Elliott Holdout: Zeke Misses Cowboys Camp Physical, Now Subject to Fines

Ezekiel Elliott has now officially missed a mandatory part of the Dallas Cowboys’ 2019 Training Camp, not showing up today for the opening physicals and conditioning run. At this point, it is fair to say that the star running back is holding out for a new contract.

The threat of a holdout has hung over the Cowboys the last few weeks based on rumors, and then had has thrown on the fire when Zeke did not accompany the team on its flight to Los Angeles yesterday.

There was still hope that Elliott might show up on his own, but he is still nowhere to be found in Oxnard. The Cowboys are now within their rights to fine him for all absences.

Jane Slater on Twitter

My team sources tell me Ezekiel Elliott was not on site for the morning physical or conditioning run. I’m also told that while the #Cowboys can fine him it doesn’t necessarily mean they will. That’s at each team’s discretion.

While this is a concern, there is some positive news on the Zeke front. It appears Elliott and the Cowboys are in the midst of working on a new contract.

ig: josinaanderson on Twitter

Source on Ezekiel Elliott and Cowboys contract extension talks: “He’s not (with the team). Working towards something.” In fact, update I received yesterday was positive, at that time, progress… but I’ll dilute it here in the sense that…nothing is done until it’s done, done.

It makes sense that Zeke wouldn’t risk injury during these negotiations. Anything could happen even in the lightest of practices, and he can’t afford an untimely loss of leverage.

So yes, it appears Ezekiel Elliot is holding out. But thankfully, the team and the player appear to be motivated to come to an agreement are actively working to do so.

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