. The Saints just couldn't find a rhythm as the Cowboys came with a lot of energy and physicality. It was a defining moment for this young defense and gave us a picture of what they could possibly be.

If the Dallas Cowboys can find a way to win this game and potentially start the season 4-0, it would be huge for their playoff hopes.

On the flip side, if the Dallas Cowboys start the season 2-1, they could be going into New Orleans with the possibility of starting the season 2-2. The pressure would be incredible for the Cowboys the rest of the way with the slate of teams they have at the end of the season.

The Cowboys have to leave the first quarter of the season at worst 3-1 to have a shot at the playoffs in 2019.

2. Week 14 - Dallas Cowboys @ the Chicago Bears

The toughest part of the Dallas Cowboys schedule always comes around the Thanksgiving day game, and this season is no different. Starting with their week 12 game at the New England Patriots, the Cowboys will play three games in 12 days culminating with their week 14 game against the Chicago Bears.

The Bears, coming off an NFC North title in 2018, are similar to the Dallas Cowboys. They boast an incredible defense with one of the best pass rushers in the NFL and a young an improving offense.

Playing in Chicago is always a tough task, but doing so in December is a tall order. Doing so after going to New England, then playing at home, then going back on the road seems like an impossible task.

It's a game that will likely be a grind-it-out affair, as both teams want to run the ball and play defense. Depending on what happens in the previous two games, this could be a must-win to start the final quarter of the season.

3. Week 15 - Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas Cowboys

The rematch of the NFC Divisional round matchup is just another in a long line of important conference matchups for the Dallas Cowboys. It will be a very important game for the Cowboys because it will be a home game after their three games in 12 days stretch. They'll have to go to Foxboro and Chicago in a span of 12 days, which makes for tough travel.

Facing a Los Angeles Rams team that absolutely dominated the Dallas Cowboys defense is an opportunity for redemption, but will have huge implications on the playoff standings for the NFC.

The Cowboys and Rams could both be leading their divisions at this point in the season, which would make this game important for seeding. Or, they could be fighting for a wild card berth. Either way, a conference game this late in the season has huge consequences in the way the tie breakers shake out.

This one will carry an emotional importance as well.

The way the 2018 season ended for this club, especially on the defensive side of the ball, left a lot of players -- and fans -- with a bad taste in their mouths. It completely changed the way a lot of people view a defense that finished in the top 10 in most major defensive categories. The loss to the Rams was one of the worst defensive performances of the season and it came at the worst time of the season.

Not only was the defense bad, but the running game was terrible that day too. Ezekiel Elliott only managed 47 yards on 20 carries for one of the worst rushing performances of his career. It took a really good second half from Dak Prescott and the passing game to get the Cowboys within one score with a shot to get the ball back at the end of the game.

If the Cowboys can get revenge for that playoff loss, it would do a lot for the morale of this team heading into the final two weeks of the season.

These conference games will have huge implications for the Cowboys and their playoff hopes. Though the NFC East will have a bigger impact on their ability to win the division, how they fare in these three games will give us a better understanding of the legitimacy of their contender status. Each of these games is against the team that won the division the previous season. If they can go 2-1 against this quality of competition, then we'll know this is a team to be reckoned with heading into January.

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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys 2019 Schedule: Reaction and Analysis

Jess Haynie



Dak Prescott/Carson Wentz Is No Rivalry, And There's Only One Side To Blame

The full NFL 2019 regular season schedule was released last night. Here is my reaction to the Dallas Cowboys' schedule and analysis of how what I think it means for them next season.

Of course, a schedule can have a very different feel come September-December than it does in April. The teams don't change, but their circumstances can be wildly altered by the time they actually have to take the field.

Just ask the Cowboys' opponents from the 2015 season. Nobody was looking forward to playing that Dallas team coming off its 12-4 playoff run the year before. But all it took was a Tony Romo injury in the preseason to suddenly make the Cowboys a cupcake.

But for now, we can only react to what we know. Before we dive in, here's a quick reminder of the complete 2019 regular season schedule for the Dallas Cowboys.

    • Week 1: New York Giants @ Cowboys
    • Week 2: Cowboys @ Washington Redskins
    • Week 3: Miami Dolphins @ Cowboys 
    • Week 4: Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints (SNF)
    • Week 5: Green Bay Packers @ Cowboys
    • Week 6: Cowboys @ New York Jets
    • Week 7: Philadelphia Eagles @ Cowboys (SNF)
    • Week 8: BYE
    • Week 9: Cowboys @ New York Giants  (SNF)
    • Week 10: Minnesota Vikings @ Cowboys (MNF)
    • Week 11: Cowboys @ Detroit Lions
    • Week 12: Cowboys @ New England Patriots
    • Week 13: Buffalo Bills @ Cowboys (T'giving)
    • Week 14: Cowboys @ Chicago Bears (TNF)
    • Week 15: Los Angeles Rams @ Cowboys
    • Week 16: Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles
    • Week 17: Washington Redskins @ Cowboys

We already knew this wasn't going to be an easy slate. The Cowboys won the NFC East last year, meaning they were guaranteed to play against four division winners this season; Bears, Patriots, Rams, and Saints. They also get the regular two games against the Eagles, who were a Wild Card team last year.

Let's just talk about those six games for a minute. New England is still New England; Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will ensure that it's one of the toughest games of the year, and especially on the road. The Patriots have won 12-straight home games going back to 2017.

The Bears and Rams are both rising teams that shouldn't suffer any drop off next year. Chicago QB Mitch Trubisky is entering his third year and LA's Jared Goff will be in his fourth season, but only third in Sean McVay's offense. Both have starting QBs with rookie contacts, which means having the resources to load up on talent elsewhere on the roster.

Much like the Patriots, the Saints still have their franchise QB and coach and should remain a top team. They will also be out for blood after the Cowboys humiliated them last season, as will their fans, and that could make for a very tough road game in New Orleans.

Then, of course, there are the Eagles.

Eagles vs Redskins Tonight; What Outcome is Best for Cowboys?

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott

The NFC East appears to be a two-horse race in 2019. The Giants are arguably the worst team in the NFL right now and the Redskins are dealing with major QB problems. It should be Dallas and Philadelphia once again battling for the top spot.

The Cowboys and Eagles should both get some cushy wins against their fellow division opponents. It could come down to their games against each other, and so far Dallas has dominated Philly when Carson Wentz is playing QB. With Nick Foles gone, how will that impact the Eagles going forward?

As for the rest of the schedule, the only other game that seems easy on paper is against the Miami Dolphins. Teams like the Bills, Jets, and Lions could go either way. The Packers and Vikings should both be tough opponents.

The teams aside, the general layout of the schedule isn't bad. The Week 8 bye is nice for a break right in the middle of the season. Dallas only has to play back-to-back road games one time, Weeks 11 and 12 against the Lions and Patriots.

The first three games against the Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins give Dallas a great opportunity to start the year right and build momentum. They will definitely need to go into December with some cushion, because that stretch against the Bears, Rams, and Eagles could be very difficult.

Overall it's a solid schedule. It's got some tough spots because of the Cowboys' performance last year, but that means they were a good team then and they stand to be even better now. There's nothing here that prevents Dallas from building on the success of 2018 and making then an ever better season.

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Dallas Cowboys

BREAKING: Dallas Cowboys 2019 Regular Season Schedule Announced

Mauricio Rodriguez



The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly for Cowboys against Philadelphia

Although we're still months away from the 2019 NFL season, we finally know how the Dallas Cowboys' games will line up this year. The entire league schedule was just released. I know just how much you want to know who the Cowboys will be playing each week so don't let me keep you.

Here's the full 2019 Dallas Cowboys schedule and a few notes at the end. Enjoy!

  • Week 1: New York Giants @ Cowboys
    • Sun, Sep 8th, 3:25p
  • Week 2: Cowboys @ Washington Redskins
    • Sun, Sep 15th, 12:00p
  • Week 3: Miami Dolphins @ Cowboys 
    • Sun, Sep 22nd, 12:00p
  • Week 4: Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints
    • Sunday Night Football
    • Sep, 29th, 7:20p
  • Week 5: Green Bay Packers @ Cowboys
    • Sun, Oct 6th, 3:25p
  • Week 6: Cowboys @ New York Jets
    • Sun, Oct 13th, 3:25p
  • Week 7: Philadelphia Eagles @ Cowboys
    • Sun, Oct 20th, 7:20p
  • Week 8: Bye
  • Week 9: Cowboys @ New York Giants 
    • Monday Night Football
    • Mon, Nov 4th, 7:15p
  • Week 10: Minnesota Vikings @ Cowboys
    • Sun, Nov 10th, 7:20p
  • Week 11: Cowboys @ Detroit Lions
    • Sun, Nov 17th, 12:00p
  • Week 12: Cowboys @ New England Patriots
    • Sun, Nov 24th, 3:25p
  • Week 13: Buffalo Bills @ Cowboys
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Thu, Nov 28th, 3:30p
  • Week 14: Cowboys @ Chicago Bears
    • Thursday Night Football
    • Thu, Dec 4th, 7:20p
  • Week 15: Los Angeles Rams @ Cowboys
    • Sun, Dec 15th, 3:25p
  • Week 16: Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles
    • Sun, Dec 22nd, 3:25p
  • Week 17: Washington Redskins @ Cowboys
    • Sun, Dec 29th, 12:00p

A few notes and thoughts...

  • It feels like the Cowboys play the Giants on week 1 just about every year. In 2018 it was the Carolina Panthers, but now we're back to watching this divisional matchup early on.
  • I love that the Cowboys and Saints will matchup against each other on primetime on week 3. Last season's Thursday Night game between the two was one of the best games of the season.
  • Having a bye week right in the middle of the season is pretty ideal, and the Cowboys have been lucky in this regard lately. This time they'll rest on the eight week of the season.
  • Overall, this seems like a tougher calendar than last year's. This only makes sense given that the Cowboys are the current NFC East champions and are bound to face tougher opponents.
  • A particularly tough stretch might take place from week 12 to week 17. The Patriots, Bears and Rams will be on the list as well as two divisional rivals in the Eagles and Redskins.

Tell me what you think about "BREAKING: Dallas Cowboys 2019 Regular Season Schedule Announced" in the comments below, or tweet me @MauNFL and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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