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Dontari Poe Will Need Dramatic Change to see 2nd Year of Contract

There was a lot of excitement around the Cowboys' additions of and this . But it's only mid-October and already McCoy is no longer with the team and Poe is looking like a free agent flop. If something doesn't change soon for Dontari, he may not see the second year of his contract with Dallas.

After years of band-aids and failed experiments at defensive , here were two multi-time Pro Bowlers coming in to beef up the line. But McCoy's already gone after a season-ending and Poe is struggling to make an impact. The Cowboys is currently 5th-worst against the run in 2020.

Dontari is coming his own season-ending injury; a torn quad suffered last November while with the . That could be a contributing factor in the lack of early returns.

Also, like the rest of the Cowboys defense, Poe is having to adjust to a new under as coordinator. But unlike some of his Dallas teammates, Dontari has already played in a during his early years with Kansas City.

Those were the years that Poe earned his way to two Pro Bowls in 2013 and 2014.

It's not like anyone expects Dontari be a double-digit sack artist from the DT position. What the Cowboys really wanted was a true space-eating tackle to help bolster the , but we've seen the big man getting handled by run blockers and the stats speak for themselves.

In five games Poe has just seven tackles and zero . None of his tackles have been behind the line of scrimmage.

If something doesn't change soon, the Cowboys can easily find a better use for the space that Dontari Poe would eat up in 2021.

Dallas wisely structured Poe's deal so that they wouldn't be heavily penalized in the second year. Dontari has a scheduled cap hit of $4.75 million but the Cowboys could save nearly all of it, $4 million flat, if they him next offseason.

Clearly, Poe is going to have start being more than just a large if he wants to stick around. While $4 million isn't a huge amount for a DT it's definitely more than Dallas will pay for sheer size. They can find plenty of guys for a fraction of that amount to provide what Dontari has over these last five games.

No, Dontari Poe has to be more than that. While expecting a performance may be beyond him at this point, he simply needs to start making a tangible positive impact on the field. And with all the current undermining the Cowboys defense, his veteran experience and should be part of the package.

Poe is hardly the only Dallas defender struggling right now. But given that he's still just 30 years old and what he's accomplished in the NFL already, Dontari needs to become part of the solution fast. Otherwise, the Cowboys will have to cut bait and solve the problem with some new players next year.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Colonel (USA, Ret) Michael R. Gonzales

I am a life-long Cowboys fan, and no one is more loyal to them, but they should have never signed him, and should have benched him, then cut him after the first game. Character is more important than football, and the fact that he was the only Cowboy who knelt, during the National Anthem, is contrary to the fundamental principles, of our Nation, the men and women who have fought for our Flag, and America’s team. He is not a good fit on the field, and he is not a good fit off the field. As a retired Colonel in the United States Army, who has served all over the globe, I am a proud American and a member of a minority group myself, I am proud of both my American and Hispanic heritage, who believes in equality for all, but I do not believe that there is systemic racism, or that the NFL, should be a political, pr social forum. Athletes get paid be money, to play football, not to champion social causes. In the United States Army, we were all brothers, and sisters, in arms, and the only two colors that mattered on the battlefield, were the two that we shared- the camouflage of our uniforms, and the red of our blood! May Godbless Anerica!


Agreed……..! Come on Poe

Erick English

Poe has bn a bust for our new 3-4, but he’s nt the only one on the D line that sucks. Crawford and his 9 mil, Armstrong and whatever he’s getting. Oh, and how can I forget abt Lawrence and his 20 mil. But they will say that his knee is the problem, BS.
Poe isn’t the only one that needs to go after this season. We’ll see what happens this off season.


The only time this guy is mentioned is when he disrespected our great American Flag and our great National Anthem. KNEELING and NOT STANDING. Kick this woefully underachieving person to the curb.

Cowboy Fan Ed

As much as he stays in the second level I thought MN was Experimenting with him as a LB! If he or some of these other guys don’t start making plays it’s time to clean house and get some people that want to play!

Stephen gregory

First clue was when the Panthers didn’t try to re sign him and let him walk. Sure, he was a combine freak and won that beauty pageant, you know, the one you can win not based on your present play but of years past. That’s the Pro Bowl for any who didn’t make the connection. Right now, he is not an asset which, by default, makes him a liability. It is what it is.


Isn’t he the only one that kneels? Good get rid of him, let him seek attention elsewhere.

gary b

He had one job and that was to plug up the middle and stop the run. Never seen a man his size get pushed off the line of scrimmage as much as he has been. He’ll be lucky if he isn’t cut mid-season. Another bad signing by Jerry. If he isn’t signing the wrong players he’s overpaying for the one’s we have.

He knew McCoy had a pre-existing condition and he knew both him and Poe had underwhelmed in Carolina the previous yr but he signed them and plugged them in as starters anyway. He also knew that his boy Crawford was eating up 8 MIL in cap space for being a good “locker room guy” but only impersonating a DT. It starts in the trenches and all his signing have been busts this yr and that include supposed phenom Griffen.

Build from trenches on out. Good DL and a good OL and u have a great foundation to build from. Stop drafting and signings players with injury histories, no matter how good they were before they were hurt.

And fire urself Jerry!! LOL ok I’m done ranting GO COWBOYS


Why did u bring up his kneeling? Wut does dat have to do wit anything? It says a lot about u tho!!

Mike G

I’m a lifelong cowboys fan but this season just isn’t worth watching not because of the team’s performance but because of this sjw crap & jerry letting this overpaid fat sorry excuse of human being kneel during the anthem the sooner he’s cut the better & then I might care & watch again


I want say this……..kneeling has nothing to do with disrespecting our flag or the courageous People in our military and police. It has to deal with social injustice and social injustice ONLY. No knows what another man has seen or been thru, many of these players have lost friends and loved ones to police brutality and senseless violence, and in many cases football may saved there lives. They do not ridicule the flag by kneeling they are making plea for change………

John Berry

im a retired air force veteran and i back the man for kneeling. We defended the country to give these people the right to live free and express themselves freely. I know this now feels like a dictatorship under tRUMP but it isnt. You people seem to forget that but come November we will be rid of the orange idiot. And for the retired Colonel from the army, you are blind as hell if you cant see the racism in this country. But then again thats typical for most officers they were always blind to what was in front of them


Pretty ignorant comment John Berry. Personally, i would stand for the anthrm but support those who choose to kneel. Like you said, it is their right and i also believe there is a systemic racism problem in America. However, your officers comment is just plain ignorant. You act like youve been in the military for many many yrs and have experienced many many officers…pretty sure youve had a onlu a handful commanding officers, so dont sterotype.

James Y

Col. Gonzalez, thank you for your service. Like you, I’m a veteran and a minority man, black man, but you’re wrong if you really believe racism is not an issue in America. All you have to do is look at what’s happening along the U.S. and Mexico border. Take a knee during the National Anthem has nothing to do with the flag it’s our way of saying we have a problem and everyone should be concerned about rather than accepting the Status Quo. My blood is the same color as your blood and every other Americans blood so STOP the hating…..


Poe is trash forget the kneeling and flag etc. CUT HIM NOW and deal with it


American public has been hoodwinked by politicians like Hillary Clinton and then by fraud organizations like BLM, and ignorant athletes, and hollywood nitwits, who pushed this systemic racism garbage. Hard to believe “intelligent” people can STILL be so gullible. People should do your own research before making statements (like some here) that are ARE NOT BASED on reality. The DATA does NOT show systemic racism by police in our Country. The DATA/FACTS SHOW, not liberal MSM talking heads WITH a obvious bias agenda.

Blacks are 13% of US population and do more than 50% of the violent crime, BEING MAINLY BLACK ON BLACK CRIME.. Blacks kill twice as many Whites as the opposite, but again at JUST 13% of population.

Why is it that almost all the LIBERAL MSM stories about Police shootings are WHITE COP, BLACK VICTIM. YOU NEVER SEE OR HEAR ABOUT WHITE VICTIM, although more Whites are indeed the victims. POLICE SHOOTINGS ARE EXTREMELY RARE either way. But if you listen to imbeciles like LeBron James et al, Blacks can not step out of their house without some cop waiting to shoot them.. Think about HOW DUMB THAT IS.

Lets look at one of these so called RACIST KILLINGS of a Black man, Freddy Gray, in Baltimore in 2015. WHO WAS IN CHARGE THEN?

President of the Unites States – BLACK
US Attorney General – BLACK
Baltimore Mayor – BLACK
Baltimore City Council – mostly BLACK
Baltimore Police Department Head – BLACK
Asst. PD Head – BLACK
State Atty — BLACK
3 of 6 Cops charged – BLACK
Judge who 2x ruled not guilty – BLACK


BLM, founded by three Marist lesbian females, whose manifesto, in part, is to DISRUPT the American family structure, DEFUNDED the police (defunding police will only hurt Blacks more in crime ridden cities) , and SEEK REPARATIONS. In reality it is nothing more than an extortion vehicle, seeking MONEY from SPINELESS corporations that are fearful of BOYCOTTS, liberal politicians that pander and seek minority votes, and other ignorant, GUILT COMPLEXED Whites.

BTW, Breonna Taylor was indeed dealing illegal drugs. She was NO INNOCENT. Go online to the Tatum report to get educated. Also to Larry Elder youtube videos. IF you really want the truth.


Maybe he should spend more time studying film instead of learning how to kneel during the national anthem

Cowboy Fan Ed

Thank you veterans who have severed our great country! On the subject on taking a knee I believe that there are some lines that you just don’t cross even though you have that right! The bottom line is it comes down to respect! I personally don’t see the confederate flag as a symbol of hate BUT I realize that my black friends do so out of respect for them I don’t own or will I fly a confederate flag! I look at taking a knee as being disrespectful to our service men and women and our country ! So why not out of RESPECT just protest some other way ? You that disagree with me Google a preacher by the name of EW Jackson and a fellow by the name of Alexander Hamilton the third . These are well educated men that have law degrees and Patriots that love and stand for our country! Folks we all need to love and respect each other or as the Bible says : an house divided against itself can not stand! By the way If it were up to me Poe would be sitting at the house!

John Berry

in the first place Cowboysfn you dont know a damn thing about me. I spent 22 years in the military and saw plenty of idiot officers who couldnt tell the difference between left and right without an NCO telling them which was which. The only ignorant comment was yours for not knowing anything about the person you are commenting on. So in other words keyboard warrior keep your trap shut.

John Berry

And those of you who are criticizing these men for kneeling when it is their right as free Americans you just dont get it. First off theyve been trying to be heard for so many years and because of the color of their skin they still were not being heard. Freedom of choice and speech doesnt mean you will agree with them but as Americans we would fight to the death for their right to do so. Thats what being American is. And now you want to tell them how yo demonstrate which is also asinine. This country is made up now of a bunch of pansies who get butt hurt over the stupidest crap yet they wont back their fellow man when he is begging to be heard. And your comments are a reflection of your beliefs. We are a very racist country with a orange idiot doing his best to stoke those fires. These men and women are Americans and this fool delights in their pain instead of listening to them. And Cowboy Fan Ed, way to show that overt racism. I think your KKK robes need to be cleaned

Cowboy Fan Ed

Hey John I hate that your judging me as a racist when in fact I’m far from that! The LORD has put love in my heart for folks of every race! I bet if I met you we could be friends! We might not agree on everything but we could still get along! By the way the two gentleman that I mentioned in my other post are both black men that tell it like it is and if I lived near either one of them I would love to attend their church!! You seriously ought to look them up! By the way Go Cowboys !! PS if you think I’m Racist what do you think of Herschel Walker he and I see things along the same lines!

Gary b

I respect and understand every post on here, as their is legitimacy and validity to everyone I read.

But I’ll stay above the fray on all this. I come in here to escape from the ugliness in the world and talk football.

But people are entitled to use this forum the way they choose, within reason.

Stephen gregory

John Berry, hello there. First of all, thank you for your service and I truly mean that.

Here’s where you and I are going to respectfully disagree…and that’s OK. If I’m quoting you correctly, you are saying “It’s their right (to kneel) as free Americans.” That is where I respectfully disagree. When a person is employed by another, they lose there right to say anything they want to say, dress anyway that they want to dress and act any way that they care to act. I am a Registered Nurse. I cannot walk into my place of work in anything other than the approved dress code. I have to be well groomed and not look like a slug. I cannot say anything provocative that I want to say. I cannot take part in any social injustice protesting in my place of work. And, I cannot do anything on social media on my own time that in any way might cast a negative light on my character or the company I work for. I can lose my job if I get a DUI.

The part where I am being told “it’s their right” to do what they want while under the employment of another is really quite offensive to people who, in the real world, don’t have that “right.” Would your CO tolerate you kneeling? My boss wouldn’t tolerate me doing that. Would your CO allow you to embroider ” BLACK LIVES MATTER” across the back of your uniform like the NBA players are doing or on the back of your cover like many NFL players are doing? Mine wouldn’t. I would find myself escorted off the property by security, my final check mailed to me and I would lose ALL of my benefits.

These men that we see playing on the field and standing on the sidelines are employed and they are employees. There should be a code of conduct and they should be held to that standard like any other employee/employer relationship. The league, the same one that used to levy fines for not wearing the right socks or shoes, has literally given themselves over to a league of political and social agendas. I believe in doing so, they have started to walk down a path of no return.

So, I do wish you the best in your endeavors. I hate that sporting events now have to be a stage for this to be played out on. I am more like Gary B., I just come here to talk about sports and have meaningful conversations instead of pissing matches over politics and such.

You know, “free speech” isn’t a free pass to say, act and do as one pleases. There are consequences to all of this. The bell cannot be unrung. And, free speech isn’t really allowed on these boards. There are moderators who will censor posts and take voices away. All you have to do is to watch how many stories have the comments section closed.

In my humble opinion, and if I’m alone on this it’s alright, I would prefer Ezekiel Elliot appear to be more concerned with ball protection than BLM or showing off that gross “feed me” tattoo across his belly! Really? Feed you the ball more when you aren’t protecting it and vomiting it up? I would rather see Poe more interested in stopping the run instead of kneeling. I’d rather see the defensive ends set the edge and pressure the QB instead of thinking about anything to do with social justice when they can’t stop the Browns, of all teams, from running 320 yards down their throats. Where are the good old days of Jimmy Johnson and the asthma field (smiles)?

Just my thoughts. If you agree, great. If you disagree, great.


“Racism in America is not dead. But it is on life-support, kept alive mainly by the people who use it as an excuse or to keep minority communities fearful or resentful enough to turn out as a voting bloc on election day”

Thomas Sowell

John Berry

first off I owe Cowboy fan ed am apology. That was intended for Vam and not you sir. I have a huge problem with the republican party and all their hypocrisy concerning tbis election and sometimes it boils over. To Stephen Gregory, I will also respectfully disagree with yoi as well sor and remember Dontari Poe has the backing of his team,coach and owner. But fellas I also miss the good old days when Jimmie would cut someone for missing a tackle or falling asleep in a meeting. Its sad to say this but feel i may have to outlive Jerra to possibly get another super bowl. Ever since Jimmie this team just cant seem to put it together on both sides of the ball. They wasted Romos good years and Im worried they will waste Daks as well. Its a sad thing also that we had one of our greatest tight ends ever and he never got a taste of a super bowl. I will be a lifelong cowboys fan, im 58 now and hope to see another ring before I go to that big cowboy fan club in the sky. No hard feelings gentleman. Remember when we could discuss politics in this country peacefully?

Stephen gregory

Hey John Berry,

You see? the sun did rise and there will be another beautiful day ahead for all of us to enjoy. My best bet is that it will happen again tomorrow (smiles). BTW, you and I are about the same age so we should have a lot in common in what we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

John, we have a huge fundamental disagreement but have found a way to speak civilly with one another. Now that we are doing that, I really am interested to know why you feel it’s any person’s right to demonstrate social jusice, or whatever they want to demonstrate, on their jobs. I have given you a number of reasons why an employee in almost every other workplace can’t do, say or present themselves in any manner they want. NFL players are employees. They are no different in that respect than the guy/gal working a shift in your local ER or fire department. Remember, I’m not asking in an attempt to argue because that gets us nowhere. I just really would like an honest and introspective perspective of why you believe this is a right bestowed by the military.

Feelings are not rights. If everyone just did his/ her own thing based on their feelings, our society would be in total chaos. I have given you a number of reasons why virtually all other employees cannot do what they please but you’ve given us nothing other than the military bestowed this right upon the players to do whatever they want, which is just not true. The pilgrims fleeing the oppression of England, the freedom fighters of the Revolutionary War, the founders and architects of the Constitution and our State delegates, with the 1st Amendment, have given us what we know as free speech but free speech in every situation is not absolute. Do it in the wrong place and you will get fired and put your family’s financial health in crisis. Do it in the wrong place and you will get arrested, prosecuted and pay a fine and/or jail time. So, free speech was really more about the government not being able to take away an individual’s right to speak against the government and the Supreme Court has upheld that it does not apply to the workplace. I see the players as employees at work, in the workplace and in the employment of others. after all, they are getting paid to be there and they aren’t doing it for free. I’m just not getting where social justice warriors have decided this is the appropriate forum to do what they want to do, knowing that it is extremely controversial and abhorrent to the sensibilities of so many, want to shove this down our throats and only be given the reason of “Well, it’s my right,” because it’s not. They have done a good job of hijacking the professional sports stage to do their bidding and the NFL executives allowed their workplace to be hijacked. I have NO PROBLEM with players using their influence and fame away from the game/stadium to advocate for social justice. Same when I go to a concert, I’m paying $700 a seat to hear the singer sing, not to hear their political hate speech. They can do it but they will never get another penny fro m me and I will shut down listening to anything that comes out of their pie hole going forward. I refuse to watch SNL over one obnoxious and abusive actor on that show.

Hey, John, I’m not against having racism stomped down but I don’t believe it is the right of people, who don’t have an investment in a company, to hijack that company’s forum for their own agenda. I would say the same thing if Antifa or the KKK were hijacking the NFL platform for their own social justice battlefield. All I want to do is watch a game and not have to think about anything other than the joy of the game for 3 1/2 hours. But, others have taken that away from me by using the NFL as a forum for their own cause.

John, racism stinks. My friends are of all different races and religions. I am a pastor’s kid and we always had every type person you can imagine living and hanging out in our home and I was exposed to it early. Even with that, I have struggled myself by uttering a racial slur on occasion based on a stereotype. That’s a learned behavior and I’ve had to push that behavior down when it has risen up. And, guess what, the same has been said about me due to my race. It sucks and it is my personal responsibility to be a better man and, day by day, I’m getting closer to being the man I want to be. BLM, Antifa, the KKK, Muslim Brotherhood, the Arian Brotherhood and all others not mentioned, are abhorrent to me and the man I want to be. I am a sinner but, thank the Lord, I am saved by Grace as I work out the flaws of my carnal nature. Day by day I put farther away my old man and act like the new creation I am. It’s too bad that a sporting event subtly tries to introduce that old man back to me.

Police brutality? I could write 3 more hours on that. They do it, they should be held to the same standard any other murderer is held to and dropped into general population in the nearest jail and not given protective custody. They wouldn’t last two days.

Hey, John, have a great day today.

Stephen gregory

Hey, John…one more example of free speech not being free.

Two very public social media platforms, called FB and Twitter, will block/delete conservative posts and ban the authors of those posts. sometimes it’s shadow banning so that the author sees it but no one else does. This has happened time and time again as they try to sway the results of the last, and this, election. this is not an unknown thing. Very shrewd businessmen They are. They are literally in the tank for the Democrat candidates…the same ones that want to raise their taxes and make them pay their fair share. Kind of makes me think that they know their taxes are not going to be going up.

Now, these are “social media” platforms but they direct the free speech that is spoken there. Walk in lock step with the left of center or your voice is removed. When Trump Jr was being questioned about his meeting with a Russian lawyer, it was stories galore because anything goes when bashing the “orange man.” Now, go look and see how many stories you can find on there about Hunter Biden on FB that cast a shadow on his getting paid millions of dollars to sit on company boards where he has no experience of expertise . Crickets chirping in the background. Try it yourself. Go on FB or Twitter and start some threads right of center on that subject. You will most likely be blocked and have your free speech, paid for by the blood by our military if you believe that, silenced.

John, I am neither Democrat or Republican. I see the faults on both sides of the political fence and there are major flaws on both sides. American politics is the biggest reality show out there and the people suffer for it. You and I suffer for it. These people get into politics with no money. They get “donations” to their foundations and they control how it is spent and, then, legislation just happens to happen that somehow benefits the original doner. It happens every day. The amounts involved are staggering. Our government is a very wicked place whichever side of the fence one favors. Free speech? Not too often.

Still, enjoyed talking with you and really value your opinion if you would care to give it. I promise to just be a listener. Talked too much for most people to have to hear anyway. Take care, brother, and have a good one. And…..GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!

Dan Williams

Let him go kneel down for some other team. Until then, goal line defense only!

Cowboy Fan Ed

Hey John apology accepted! I’m going to turn 63 next month so all you guys need to listen to your elder and let’s all get alone! Ha. We are not all going to agree on everything but we need pull together as human beings and respect each other! Also Gary I’m like you in that it’s good to get away from what’s going on in this world and just talk about our team BUT when players bring their personal views into the work place I believe that fans should let them know where they stand! By the way thank you John for serving our country! GOD Bless all you guys that have stated your option on these issues and Thank GOD for giving us this great country to where we have freedom to watch sports ! GOD Bless America !


John Berry, calling people RACIST, as you do, instead of trying to disprove the facts in my post, is so easy to do. JUST SHOUT RACIST! Show me where the FACTS I stated are incorrect. Bet you CAN’T.




“If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 50 years ago, a liberal 25 years ago, and a racist today”

Thomas Sowell
A very wise Black Gentleman


Wow, you can’t be are the definition of a blind American to say there isn’t systematic racism is a wreck less statement. I guess you never heard of an athlete named Muhammad Ali, what was his stance about. To say that athletes should play their sport and not have a voice is ludacris, you have a caveman mentality. I guess that military you speak has always been inclusive to African Americans. Guess you do t know who Dorie Miller is, or who the Red tail( Tuskegee Airmen) were. Taking That knee isn’t about the flag, but people like you want to make it about the flag; you just like others including trump changed and created a false narrative. Watch the interview with the marine that encourage kapernick to take the knee in the first place. You must educate yourself and open your mind; this is why racism exist because of non educated close minded individuals such as yourself

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