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DL Coach Jim Tomsula Speaks Highly of Cowboys’ Young DTs

Jim Tomsula speaks highly of Trysten Hill and Neville Gallimore.

Gerald McCoy’s unexpected season-ending injury that led to his release was a pretty significant blow to the Dallas Cowboys plans a defensive tackle. They are left with very little experience and must now rely on some of their younger DTs to play more of a significant role. Surprisingly enough, new DL Coach Jim Tomsula doesn’t seem that concerned.

After losing Gerald McCoy, the next man up theory comes into play for the Dallas Cowboys at the three-technique. That means second-year DT Trysten Hill and a rookie Neville Gallimore may need to be leaned on more than the Cowboys had planned, but that’s just the way things go sometimes in the NFL.

Injuries are bound to happen, even to experienced Pro Bowl caliber players like Gerald McCoy. That’s why depth is so important throughout the roster, because you never know when an unexpected injury might pop up. Sadly, that’s where the Dallas Cowboys find themselves right now.

There is good news however. Jim Tomsula sounds as if he’s pretty excited about both Trysten Hill and Neville Gallimore. In fact, he actually spoke pretty highly of them when addressing the media right here recently.

On second-year DT Trysten Hill:

“Trysten Hill has been doing some really good things. I’ve been tickled to death with Trysten and how hard he’s working, mentally and physically…the questions, phone calls, texts, swinging by the office at night. Really excited for that guy.”

On rookie DT Neville Gallimore:

“Strong and explosive. Conscientious approach. As a young player, he’s learning NFL-level technique. Tough to overpower NFL OL. Sometimes, it’s a step backward to get those fundamentals and techniques.”

It’s really encouraging to hear both Trysten Hill and Neville Gallimore receive some praise from their position coach. Jim Tomsula isn’t known as a coach to handout unwarranted complements, so I for one am going to take him at his word. It’s not much, however, if you read between the lines you can tell Tomsula likes what he’s scene so far from the Cowboys young DTs.

Let’s just hope both of these youngsters continue to progress, and quickly, because they will probably need to play a significant role along the defensive front in 2020. Whether it’s as a starter or backup has yet to be determined, but it’s still encouraging to hear that they are putting their best foot forward after the loss of Gerald McCoy.

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Have heard almost zilch about Gallimore’s camp efforts so far. Not sure if that is telling or not. Still wouldn’t be too surprised if they go get Snacks Harrison as an insurance policy (if he’s willing to be one). He would be a good fit with Poe as the rotational pieces at the 1-tech, and both being older fellas, it might keep them both fresh. This team must shore up it’s run defense.

    • Gallimore has been impressing everybody at camp, Jim Tomsula isn’t the first coach to say that!! And I would like to have snacks on the team, but we really don’t need him…. We have help at the 1 tech position already…. Behind Poe, we have Woods and he has experience at that position!! The 3 tech is where we really need help cause we don’t have any experienced players there except for Crawford and he’s not good enough to play that position all game in every game, so we need a 3 tech to help out Crawford!! And the way the coaches sound, Tristen Hill and Neville Gallimore are doing good enough to where they can do that!! So there’s no point really in going out and signing anymore D linemen!!

  2. Just read on yardbarker where DP said he would take a knee no matter what ! Well I hope Americas team cuts him and gives that Spot to a young player that appreciates the opportunity to be in the NFL and realizes how blessed he is to be an American!!

  3. I can respect the players feelings regarding social issues. But I cannot understand expressing it during our American national anthem! Go stand in the corner and hold a picket sign. Go organize a parade. But don’t vent your social issues during the time when thousands of American men and women gave their lives for this country.

    • Thanks for the reply MH! Im with you on showing some other way to protest other than disrespecting our country! Why couldn’t the league have a segment before the National anthem bringing attention to their cause or whatever? What a proud feeling it is to stand beside folks that are not of my race and sing the star-Spangled Banner before an sporting event, because at that moment of time we are together as Americans! (hopefully pulling for the boys ha! ) In the Arena of public opinion this subject of taking a knee is destroying the NFL as we know it!

  4. I don’t have confidence in Woods as a back up to Poe at all. He was an after thought and questionable to even make the roster. He is undersized and under talented for a 1 tech. Crawford isn’t big enuf for the 1 tech full time, maybe here and there. If Poe goes out we have no other run stuffer. Every lineman doesn’t have to be a pass rusher. Teams will run it down our throat if we don’t have at least one stud 1 tech in the game. Would still like to get snacks, especially since Poe is coming off an injury.

  5. “Injuries are bound to happen, even to experienced Pro Bowl caliber players like Gerald McCoy. That’s why depth is so important throughout the roster, because you never know when an unexpected injury might pop up.”

    Pretty sure this injury wasn’t all that unexpected. They even had a rather specific clause in his contract regarding this particular injury. Sounds like they knew he had an issue with it before they even signed him.

    Still, the point about depth being so important is definitely valid. I’m glad we’re finally building up some depth. From the amount of injuries on the OL we’re going to need every bit of it.

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