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Don’t overlook these 3 Dallas Cowboys in 2023

Happy Monday, .

Now that the draft is in the rearview mirror and we inch closer to workout dates, I want to paint a picture of who we fans may need to talk more about.

These players are solid at what they do and can help the Cowboys succeed in 2023, but sometimes they don't get the appreciation they deserve.

One of them is new to the team, while the other two have been around for a bit.

We clearly recognize , , , , and others.

Nonetheless, the players below deserve their flowers and can help the team win games their way next season, and before I start, yes, I could list 7 or 8 players, but let's keep it readable for everyone.

Let me know what you think and who we shouldn't overlook.

Osa Odighizuwa

This first name won't be as shocking as the others, but Osa Odighuzuwa has been one of the most underrated players on this team.

Odighuzuwa was picked in the in 2021 and has improved yearly. His rookie deal has him signed through 2024; the defensive had four a year ago and 43 tackles (27 solo).

His biggest moment was the sack on during the against the 49ers.

I added him because, from what I see, we don't give him enough credit for how well he has played. He continues to improve and will help this team in a major way in 2023.

Stopping the run was the biggest issue for the a year ago; he will be needed to help slow teams down.

Brandin Cooks

Look, everyone, I don't understand how important Cooks will be to this .

I have seen the media try to downplay this for the Cowboys because it is Dallas. It would be great if any other team made his move at a position they struggled with last year.

Let's be honest here. The Cowboys had and as their 2nd and 3rd in week one last season.

Cooks has been in the league for nine years, producing over 1,000 yards in SIX of those seasons.

He comes to a team with Lamb and . If MG can get even remotely close to his usual self, they will have one of the best trios in football.

I will argue with anyone about this; Cooks is one of the best players in NFL to never make an All-Pro team or the .

His numbers don't lie. The Cowboys will have two guys surpass 1,000 receiving yards this year.

Israel Mukuamu

had an excellent ending to the season last year.

If you follow closely, as most of you do, I am sure you have heard the talks about Mukuamu moving to .

In the playoff game, he played 24 snaps in coverage from the slot against Tampa Bay.

Mukuamu only allowed 2 receptions from 5 targets for 16 yards and a of 48.8. That is enough to let him start the year as CB3, agree?

The team traded for in March, but if you can use Mukuamu in the slot with , look out.

I honestly don't think people fully understand how much better this team got in the offseason this year.

They have addressed every single weakness that hurt them last year.

They added a big-time wideout in Cooks, a former in Gilmore. Resigned and drafted to help stop the run.

This team has a chance to be even better in 2023.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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