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Eagles DE Brandon Graham: “I Knew The Rap Sheet” On Amari Cooper’s Bad Body Language

Since coming to the , Amari Cooper has had a career revitalization.

Just a couple of seasons ago he looked done to many, “stuck” in Oakland and struggling with inconsistent hands. He was having his effort questioned, as well as his love for the game.

As soon as he linked up with , though, Cooper’s numbers skyrocketed. He once again looked like the stud he was back during his season, and gave Prescott the number one receiver he very much lacked during the early part of his career.

But now those questions seem to be back, at least from one division rival.

Philadelphia Eagles Brandon Graham spoke to ESPN this week about his season thus far, with the focus being on the energy he brings to the Eagles’ . Graham referenced their week 8 game with the Cowboys specifically, saying that he saw some quit in Amari Cooper’s eyes during the beatdown.

“I knew the rap sheet on him. His body language is bad, so when you see his body language I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m about to get him.’ So I started talking to him…He was gone. He’s like, man, I can’t wait until Dak Prescott gets back. That’s the type of face he had” – Brandon Graham.

Cooper was in the middle of an awful day when this alleged circumstance went down, only catching one ball for five yards during the (essentially) season ending loss. And while it’s easy to hand wave this away as some hate from a rival, it’s not the first time we’ve heard these accusations about Cooper.

Still, I’m not going to get on him too hard here. He is playing with quarterbacks I’m not sure he knew existed before the season, and is doing so after expecting for a full that he would see less attention from defenses due to this loaded receiving corps.

The Eagles can talk their talk this year, but Amari Cooper is certainly not alone in his excitement for Dak Prescott to come back next season.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. Amari is a great player he will be just find. Dak helped him find what other quarterbacks didn’t see in him. I love seeing him play. “”Cooper”” you just hold those boys up until Dak get back. Then bust- a move like never before.

  2. No matter what the circumstances are I personally believe in them Boys. Come on guys give the team support instead of degrading them. I am a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant. I believe once a Marine always a Marine. My belief is that we have to many sea lawyers, if you know what I mean. Now, rather you ride are die with them Boys and you say you’re a fan. Instead of criticizing them how about lifting them up. It will turn around. God bless all of you

  3. Cooper has always been inconsistent with his effort. I think he is a bit of a head case. Professionals give an all out effort regardless of who is QB. Making excuses that he didn’t know the QB and he would get less attention from defenses this year is ridiculous. He is getting paid tremendous money to run your routes and catch passes. PERIOD! So if these claims are true ( IMO, it certainly looks that way ) that he has GIVEN UP and is waiting for HIS QB, bench or TRADE his sorry butt, ASAP.


  4. Fair or not the “soft” label has always been whispered about Cooper. Kinda gotta treat him with kid gloves and coddle him a little bit, which might of been why the Raiders let him go. He’s a good talented WR when things are going well, but when the chips are down he can shrink up a little. He’s not a true #1 WR not tough or resilient enuf.

  5. The Cowboys will have Dalton back after their bye and they have what seems to be a surprise player in Garrett Gilbert as the backup. I seriously doubt the cowboys will sign him considering he was benched the last time he played and the cowboys already have 3 QBs on the roster. If they did sign him he would be the backup to Dalton.

  6. I think the Dallas cowboys should give Colin Kaepernick a chance at the quarterback position for this year the remaining of the year good idea get himJerry Jones get him.

  7. Dak has that ability to raise up receivers to be their best, whatever that is. Cooper needs a lot of support and gentle handling especially when Cooper drops a 3rd down pass or bounces a ball off his hands to be intercepted or when he quits a route allowing the game sealing INT as he did this year. Most QB would demand Cooper be gone as Carr did but Dak just works with what he has. Cooper on his own is not very good . That affects Cooper’s worth in any trade.

  8. Well the bottom line is AC is pretty dog gone good and I’m glad we have him! If they could get him the ball in space he has a burst of speed that you like to see out of a receiver ! I have been kinda of disappointed in Lamb ……now don’t get me wrong I believe he will pan out to be a good receiver but with all the pre season hype I thought that he would come in and just be unstoppable ! I realize he has made some plays but he just hasn’t impressed me that much! I would like to hear what some of you guys think if I’m wrong set me straight!

  9. Beat down?
    Take away the ref-induced freebie at the end and they barely beat the Cowboys at home while Boys playing a horrible QB and at the lowest point of the season. With Dalton or Gilbert the Eagkes would have lost this game at home against a reeling team. As it was, they still barely ecked out a win….hardly a beatdown

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