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Does Back Surgery Take CB Caleb Farley Off the Cowboys Radar?

The is right around the corner and the will be one of the more intriguing teams to watch. They have holes to fill on both sides of the ball, but the position is near the top of that list.

Alabama's impressed at his Pro Day by running a 4.42 in the 40-yard dash, recorded a 39-inch vertical, and 10'11” in the broad jump. Also, another top cornerback prospect, South Carolina's was slightly better with a 4.39 in the 40, a 41.5-inch vertical, and 11'1″ in the broad jump.

That takes care of two of the top three cornerbacks coming into the but there's another one drawing major attention. Virginia Tech's is considered by some to be the best of three and they see him potentially being the Cowboy's first-round pick.

However, a few days ago, it was reported that Farley was to undergo a microdisectomy on Tuesday with back specialist Robert Watkins and would miss his .

A microdisectomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed on patients with a herniated lumbar disc. A surgeon removes portions of the herniated disc to relieve pressure on the spinal cord nerve root. Seven to 12 weeks is the expected time to fully recover from this procedure which will put Farley on pace to be ready for .

As a freshman with the Hokies, Farley was originally set to be a but suffered a torn ACL. After converting to cornerback in 2018, Farley put everyone on notice with 36 tackles, two interceptions, seven pass breakups, and a sack. A year later, Farley continued to ball as he registered 20 tackles, four interceptions, and 12 pass breakups while garnering First-Team All-ACC honors.

Just before the , Farley had a similar procedure to the one he had on Tuesday after playing through a pinched nerve for most of his 2019 campaign. However, Farley wouldn't take a snap last season after opting out due to the pandemic.

The troubling thing about Farley having his back procedure is that it's the second time he's gone under the knife in the last year, and that's without playing any football since the end of the .

This likely means that the Cowboys won't select him with the 10th overall pick. However, it shouldn't take Farley off of their draft board completely. If the Cowboys go in the and Farley's draft stock drops due to his surgery, he could be there at 44 when they pick again, which would take care of two major positions for Dallas early in the draft.

Farley's days as a receiver give him excellent ball skills, which follows the footsteps of the Cowboys 2020 second-round pick who played receiver during his freshman year at Alabama. He has the ideal size at 6'2 and 207 pounds and excels in man coverage.

He has all the tools to be an excellent cornerback on the professional level. His support against the run will need to better as well as his play in zone coverage where he sometimes gets out of position. Also, his raises some red flags.

Even with this setback, Farley won't have to wait too long to hear his name called at the NFL draft. Now, the only thing left to see is if his new home will be with the Cowboys.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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He has all the tools to be successful, except for a chronic back. I would not touch him before the 4th, me erwky as a flier. He would also be ineligible for a second contract if I were to draft him.

I have had three micro disectimies, two if them by Watkins.

The only minor back surgery is the one performed on someone else.

Don’t FOMO on guys with medicals. Good/great years from them are the outliers, not the other way around.

James Vargas

I definetely would pass on him. LVE and J Smith both had health issues coming out of college, and look at where we stand at LB position now.

alan reyes

An ACL and now a disc…? The Boys cannot take a chance on more injured players.
Take Horn at 10.


i wouldnt draft him in 1st. maybe day 2. horn or surtain are better choices. dont forget linebacker help. we need it…


we won superbowls with young fast linebackers with jimmy johnson


Yeah, the fast LB’s were why Dallas won 3 Super Bowls! Please! I’m sure it had little to do with Haley, Deion, Woodson, Lett, Casillas, Tolbert … not to mention an offense that made it easy on a defense. Most people here probably can’t even tell you the names of the LB’s you are referring to b/c they were fast and that’s about all. The best of the bunch was also the slowest (Norton).

Jonathan Young

The injuries are a part of the reason I would stay away from him. Also he’s not played in a year after opting out this year. The surgery he just had was minor however why has he waited until now to have it done. That’s my biggest deal with Caleb Farley at this point, knowing that you need surgery why put it off. If he just found out he needed surgery that’s something hard for me to believe but not impossible in this day and time.

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