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Drew Pearson Sends Warning to Jerry Jones About Dak Prescott

Drew Pearson finally got the validation he’s waited decades for two weeks ago. The former three-time First-Team All-Pro was selected to the , bringing his football journey to its rightful conclusion.

“The Original 88” as he’s known within the organization and its fan base, made an appearance on The D.A. Show on Friday which is hosted by Damon Amendolara of Sports. Predictably, the subject of Dak Prescott came up as he enters his of negotiations with the to get a long-term deal done.

The Cowboys legend sent a warning to team owner Jerry Jones that a second could be the end of Prescott’s time in Dallas.

“Where do you go if you don’t sign Dak?” Pearson said. “If you let him go, especially if you let him play under the franchise tag this season and you don’t sign him anywhere along the line to a long-term contract, Dak ain’t gonna be here after that. The man has a lot of pride and he sees what’s going on. He wants to be of the Dallas Cowboys. It is a big deal.”

When the former fourth-round pick didn’t get a deal done last summer, he was still adamant about wanting to be with the Cowboys for the entirety of his career.

“I grew up wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy and I am, and I’ve got dreams of being a Dallas Cowboy until I’m done throwing the football,” Prescott said back in August.

“None of that’s going to change just because we couldn’t reach an agreement there for this season. But as I said, I’m a Cowboy right now and that’s all that matters and that’s my whole focus.”

Prescott earned $31.4 million in 2020 under the franchise tag, however, he suffered a season-ending ankle after just five games. A second tag would cost the Cowboys $37.7 million in 2021. The NFL announced this week that the floor for the upcoming season will be $180 million, which could go up after the final 2020 revenue numbers are known, and any increase will help the Cowboys in their efforts to sign Prescott.

Pearson went on to say that Jones could risk not only losing Prescott with a second tag but it could affect the entire team.

“If he has to play the full season under that franchise tag, Jerry’s really taking a risk in that case…not only with Dak as a quarterback of the Cowboys but within the rest of that football team because Dak has a tremendous influence in that locker room. He is the leader. He sets the pace.”

Prescott has gotten a lot of support from his teammates recently. sensation said “I cannot wait to have him back” when he sat down with Jori Epstein of USA TODAY Sports a few weeks ago. Also, , who is coming back from a torn ACL, posted a photo on his account last week asking Prescott “Wanna run it back in a few months?”

Drew Pearson Sends Warning to Jerry Jones About Dak Prescott 1

The Cowboys and Prescott haven’t wavered on wanting a long-term marriage. March 9 is the first date to circle because it’s the deadline to place the franchise tag on a particular player, which the Cowboys will do if no deal is reached by then, and will give the two sides until July 15 to negotiate a lucrative extension.

Prescott will be the quarterback for the Cowboys in 2021. His future beyond that, for the moment, is a mystery and will continue to be so until his new deal is finalized.

What do you think?


Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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  1. So we are gonna get Dak and Zeke is gonna have a super good year. We work it all out. New TV contract it will be a major money maker for everyone. That Dak haters will wonder off. Everything will be great. THEN out of nowhere Jerry does something, not sure what it will be but it will be just big enough to blow maybe the Superbowl. Jerry still makes a killing like no one else. We stay the richest organization because we are the greatest underdog in history and that is what Jerry sells. Its truely about “The Show” If we won a Superbowl its the equivalent to shooting the cash cow.

  2. Gary b , you’re a knowledgeable fan yourself , you and VAM are guys I look forward to hearing from cuz I know that when you guys state something , you guys have got real good points , even when I may not agree 100% either , you guys know your football and know your Cowboys

  3. A passing football team ? Dak was getting 450 yards a game before he got hurt , now I agree a lot of that was IMO garbage yards but they a passing football team

    2nd those Cowboys didn’t just have a RB they had THE RB in E Smith , with the great wall of Dallas in front of him , they could run it and run it really well whenever they wanted to unlike us rn

  4. If the Cowboys don’t resign Dak Prescott and stop running the ball and every down then they’re going to never see a Superbowl Jerry Jones needs to trust his quarterback Dak Prescott protect him when he’s in the pocket and stop depending on the running game Cowboys need to get back to what they were with troy aikman and emmitt Smith a passing football team I could coach Dallas one year and gurantee a Superbowl we have the team we just not utilizing them correctly

  5. THROWUPX88- I actually think there is a pretty good balance as far as which side people come down on. One of the advantages of that is u get alot of different viewpoints and if people are open minded it makes them think and consider all angles rather than just digging in with one point of view with ur hands over ur ears when you hear opposing views.

    I enjoy hearing what knowledgeable guys like you and VAM have to say. Even if I don’t always agree with it.

  6. It’s like when a wife cheats on her husband , ppl will see that and blame the wife 100% as to why they got divorced but what they don’t see , is that the husband may not have been that great of a guy after all

    That’s what’s happening with ppl rn , they see Jerry being the one to blame but there’s blame to go on Dak too

    Two sides of a coin

  7. As far as who’s projected as the bad guy , yes i do project Dak as the bad guy in this but what does a little ole fan like me make any difference in ppls opinions ?

    Mainstream media or ex-players (in particular past cowboys player’s) are the one’s who ppl listen to even though those ppls main interests differ from the Cowboys main interest , even ex-Cowboys like what Don Howard brought up in his comment , ex-player’s will always be for players

    and as far as Drew Pearson , Michael Irvin , Troy Aikman , Jimmy Johnson , E Smith ( though even he has admitted doubts as to if they are gonna get a contract done ) and more they all think they should pay Dak as well as most of mainstream media

    there’s blame to go on Jerry if the difference in contract truly was just a 1 year difference and the fact that he didn’t do everything he could to sign Dak early on

    but all I’m saying is Dak isn’t without blame like what most of media portrays him to be or ex-Cowboys portray him to be and how they portray Jerry as the bad guy and the one who deserves blame

    there’s a balance and ppl are just not balanced on that view

  8. Throwupthex88- What happened? U said u werent gonna comment on the Dak contract situation until a decision was made? Lol didn’t figure u could resist.

    VAM- I’ll have to disagree with you that Jerry is portrayed as the bad guy here. The majority of the posts on this site as well as most others characterize Dak as a greedy SOB Lol
    As u say it takes both parties coming to an agreement to consummate a deal in any business transaction.

    The fact that us fan’s are emotionally invested personalizes it and elicits the understandable frustration and anger towards which ever party u oppose. Remember Jerry could have signed him for four years. For business reasons Jerry wanted five and for business reasons Dak wanted four. It sucks that it came down to this. I thought a deal would have gotten done by now.

    But I think there is culpability on both sides. I will say I’m disappointed that Dak didn’t find a way to make it work. I didn’t think he would be the type to hold out for all he could get, but then most players do so why should we expect him to be any different.

  9. I agree with Lawrence H Dunbar as well , the best chance we had winning with Dak was his first 3 years , of course that was JG and Jerry fault for not putting a good enough product out there on the field ,

    Look , I like Dak , he’s a good guy , but as far as where he’s at IMO I think you could debate back and forth as to if Tannehill is better or as good as Dak and yet we ain’t talking about him being like a elite QB as we are with Dak

  10. what i believe has happened , not only has his total a year has exploded after that stretch of 3 games 2 seasons ago as well as year to year , and he wants that monster money in a 4 year contract , so even with this cap going up year to year by the time Dak’s contract looks decent for his level of play , he gonna need another contract !!!

    Plus a shorter contract means you gonna have to pay more up front , you can’t work his contract like Mahome’s contract by putting off some of the money towards the end of his contract and save about 5 mill on his contract right off

  11. 2nd off @John Williams, don’t even bring up the Chiefs, they got Mahomes a truly elite if not an all time elite QB , you can get away with paying that much money to a QB when said QB can cover a multitude of sins on your team , Dak can’t do that , it’s been proven over this last 2 seasons , he needs a team around him , the problem is you can’t do that when your QB is getting a monster deal like what he’s wanting

    BTW I love how you brought up chiefs, who won Super Bowl John ? Bucs and TB who takes pay cuts , and there’s your results, lesser QB as far as talent goea but with great team put around him , and one team who has a ELITE QB but without a O-Line and D with him , and yet he got to super bowl with that , has Dak taken boys to a super bowl without a O-Line and D

    Now that’s how you separate the truly elites from the wannabe elites

  12. What a joke , 35 mill and 5 years is the Cowboys playing hardball SMH if it were as simple as 1 year difference , Jerry would’ve gotten a deal done long ago , it’s more than that , IMO what happened was when Jerry said a deal was “Imminent” this was before the 3 game stretch Dak had against crap teams 2 seasons ago , after that stretch of games , Dak and his agent decided “You know what ? Why not ask for this ?” And now we’re stuck with an outrageous offer by Dak and company and we’re stuck .

    If there’s anybody who’s playing hardball in this contract situation, its Dak not Jerry , I wouldn’t be shocked if it was Dak who was holding out all the way till his contract was up so that he could play his cards right and get a huge deal

  13. Its a negotiation John. DP can ask for whatever, that doesn’t mean Cowboys have to cave in to HIS demands. I can’t believe people are STILL saying Cowboys were playing “HARDBALL”.
    Realistically, one can easily say DP is/was playing “HARDBALL”. It takes two to tango. Why is it always one sided. Why is it the Cowboys are always the bad guys in this DRAMA. Their is a SALARY CAP involved here, and Cowboys have to look at the bigger picture.

    Look, TEAM comes before any one player. Cowboys will go on fine with or without DP.

  14. if we resign dak to 37 million or more we will have no money for defense . when we won super bowls in the 90’s we had top 5 defenses . you can have the best offense but if you dont have a great defense you wont get to the show .

    • Do you think the Chiefs are concerned about having money to add to their defense?

      Also, when has this team spent money on defense in recent years that wasn’t their own player?

      The Salary Cap is going to explode in the next few years that will make Dak’s pay increase seem marginal.

  15. Jo,You are hating on Dak or You’re not watching the games,no defense,the offensive line bad,the running back not running good at this time,You could get Brady and lose more games with Him,really the COWBOYS need a New Owner

  16. When you win a Superbowl you are in the driver’s seat. Almost will never get you what you think you are worth. Their golden opportunity to do so happened in their 1st and 2nd year. But under Garrett’s regime not even Brady could win the Super Bowl. It’s time for the Cowboys to look for another quarterback.

  17. VAM- Yep we need to make sure we don’t lose him without compensation. That would be bad. Regardless of whether he is worth that money, he is a valuable asset that the cowboys need to take advantage of.

    As I previously mentioned if it were as simple as straight up signing Dak, their would no doubt be much more interest from other teams . But for a team to take the big hit to their salary cap by signing him to a huge contract AND relinquish TWO valuable 1st rd picks makes it much more difficult. Plus as u say the injury will factor into it a little.

    Any way you slice it we are in a precarious position, with no easy answers or foolproof solutions.

  18. Dak should be franchised tagged again and can count his lucky stars to play for a “mere” $35/36 million dollars coming after the injury. He needs to show the Cowboys and every other team for that matter, that he can still play. Why would ANY franchise pay in advance for a possible damaged player?. I love the Cowboys and dislike Jerry, but Dak needs to go out and prove he’s worth the money he’s requesting. If he gets a big contract and isn’t his former self, it be the final nail on the coffin.

  19. Cowboys should just give one more prove me season to Dak, Zeke, jaylon, and Tyron Smith if they can’t get us to the 2021 championship they should all be traded for draft picks go cowboys…

  20. Hey Gary b, agree, we need to either sign him LT, or trade him AFTER that NE tag. Very important.
    Now, if DP is as good as the hype machine makes him out to be, then there will be team(s) willing to give up the two 1st rounders. I think you know my take on all this (big surprise), PLUS now with the second surgery on that ankle, makes him even less desirable/valuable/affordable, IMO.

    • But they haven’t offered him what he wants? He was never asking for an outrageous amount. Especially given what Deshaun Watson was paid. Had they just paid him 4 for $35 mil a year, Dak would be playing at a discount relative to where the market is heading. But the Cowboys played hardball over that 5th year.

  21. It will be a monumental failure on the part of Jerry if he doesn’t either sign Dak long term. or trade him and get the two 1st round picks which is what is required on the nonexclusive tag. If he tags him again and loses him without compensation oh boy. But I don’t think even Jerry is dumb enuf to let that happen.

    But how many teams would be willing to sign Dak to a huge contract and give us two 1st rd picks to boot. That’s a lot of draft capital for any team to part with, even if they do like Dak.

  22. For everyone who watches FB and still dont see this, DAK has Proven on and off the FB field he is what You want in a QB for any Team.. For DAK to sacrifice his career and come back to a non offensive line, a bad Defense Team speaks volume of how much he Loves the Dallas Cowboys…You give him what the Cowboys had in the 1990’s with Aikmen and You will get the same results…3 SB titles… Period….Pay Him Jerry…

  23. If you think Dallas shouldn’t sign that Prescott then you don’t know football there’s not one quarterback in the draft or a free agent in the NFL that can replace him you guys really need to stop watching football because you really don’t get it Dak Prescott is the best option for Dallas and would be a great option for any other team in the NFL

  24. It does not really matter who is QB as long as McCarthy is coach. Remember, he could not make playoffs with Rodgers. Packers went 13-3 back to back with a new coach and same team! Jerry got Mossed.

  25. For all the people that hate Dak and said they could win with someone else shut the fuck up. They got worse without him. That is a fact. You dumb asses said the same shit about Romo. That is a fact. Yall set here and complain about what you have but everybody is not a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Dak is a franchise Quarterback. If you dont think so just look at the other 8 quarterbacks not named Tom Brady over the last 20 years to reach a superbowl then slap the fuck out of yourself for thinking you were smart enough to think

  26. A top tier 1 QB wins games on his own without a stacked line and he improvised to win close games, the team can ride his shoulders to victory not making mental mistakes likes fumbling or throwing interception…..PEYTON MANNING OR TOM BRADY….DAK COULDNT WIN WITHOUT COOPER HE COULDNT WIN games on yos own….forgive my typing I’m holding my 1 year and typing on a cell…lol

    • This isn’t at all true.

      Brady needed defensive help. Patrick Mahomes couldn’t win by himself. Football is the ultimate team sport. Don’t believe the narratives that ESPN sells you that QBs win games, because it isn’t true. They might be the most important factor, but you need a good team.

  27. All of you with your negative comments, all Jerry has to do is let Dak go. Don’t put the tag on him and let him walk. Trade up and Draft you a Super Star QB. Its that simple, besides, your not losing anything by letting him go right? Move on and make those who hate Prescott happy. Right now you owe Dak nothing and you could save all that cap money. But Jerry’s not going to do that, because he knows DAMN WELL you have nothing better. Pay the Man his Money or lose him next year, unless you wanna pay him 60 plus Million…..TEAM PRESCOTT…#LETSGETIT….

  28. ESPN and his agent have Dak over his ski’s with his demand. I could see if Cowboys offered him $32mm or less. The fifth year is all agent compensation- if he’s smart fire the agent sign your own deal save the fees – its 32 Qb1 positions. His market here’s is set $38mm< . There are four openings maybe five if Watson is traded, trust me be careful what you ask #4. Recent moves show not a lot of interest for that Qb class.

  29. If anything is to give Dak as Dallas Cowboys QB for the long term position I’m Cowboy Fan since I was young man and for life, come on Jerry……it’s the best thing to do the right thing.

  30. doesn’t matter who the QB is … Until Jerry Jones leaves , the Cowboys will never have playoff success. Jerry has ruined football here in DFW area. All of you are wasting your time and energy debating. It’s not even fun debating about the Cowboys what it’s … Hopefully Stephen Jones can learn from his dad’s mistakes which remains to be seen. I’m no bandwagoner , I’ve stood by the Cowboys through all this. BUT jeeze we should have at least made the NFC championship game by now. Thanks Jerry for ruing football in DFW … I actually go the the away games because I don’t want Jerry to have any of my money.

  31. Anyone who thinks that Dak Prescott is an average Quarterback clearly does not watch the games. A quarterback is more than the sum of his stats. Although Prescott stats speak for themselves. He’s a good quarterback bordering Elite. And a better leader you won’t find in any sport. He’s capable of elevating the play of his teammates around him and what more can you ask for. Pay The Man and build your team he will take you where you want to go.

  32. Let him test the market. He’s doe everything ask of hi and more. No one was fighting for hi when he was grossly under paid his first 4 years. I life we pay for our mistakes and Jerry should’ve signed Dak at the beginning of his 3rd year. He could have gotten him from 30 million.

  33. Tell us what did Tony Romo do after he got Paid. I never heard anyone say he didn’t Deserve it or he wasn’t good enough to CASH IN. Never was it said he need to give a hometown DISCOUNT.

  34. You can’t pay a quarterback that much and have enough money left for the rest of the team. Play the 3rd string QB and start with him. Dak has won one playoff game. You need pay your team not just the qb and running back. The second string QB was better than Elliott last year. Get rid of both of them

  35. Anyone suggesting 4 is an avg QB either does not know the sport or is too stubborn to admit they are wrong. An avg QB would not have a 42-27 record; career 66% completion; career 97.3% rating; and 106 TD to 40 Int.

    Ok, Dak is a fantastic QB that the ‘Boys would be STUPID to let walk. End of conversation!

  36. Timothy Snyder , idk what kind of pot you’ve been smoking but can you hook me up with some ? XD XD XD

    You’re the only person on the planet who actually believes Dak is better than Mahomes , btw did you watch SB ? Mahomes lost with a Bad D and injured O-Line , sound familiar ?

    What about Russ and Seahawks, bad D and bad O-line sound familiar ? What about D Watson and texans , bad D and bad O-Line sound familiar ? My point is that if you’re a top 5 QB (or paid like one even though you aren’t one ) then you can overcome those adversities, Mahomes did , Russ did at least to get them to playoffs, D Watson didn’t , but you seriously think that Texans have a better team than even us , which ain’t saying much .

    I’ve said my piece on what they should do and if you morons are too stupid to figure out that the cowboys have the leverage, unlike what main sports media force feeds ppl , tell me how Dak gonna get out of a exclusive franchise tag and then get traded ?

  37. Dak is Kool Kat. Unfortunately the. NFL Not For Long is designed to cycle players. The teams that trend to stay on top. Have their best players working under the cap. If Dak wants more than Brady, Rogers and Wilson to name a few, on a down year for salary the answer is CRYSTAL CLEAR. He needs to be traded. A perfect example is Cousins a above avg QB that due to his salary burdens his team to mediocrity. Vs Brady who has afforded Patriots and now TB to a SB. Because his salary is TEAM FRIENDLY. Dak simply needs to determine if he wants a championship with more bottom line to him. Or be the handcuff of ANY team he signs with. He is good but will NEVER BE THE ELITE QB that his agent and he wants vs the TEAM.

  38. Zeke and Smith are both shot. Big pay with minimal production. Nobody in the league would want either one of them. Can you say the same about Dak? 150 FAs due to hit the market, guess who is ranked #1? Yep our avg QB Above avg play for Zeke/Elliott is being very very generous.

    Jerry could have signed Dak if he would have given him the 4 year contract that Dak wanted, which by the way is pretty standard. Why not blame Jerry for that?

  39. Is everyone forgetting that these same owners that are crying broke, are about to cash in with the new TV contract money and new gambling money. The league as a whole is about to add 8 to 10 billion dollars in revenue. So signing Dak to whatever he is asking for will neither hamper or negatively affect the cowboys salary cap in the coming years. Stop believing the Big lie the cowboys are constantly telling us about this mythical salary cap, which really doesn’t exist

  40. Dak should have won the SB with the team we had in 2019 and could not even take out the Eagles with Carson and the practice squad. The big games are what count and Dak has not proved much to me. Stats don’t matter my friends if you can’t get to the playoffs …..

  41. Whoever say Dak is an average QB is clearly hating and does not pay attention to the games. Must think Dak plays defense also. It’s ridiculous at this point now. He changing things up and some don’t like it. Boy has leveled up and keeps going.

  42. Love Drew, so happy when he made HOF. Great Cowboy.

    If DP really wants to be a Cowboy, then sign a contract. If not, then Cowboys should do the non exclusive tag, match other team offer or not. Its that simple. If they refuse to match, use the draft picks on QB and defense and start rebuild.

    These players are supposed to be professionals. They should give 100 percent no matter who is a QB.

  43. Dak is way above average quarterback. Who ever said he was average is drinking the wrong coolaid and needs to watch more game film. He’s better than Mahomes in my opinion. Mahomes is trash. He can’t win without cheating. Brady is not the goat either he’s trash.

  44. Dak was #3(TOP 3) in total on target throws 2019(451)
    #5(TOP 5) in completion% of on target throws(77.6%)
    #9(TOP 10) in total bad throws(86)
    #5(TOP 5) in bad throw percentage(14.8%)
    #3(TOP 3) in completions over 20 yards(68)
    #2(TOP 2) in completions over 40 yards(16)

    All y’all say is he “barely a NFL level QB”, “backup at best” PROVE IT. When we give y’all BIG FACTS y’all wanna switch it up to I wanna see wins. He currently #8 in QB wins since 2016 and that’s with missing 11 games in 2020 and splitting the games in ‘19(8-8). With a good defense he bout to take off

  45. I respect Pearson’s opinion but players are always for other players as they should be but if Dak as a average QB makes top teir money that’s a team wrecker even more than the contract Tank , Jaylon, Zeke and possibly Amari got for slightly above average play you can’t win with that

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