Dez Bryant Tweets Desire to Return to Dallas Cowboys

Was the rocky divorce between the Dallas Cowboys and former franchise receiver Dez Bryant really just a separation? Maybe so, if Bryant gets his way.

Just a short time ago on social media, the Cowboys’ all-time  leader in receiving touchdowns expressed his desire to return to the only NFL team he’s ever known.

Dez Bryant on Twitter

I’ll rather it be the Dallas Cowboys if not I’ll be ready to play somewhere else

We’ve come a long way from Bryant’s release in mid-April, when the scorned WR said he looked forward to playing the Cowboys “twice this year.” Since then, Dez has also blamed former teammates Travis Frederick and Sean Lee for getting him cut, even calling Lee a “snake.”

But no NFC East rivals has signed Bryant yet, nor have any of the other NFL teams. We know of a few offers that Dez has turned down, with the veteran seeking just a one-year deal so that he can hopefully re-enter free agency in 2019.

Bryant’s goal actually may suit Dallas well. Given their current cap space and need for some extra offensive juice, a temporary reunion with Dez could make sense.

Could Bryant and the Cowboys get back together? The bridge felt pretty burned before today, but perhaps team and player need each other enough now that they might work something out.

But if the reasons that Dez was released were less about salary and more about the locker room, nothing that’s happened since April has improved that situation.

Only the team knows just how welcome Bryant still is in Dallas.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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