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Don’t Freak Out About The Cowboys Passing Game Just Yet

Kevin Brady



What if Dak Prescott isn't Dallas' Franchise QB?

Cowboys Twitter was set ablaze earlier this week when an irrelevant, and fraudulent, stat was put out into the world by NFL Network. The stat, if you haven't heard, indicated that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had not yet thrown a touchdown pass in any of the training camp practices.

Even in a world where this information is true, counting touchdown passes during camp practices is just about the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Yesterday in week one of my Madden 19 franchise, Dak Prescott threw for two touchdowns in a win over Carolina. That's about equally as indicative of how the real season's going to go as "training camp touchdown passes" are.

But I digress.

At the core of this internet freak out is some legitimate concern, however. The Cowboys downfield passing offense hasn't exactly been explosive, and all reports out of camp indicate that the defense has been stealing the show during team periods.

Though Prescott has been able to execute the underneath and mid-level timing throws thus far, the lack of downfield success has some fans worried. But I'm here to tell you to relax. At least for now.

With Dez Bryant gone and a whole new crop of wide receivers in, it's understandable that it's taking time to develop the downfield rapport. Prescott has to learn what receivers like Allen Hurns look like when they're open downfield, just as he had to learn to trust Bryant even when he appeared to be covered.

Not only is the personnel very new, but Dallas is also working with a brand new receivers coach in Sanjay Lal. Lal is trying to implement his philosophies and techniques with these new wide outs, while they are also trying to gel with Dak Prescott. Clearly, there's a lot of moving parts currently at camp, and it makes sense that it's taking time to get it right.

What is encouraging, though, is the success of the Cowboys' most tenured receiver, Cole Beasley. Prescott and Beasley have developed a nice connection thus far, looking like they did during Bryant's absence in 2016.

This actually reminds me a bit of what the Cowboys experienced at cornerback a season ago. Early on, their secondary struggled to find their way as young guys circled in and out looking for their home within the defense. But by the final six games of the season, guys like Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis had settled in, and the defense found its stride.

All the Cowboys passing offense has known for nearly a decade are Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. It's okay for them to experience some growing pains early on while trying to replace them and find new targets.

And I'm willing to bet that by week 8 or so, most of these issues will be resolved.

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

  • Matt

    So basically the same concerns as last season. Can’t throw deep, lack of TD passes like his franchise record 10 straight quarters without a TD pass. Got it.

  • Not your goat

    I’ve watched just about every clip from practice on my BR feed and Prescott is certainly not struggling. I do love when the Cowboys are underestimated though, it’s usually the years we win the division. Anyone who actually has high expectations for any QB in the NFL while their blindside is is getting run through like Courtney Love just simply doesn’t know very much about football. The 1 mistake that was made though was abandoning the run when Zeke went out, Morris was more than capable which he proved at the end of Zekes suspension and the right side of the OL was still as dominant as any in the league. The Cowboys more than fixed that problem with a fortuitous 2nd round pick and a healthy offseason from TS and we have all seen what Dak can do when he’s comfortable in the pocket. If this defense can stay healthy and perform as good as they did to end the season last year this team will be extremely hard to beat and if training camp is any indication of what’s to come, hahaha Dak isn’t going to have to score 30 a game to win and the armchair analyst can talk about why #4 only throws 25 times a game and Dallas isn’t blowing anyone out even though we control procession 40/20 and force everyone to play our game

    • Michael White

      Also to add to that they have added depth for the OL via free agency..just in case if there is an injury…so hopefully we shouldn’t have another Atlanta tragedy…

    • Melvin S Edgmand

      trying to figure out what practices your watching. yesterday 9 straight incompletions day before 3 picks and 7 straight incompletions. at what point do you consider it struggling. since the 7 straight games under 200 yards passing last year didn’t do it for ya the 10 picks he has thrown in training camp so far the less then 50% completion percentage. the lack of an kind of ball skill placement. they speak of everyday. I get you like dak and so does a lot of others. But he wont take us anywhere my money is on after game 6 garrett is fired for obviously poor performance . in steps kris Richard. he sits dak cause he hasn’t done anything for cooper rush. who by the way has been once again killing it in camp again. and we start winning. there is no scenario where dak leads us to a play off win ever. you don’t need to be a arm chair quarterback.
      its called common sense.

      • Not your goat

        Got it all figured out don’t you? I’m amazed a non Cowboy fan knows more about what’s going on than myself, your team must REALLY SUCK because I could give 2 $#!+$ about them. Your logic is up there with the rest of the millenials, ignore the fact that the report was fake and keep pretending you know what you’re talking about like it’s a fact, hahaha. Hahahaha, too funny. I guess all the clips from Broaddus, Watkins, Archer, Fisher and Slater (my 1st cousin) are all fake showing Dak lacing Gallup, Hurns, Austin, Bease and Williams over and over. The real report from people I know that are at camp is who will get the nod at the #1 receiver job because 4 of those guys are playing lights out in TC. You wouldn’t even make such an asinine comment if you actually watched a Cowboys game last year or then again your thought process is obviously questionable anyways so who knows. When the Cowboys start the season 5and1 or better I want you to think about your ignorance and sit in a corner but then again that millennial brain will convince yourself the standings are wrong or something everyone else finds absurd but you. If you have to eat a tide pod or drink Windex for acceptance you’ve already lost at life.

        • Melvin S Edgmand

          poor poor pitiful person they didn’t abandoned the run last year the defenses didn’t fear the run purbacks couldn’t handle stacked boxes forcing dak to throw which caused dak to throw less than 200 yards in 7 of the 16 games last year where he threw most of his picks concluding dak cant carry a team when the running game is down thus backs my opinion that a volume passer type QB such as cooper rush can which is what I was saying your thought process hasnow come

          • John Lindauer

            Cooper Rush is not the answer. Just stop.

            Last year was a total team breakdown: OTF drama. Critical injuries. Poorly constructed roster. Vanilla play calling. Inability to play defense w/o Sean Lee. Critical lack of team speed. The OLine playing out of sync. AND YES – a sophomore slump by a young QB.

            Thing is: they’ve corrected all of it… EXCEPT FOR TWO AREAS… They still lack a proven leader at safety. And it appears that Anthony Brown is still Anthony Brown.

            If Jourdan Lewis can work himself back into the starting line up (and they FINALLY take action at Safety (by bringing in Quintin Demps or Eric Reid or similar) they’ll be more than fine.

      • Not your goat

        So a (proven) fake report from Todd Archer of 0 for 9 in Training camp “complete period” = starting 0 and 4 + Garrett fired
        Same kind of thinking could only conclude undefeated and Superbowl champs after 3 for 3 and a Touchdown in a preseason game, right?

        • Freda Mae Delph

          oh yeah were definitely superbowl bound you idiot

          • Not your goat

            I’m pretty sure the only idiot on this post is the 1 who’s incapable of picking up on sarcasm or spell we’re. Hahaha, the logic train has left the station and you missed the bus.

          • Melvin S Edgmand

            thank you English teacher for correcting my spelling life is better now. see sarcasm idiot

          • Melvin S Edgmand

            the idiot actually would seem to be a person who corrects spelling on comments like he majored in English perhaps such words like anomaly or exasperating the latter explaining what it feels like to argue with such neanderthalistic human being such as you self. the former being a word to describe the incomparable complexity of your mental condition science has no name for it the most popular is stupid for academia’s sake stick to small words such as fart and oops

        • Melvin S Edgmand

          your still on the Todd archer thing. show me where i said Todd archer or I used the words fake report by Todd archer. your an idiot just plain and simple an idiot. I can see you sitting there in your tight whites your cowboy Jersey jerking off to old Jimmy Johnson clips of the 90s. get a girlfriend. football isn’t your thing.

          • Not your goat

            You are really slow Melvin, you are repeating a fake report 1st made by Todd Archer, obviously you just repeat anything and don’t care where you get it from, hahahah! Here we go with the gay jokes, the typical backup for ignorance. I think you thought of tha]]t 1 for a little too long picturing me though. definitely a 49er fan. Funny, you’ve got a profile pic of an old man but you argue like an entitled child and It’s rather clear you’re incapable of thinking for yourself and now you wanna picture me in tight pants rubbing one out so I’ll leave you to that, you’re a little to throwed off for me. I’d rather talk about football. Just picture me laughing at you when the Cowboys win the division this year, actually just don’t picture me at all, you have other agendas.

          • Melvin S Edgmand

            agenda is a collective term and if a gay joke got to you that much that it bothers you then one can only imagine that you are and nothing wrong with that don’t ask don’t tell right. see thing is you haven’t proved anything is fake simply saying it is fake doesnt make it true for example you are an insufferable little cunt who responds only in insult which intern causes insults. every action as an opposite and equal reaction as it has been demonstrated. let me.guess your next comment insults of intelligence, presumptions of my allegiance, and attempts to find fault in previous comments. no need for confirmation that is an accurate prediction. I repeat the story because it is fact dak is incompetent on his own and I don’t need a report for that I have 16 games of evidence 6 games in particular that he is not a franchise quarterback. the definition of which means an individual capable of creating something from nothing when the times are difficult. your inability to understand my comments doesn’t constitute idiocracy on my part but illiteracy on yours

        • Melvin S Edgmand

          furthermore 3 for 3 isn’t impressive remember Alex tanney, Brandon weedon, hell even Kellen Moore looked 3 for 3 good at some point in their career in dallas but no one asked them to be starters. dak is not exempt from the rule that if you can’t play well then you won’t start at the very least he will have this year to prove he isn’t shit but say he continues to synchronize his story with RG3 and fucks up this year as well are you gonna be the cowboys fan to continue to ask that he starts? I’ll let you continue to write the kinda comments you write but in that tiny minuscule cell-sized brain you have managed to create logic and the logical thought you have created is you have no idea what you are talking about and your only reaction is to insult me that is a psychological condition that amplifies your inability to accept defeat so continue posting we both know the better man has won the debate today

        • John Lindauer

          Exactly. You can’t take too much from Training camp and preseason stats.
          That said: I think Dallas will be WAY better than many of my fellow fans.

  • Rafe Montgomery

    Dak is going to be just fine. He did better in 16 without having to force the ball to Dez 2/3 of the time like he did in 17. Love Witten but it was time to retire. I will take spreading the ball around and pounding the defense with Zeke all day as opposed to that garbage we saw last year. The Akkmen years weren’t dominated with 3500 yard passing years and he is a HOF QB and we picked up 3 SB. Balance is the key.

    • John Lindauer

      The concept of building a “QB Friendly” team should have been born during the Aikman era.

      In year one: Troy was 0-11. Yes, Troy had Michael Irvin. But the team was just bad.

      In year two: Troy was 7-5. He had Emmitt & Irvin – but no OLine.
      Troy got injured. And Steve Walsh finished the year.
      The team finished 7-9.

      In year three: Troy was 7-5 (then got injured AGAIN).
      That year, Dallas had Emmitt & Irvin – and 1/2 of a great Oline + 1/2 a defense.
      The team finished 11-5 with a QB controversy (with Steve Pelluer – sorry for the spelling).

      THEN – in year four – the team was finally “Aikman Friendly.” (Stellar on both sides of the ball at every level). Team goes 13-3 and wins the Super Bowl.

      I can easily see Dallas going 11-5 this year (and I think much farther).

  • John Lindauer

    The Haters will never be convinced that “anybody” could replace Dak.

    Paxton Lynch, anybody?

    Dak may not be as good as Carson Wentz – but Carson’s body is already starting to breakdown.
    Dak may not be as good as Andrew Luck – but Luck is way too fragile.
    Dak may not have the hardware of Eli Manning – but Eli is fading fast.
    Dak may not have the fantasy stats of Kirk Cousins – but Kirk always finds a way to lose.
    Dak may not have the draft pedigree of Alex Smith – but I’d take Dak over Alex any time.

    Basically if the QB isn’t named Wentz, Brady, Rogers, Brees, Wilson or Ryan – I’d take Dak.
    (Because those 6 guys are demonstrably better at football than Dak.)

    Question is: can you win a Super Bowl with the 7th best QB?
    (I think you can.)

Star Blog

Time to see What Darius Jackson can do as Zeke’s Backup?

Brian Martin



Will RB Darius Jackson Stick With Cowboys Second Time Around?

I hate to say it because I really like Rod Smith, but I think it may be time for the Dallas Cowboys to reevaluate the running back position as it pertains to Ezekiel Elliott's primary backup. Smith just hasn't been good this year, which is why I think it may be time to see what Darius Jackson can do if given the opportunity.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting the Dallas Cowboys move on from Rod Smith or demote him right now, but I would promote Darius Jackson from the practice squad to the active roster as insurance in case something were to happen to Zeke. It just seems the right time to make that move after #21's injury scare Sunday afternoon against the Philadelphia Eagles.

You may have forgotten, but Ezekiel Elliott had to spend some time in the medical tent Sunday against the Eagles. He was luckily able to return to the game not long after, but it did shine a spotlight on Rod Smith and the lack of depth behind him.

Despite how much I like Rod Smith, and I do, he just hasn't been the same player this season as he was last year as Zeke's fill-in. He is just not running with any kind of authority and has been too apt to run east and west instead of north and south. I think it's one of the reasons why the Cowboys have continued to give Zeke such a heavy workload, despite him being banged up.

Rod Smith

Dallas Cowboys RB Rod Smith

Now, Rod Smith did look a little better against the Eagles, but I still believe it would be wise for the Cowboys to promote Darius Jackson to the active roster. Having more depth at such a physically demanding position is just smart football.

With the Dallas Cowboys playoff spot all but secured, it might be time to start thinking about lightening Ezekiel Elliott's workload just a little bit. Whether it's Rod Smith or Darius Jackson, the Cowboys have to find someone who can step in and be productive.

Rod Smith has had his opportunities this year, but hasn't really been able to capitalize like we believed he could. It might be time to turn to Darius Jackson, a fan favorite, who unfortunately just hasn't been able to prove what he can do as of yet in a meaningful game. I think it's time we change that.

As much as I like Rod Smith, I might like Darius Jackson just a little bit more. I think he is kind of like a poor man's Ezekiel Elliott. He is just as athletically gifted and can be a threat as both a runner and a receiver out of the backfield. He just needs the opportunity to prove it.

There's really no way of knowing if I'm right or wrong about this, but I believe he is worthy of a roster spot on game day if nothing else. I'd rather have him and not need him then need him and not have him.

Do you think it's time to see what Darius Jackson can do?

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Star Blog

Cowboys Lassoing NFC East Title as NFC Dark Horse



Cowboys Lassoing NFC East Title as NFC Dark Horse

Well don’t look now but the Dallas Cowboys are in control of their division and anything short of a catastrophic collapse will see them hosting the first round of the playoffs. Dallas strengthened their grip on the NFC East by knocking off a divisional rival and the reigning Super Bowl champions with a 29-23 overtime win over the Eagles.

Those who have a favorite online sportsbook and wagered on the Cowboys were ecstatic to see Dak Prescott hit Amari Cooper for a 15-yard touchdown pass in overtime, thus covering the 3 ½ point impost that oddsmakers hung on Dallas.

The Cowboys have now won five consecutive games, with three of those over divisional opponents Philadelphia (twice) and Washington. But before we celebrate, we must consider that there's still a mathematical possibility of either Philadelphia or Washington stealing the division crown away from the Cowboys.

The Giants' only hope is an outside shot at a wildcard berth if they win outright but they've been eliminated from contending for a division title due to their 1-4 record against NFC East teams.

Essentially, all the Cowboys must do is win one of their three remaining games in order to celebrate a division crown. If Philadelphia or Washington loses any of their three games they will be out due to tie breakers that go in the Cowboys’ favor.

As of this moment, the Redskins are a disaster with no one under center to captain their rudderless ship, and the Eagles must defeat the Rams in LA, which would be considered a stunning upset seeing as any reputable online sportsbook is offering the Rams as 9 ½ point favorites as of this writing; then they must win at home against Houston and on the road against the Redskins.

Of course, the Cowboys are counting only on themselves to reel in the division title and with games at Indianapolis, home against the Bucs, and wrapping their season in New Jersey against the Giants, at least one win seems likely.

The addition of Amari Cooper to the Dallas offensive arsenal has been a game-changer as the former Oakland Raider hauled in 10 of 13 targets for 217 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winner last Sunday against Philadelphia. He was the top-tier receiver Prescott had been lacking and his presence on the field improves both the passing game and running game by virtue of his dynamic playmaking abilities. Ezekiel Elliott has eclipsed the century mark in rushing yards in four of the six games since Cooper has been on the Cowboys roster.

Furthermore, Dallas has averaged 24.4 points per game over their last five wins with Cooper in the lineup, which is more than five points improved from where they were prior to their winning streak without him in a Dallas uniform.

In addition, Prescott has morphed from a game manager at 202 passing yards per game to a game breaker as evidenced by his 285.7 passing yard average in six games with his new target at his disposal.

Ultimately, the Cowboys will be tasked with turning all of this good mojo into a deep run into the postseason. We can now confidently say that there is one other team to consider besides the Rams, Bears, and Saints as this year’s NFC entrant into the Super Bowl. However, Dak Prescott will need to eliminate turnovers and interceptions if Dallas is truly going to contend against the powerhouses they will face in the playoffs.

Last Sunday, Prescott caught fire in the fourth quarter and ended with 455 yards passing, connecting on 42 of 54 passes with three touchdowns, but his two interceptions were converted into nine points by Philadelphia. As we move forward, Prescott will need to lead right from the get-go and understand that one poor decision can cost his team what is now a realistic shot at a championship season.

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Cowboys en Español: Sí, Amari Cooper Lo Valió

Mauricio Rodriguez



Cowboys' Revenge Against Atlanta Hinges on These 3 Key Matchups 1

Cuando los Dallas Cowboys sorprendieron a la NFL mandando una selección de primera ronda por el receptor Amari Cooper de los Oakland Raiders, la respuesta fue muy dividida. Al final de cuentas, Cooper estaba pasando por una temporada bastante mala junto a su equipo. Sus números iban en decline y muchos habían perdido la fe en la ex-estrella de la universidad de Alabama y cuarta selección global en el NFL Draft del 2015.

Pero sorpresa, sorpresa. Desde que se unió a las filas de los Dallas Cowboys, Amari Cooper ha demostrado que la decisión que tomaron los Jones fue una muy buena.

En esta liga, es muy complicado justificar el deshacerse de un pick de primera ronda.

Estamos hablando de la oportunidad de tomar a un novato joven con muchísimo potencial para convertirse en un jugador calibre All-Pro en algún punto de su carrera. No es fácil renunciar a una posibilidad así en esta liga. Sin embargo, Amari Cooper no ha hecho más que justificar el trade por parte de los Cowboys. Si continúa así, al final de la temporada podríamos estar hablando de que Dallas pagó de menos por él.

Es importante recalcar que Amari Cooper tiene 24 años de edad. Para el NFL Draft del 2019, los mejores prospectos en esta posición tienen a lo mucho cuatro años menos. A.J. Brown de Ole Miss tendrá 21 años cuando pise el emparrillado por primera vez en la NFL.

Y no, ninguno de estos receptores está cerca del nivel de talento con el que cuenta Cooper.

#DALvsPHI: Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott Key to Clipping the Eagles Wings?

¿Qué tan grande ha sido el impacto de Amari Cooper?

Desde la semana 9, cuando los Cowboys consiguieron a Cooper, este ha tenido 30 recepciones. 23 de las cuales han resultado en un primer down o en un touchdown. Es el receptor con más atrapadas en tercera oportunidad. Podríamos hablar de las grandes estadísticas que el wide receiver ha conseguido vistiendo la estrella individualmente. Pero realmente, ha tenido un impacto en la ofensiva entera.

Desde su llegada, los Cowboys son el tercer mejor equipo en porcentaje de pases completos, el segundo en yardas después de la recepción y el tercero a la hora de convertir terceras oportunidades y mover las cadenas.

Simple y sencillamente, ha tenido un impacto que ningún otro novato del 2019 hubiera tenido en este equipo. Si, los Cowboys tendrán que pagarle una extensión cara en el futuro, pero cuando este sea el caso, lo habrá valido.

Amari Cooper es el ejemplo perfecto de porque la NFL es un deporte de equipo. Con los Raiders, todos lo tachaban como un jugador que ya no era bueno e iba para abajo. Pero bajo los Dallas Cowboys, se ve como un jugador que promete mucho para esta joven franquicia que necesitaba un verdadero #1 en la posición de wide receiver.

La ofensiva de los Cowboys tiene mucho talento. Es cuestión de mejorar en zona roja para que Dallas sea una amenaza bastante considerable en los playoffs de la NFL.

Tell me what you think about "Cowboys en Español: Sí, Amari Cooper Lo Valió" in the comments below, or tweet me @MauNFL and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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