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Emmitt Smith: “There is not a Commitment to Dak Prescott”

dazzled fans of the for 13 seasons (1990-2002). He's the NFL's all-time leader in rushing yards (18,355) and rushing touchdowns (164). Also, he has three rings, A Super Bowl , a league MVP, and is a member of the Pro Football .

That's a resume any athlete would be proud of, and with that comes tremendous respect, when Smith talks all ears are at attention. Smith recently sat down with the SB Nation NFL Show to discuss several topics, and 's contract situation was one of them. When asked what were his thoughts on why Prescott isn't signed, the Cowboys legend came to this conclusion.

“The only answer I can give is the Cowboys are uncertain whether or not he’s the future of the Cowboys,” Smith said. “Outside of that, if he was the complete future of the Dallas Cowboys, they would make no bones about giving him a contract.

“I mean at the end of the day, , they was committed to Romo right off the rip. Right off the rip. And he came in and replaced Drew Bledsoe. And I mean, he’s not the biggest guy. He’s not the most flashiest guy and he’s not the fastest guy either. And he had his challenges. But there was a commitment to Tony Romo. There is not a commitment to Dak Prescott.”

Emmitt Smith | Dallas Cowboys Legend | Blogging the Boys

If what Smith said is true it would be quite the head-scratcher. Before Prescott's season-ending ankle in October he was off to the best start of his career. In just five games, Prescott led the league with 1,856 passing yards. This was after throwing for a near franchise-record 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns in 2019. He was the in 2016. Also, he went nearly yard for yard and point for point in a playoff loss to and the that same season, and beat and the in the .

Prescott had 69 consecutive starts before his injury. He's widely recognized as the Cowboys leader in the locker room and has been a model citizen off the field. Not to mention, he only made around $4 million over his first four seasons before earning $31.4 million in 2020 due to the .

The Cowboys and Prescott are entering their of negotiations on a deal that should've been done a long time ago. It was almost complete last summer when the Cowboys offered Prescott a five-year, $175 million dollar deal with over $100 million is guaranteed dollars, but Prescott wanted a four-year commitment so that he could cash in again when the new tv revenue kicks in.

Smith also mentioned that the constant stalling on Prescott's contract will affect the entire team if it continues.

“And the Cowboys are leaving it open to everybody like us to question. To pick holes at it. And I don’t know if it’s because they want to stay relevant in the news and be newsworthy, but at some point, this nitpicking is going to filter its way right into the entire team. And it’s going to hurt the entire organization in the end.”

Only time will tell how this ultimately plays out. Prescott will be the of the Cowboys in 2021 whether it be on a lucrative extension or a second franchise tag. However, the longer he doesn't have his long-term security the more the Cowboys risk not having him on the roster beyond next season.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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I have been commenting about this very possible reason, for some time now, on why a long term contract hasn’t happened yet. It makes sense, IMO. Despite all the “public statements”, something else may be happening behind the scenes.

Totally agree with the great Emmitt Smith and also commented previously about how this can “HURT THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION”. In many ways.

One can easlly surmise that other players on the team making a TINY FRACTION of what this guy has TURNED DOWN, can experience some resentment. Their out there busting their butts, and this so called “leader” WON’T SIGN ANY OF THE VERY GENEROUS OFFERS presented to him, to show he is COMMITTED TO THE TEAM.

Hey DP, what happened to the “love of the game and team mates”. And it’s not like these offers are lowballs. One offer was for a reported $175 million. And that probably wasn’t the last one. Add in the “COWBOY” endorsements, well how much is enough?


Also part of this could be the fact that the “imminent” deal that DP reneged on LAST YEAR , just pissed JJ off enough to look at other avenues.

John Williams

If we’ve learned anything about NFL players as outsiders, they generally want every other player making as much as they can. A win in a contract negotiation for one player is a win for all because it raises the market for everyone involved.

Nobody in that locker room is concerned about Dak’s money. They weren’t concerned when Zack Martin was skipping practice during negotiations or when Zeke held out to get the highest-paid running back contract. They weren’t concerned when DeMarcus Lawrence said he wouldn’t have surgery until his deal was done.

They know the person. This changes nothing.

Larry Sutton

The Cowboys need to suck it up and get this deal done-should have done this a couple of years ago. Having said this I think the Cowboys are afraid that once they commit to Dak with a huge contract they are afraid it will wind up biting them in the butt-look at the players they’ve given big contracts to just to have these players start going downhill right after the deal is signed… Dez Bryant and i hate to say it but it looks like Ezekiel Elliot’s play has gone down every year since signing him to a huge deal. I remember a few years ago the Cowboys picked up Green Bay offensive lineman Marco Rivera in free agency and gave him a big contract-the guy never had any injuries with the Packers as far as I know but as soon as he signed his deal with Dallas I think it was the first regular season game he blew his knee out and never played again leaving the Cowboys on the hook for alot of money for absolutely nothing-he had been a pro bowl player with Green Bay for quite a few seasons-nobody’s fault injuries happen but I think it’s made the Cowboys a little gunshy.

Ruben Trevino

The Cowboys need Dak Prescott to sign a long 10 year contract!! If not, he needs to be traded for draft picks!! Get a new quarterback to be trained by McCarthy staff! You have good recievers and great running backs!! With 10 pick!! Need to get Linebacker to replace Sean Lee!! Rearm the Front Four !! Offensive Lineman too!! Make wise decisions!!

John Williams

You said “trade Dak Prescott” and “make wise decisions” in the same post. Doing the first thing means you aren’t doing the second thing.

James Vargas

Dak was having a great year. And the Cowboys record was 1-3. And nearly 0-4 if not for a miraculous on side kick. Previous year he was 8-8. So dont tell me he is worth what he believes is worth.

John Williams

The only game where you can argue that the offense was the problem in those first four games was the Rams game. In the next three, the Cowboys gave up 39 points to the Falcons, the Cowboys won. 38 points to the Seahawks in a game the Cowboys had a lead late until the defense allowed Seattle to convert a fourth down to extend the drive. Then they allowed 49 points to the Cleveland Browns.

Tell me again how the offense was the problem?

FrankFlin Orick

I hear people mention he threw for 4900 yards and 30 touchdowns both career highs, yeah that’s alot of yards but with the best receiving core in the league, top 5 off. Line and top 3 back, he only manages 30 tds…plus he cant win against any teams average or above, only against subpar teams does Dak show up….HE IS NOT TIER 1, HE IS BOT AARON RODGERS,TOM BRADY at least took team friendly deals that’s what helped him to 5+ Super Bowl wins by not being selfish and being a team player and unequivocally the leader of his team….he is a tier 2 qb…love my Cowboys a shave for almost 42 years, but trade his ass and get some major assets for him now before you sign him big and then the cowboys become the next Eagles, Rams and so fourth…

John Williams

Wins are a team stat. Your defense has to be able to make stops.

FrankFlin Orick

Take Zeke with ya….

Gregory D Parent

Its easy to say just pay him but in my opinion DP is not even a top 10 QB . The reason he got hurt was because he was trying to do to much. And not using running backs enough ball hogging to get his passing yards and high stats. Doesnt do any good to have all the high stats if you cant win games by spreading the ball around and making it a team thing. When he turned down 35mil a year he bought him self a ticket out of there. And now with corona causing stadiums to be only 1/3 full where is the money supposed to come from to pay the whole team employees coaches etc?

John Williams

At what point last year was the running game good enough to be relied upon? The answer, it wasn’t. Part of the reason they had to throw so much was because of the inefficiencies of the running game.

Cisco Alderete

He’s tier 2 but a tier 2 backup QB that has been masked by a top 5 line which was top 2 until recently, a top 3 back who was the best till they ran him into the ground and the best receiving corps for the last couple years. Even with all that, Dak can’t put up yards or points in the first half until the other team is well ahead and starts playing prevent defense and plays off coverage with no intensity.

John Williams

What? This has got to be the craziest take I’ve ever seen on Dak Prescott. This is absolutely ridiculous.

William M Jones

Still, after receiving such a horrendous injury, Dak Prescott has lost a dimension to his game. In Dallas / Fort Worth, he is playing in the best market in the world.

John Williams

The market has nothing to do with his football contract.

Steven Jarvis

That not bad money DP was offered. And yeah, and over 100 milion guaranteed plus tv deals??? C’mon mane‍♂️‍♂️.. most of those yards were garbage yards. We still lost the game. We was still 8 – 8… plus I think DP listening to his agent. TEAM!!!!

John Williams

Of course it’s not bad money. The problem was he didn’t want to be under contractual control for five years and the team did. That was the sticking point all along. Not the money.

Darryl W Brewer

How many of these same people complained about Romo’s contract? What did Romo accomplish in 10 years as a starter compared to Dak? If the Cowboys had offered Dak a decent extension after Dak’s second year, Dak probably would have been happy to take it AND give a hometown discount. We probably could have gotten him for $20M easy back then. The Cowboys could cut the years to 4; and the deal would have been done recently. Instead, the Boys wanted play hardball; but Dak has all of the leverage.

Antoine Jones

Well all the comments where arguably good but i haven’t heard not one comment about the the ex coach Jason Garrett. Ultimately it all came down to his sorry play calling and no adjustments in the game when the game plan wasn’t going as planned. It didn’t take defensive coordinators long to figure him out.


I can’t believe these comments, the absolute only reason these so-called fans don’t think Dak Prescott deserves what he demands in his contract, is simply because they see a black guy, proud point blank.

Dak’s body of work is extremely impressive & he has not had the coaching that all these top tier QBs have had. 2019 season he had a rookie play caller who was mentored by the subpar OC that was fired & it showed everytime we were in a close game at the end.

You people are ridiculous.

gary b

I agree John- The players don’t begrudge one another for getting paid, because they all do the same thing. This narrative that Dak is selfish and not a good teammate is patently false. He is and was the undisputed leader of this rudderless team. I doubt their is a more respected player on the team. Without him they had zero leadership, and it showed.

As for the Emmitt article- I think the article was pretty clear. The cowboys have never fully commited to Dak. Apparently they had enough doubts to prevent them from signing him two years ago. Last year he could have been signed had they simply agreed to the four years. It’s not as if a four year contract isn’t commonplace. Jerry has continued to find excuses not to sign him. It takes two parties coming to an agreement to make a deal. Why is Dak the one that is responsible for not getting it done? Jerry wants what he wants and Dak wants what he wants.

Lastly- This narrative that wins and losses are the sole responsibility of the QB defies logic. Funny none of the other 52 players are held responsible for wins/losses when assessing their play. A LB can have 20 tackles in a game and if their team loses they are still deemed to have had a great game. But a QB can throw for 500 yds but if their team loses, it’s yea but the team didn’t win the game. Makes no sense. Only the uninformed would refute that wins and losses are dependent on a million factors. Is the QB the most important part of the equation? Absolutely! But he’s just one part of the equation. Detractors keep harping on wins and losses, but a QB can only do so much. They put points on the board, That is the job of a QB.

Every expert in the NFL including many of the cowboys greats say we should resign Dak. But us armchair QBs know more then they do? For those that say trade him. Do you think it’s that simple? It requires

A. A team that wants Dak
B. A team that Dak will agree to play for.
C. A team that has the cap money to sign him
D. A team that is willing to sign him to a monster contract AND give us the required two 1st rd picks.

If we don’t sign him long term or do the more unlikely trade. We lose him without compensation. No QB and no compensation.

Travis D Diggs

Hopfully Dak goes elsewhere and plays where he is respected. This organization doesn’t deserve a Dak Prescott, they deserve to keep losing like they have doing for 25+ years. Pathetic owner+pathetic fanbase = Pathetic results. Had no problem making Mr 9-7 Romo one of the highest paid qbs. Only thing Cowboys care about is being a mediocre team with a “name” Its funny how the teams of the 90s who weren’t good for a long time, all have came back but Dallas. Washington, Buffalo, San Francisco have all changed the narrative while Dallas is still a pathetic franchise with a pathetic fanbase who believes its their year every year


John, respectfully, No one really knows what the other players may be thinking. When EE held out I didn’t like that at the time. Likewise with others you mentioned. BUT AT LEAST THOSE DEALS GOT DONE. Again, as others here have commented on previously, and now Emmitt Smith brings up, this contract drama may have a detrimental effect on the TEAM. I think we can both agree, if this is the case, it is not a good thing.

Gary b, respectfully a couple of things.. “DP is the undisputed leader of this rudderless team. Without him they had zero leadership, and it showed”. Gee, I remember AD leading us to five wins. And GG came close in his start against a then undefeated and number one defensed Steeler team. So frankly, I don’t see this “rudderless”, “zero leadership” assessment.

Again, as I have commented many times, maybe the Cowboys are not sold on DP, AT HIS PRICE. It is a negotiation, it does take two parties to make a deal. So they don’t have to give in to his demands, just as he doesn’t have to accept an offer. It was reported he wanted a four year deal, Cowboys wanted five years. Who is to say who was playing “HARDBALL’.



LOOK, If they sign him, fine. If they don’t sign him, fine also. Again ONE player does not define the TEAM. As you say, “a QB can only do so much”.

Cowboy Fan Ed

Hey Travis who do you pull for? Oh wait you will let me know after tonight because whoever wins the Super Bowl is your team? I bet your a Chiefs fan unless the Buccaneers win tonight then you will be a Buccaneers fan for at least a year!!


Jay, playing the race card is really getting very, very old, my friend You know nothing about the people who comment here. So if you want to debate on the content of an article, fine, let’s go. Otherwise leave your obvious bias elsewhere.


So Jay , you calling E Smith a racist ? Cuz he saying exactly what I’ve been saying about Dak and why I wouldn’t sign him , something is going on that none of us know about behind the scenes , why else as E Smith pointed out Dak hasn’t gotten a contract ? JERRY JONES IS KNOWN TO OVERPAY HIS PLAYERS EVEN IF IT’S TO THE DETRIMENT OF THE TEAM , he’d jump on players, why isn’t he on Dak ? And you can’t play race card their either cuz he gave in and paid Zeke and D-Law and J Smith and MANY other black ppl over his time as owner/GM

A. either the Cowboys are not confident in Dak enough to fully give in to his demands as they don’t think he’ll live up to his contract

or B. Dak is asking for such a ridiculous price that they can’t come to an agreement

and the thing is , both maybe true , so if the Cowboys are not confident enough in Dak to give in all the way and or Dak is asking for something ASTRONOMICAL , then why should we be confident in Dak ?

I’ve said this over and over about Dak , I don’t see special , he looks more like a mobile Kirk Cousins than he does a ELITE QB worth what he’s wanting , speaking of Cousins , you guys remember what happened with him and WFT ?Ppl forget , he was looking REALLY GOOD with WFT , he was franchise tagged twice and they let him go , and he ended up leaving to play for Vikings , the Vikings made the playoffs with Case Keenum at QB the year before , but he wasn’t real good so they brought Cousins , what do you think , did the Vikings regret signing Cousins to his big deal ? I’d say yes cuz I mean they got the exact same result as they did with a MUCH cheaper QB and now they on the down hill rn and are cap strapped at this point

The point is that it looks like WFT was right about not giving in to Cousins and even though they looking for QB rn , they have built a good young team of which when they get their QB they gonna be good for several years to come , if the Cowboys pay Dak i fear we’re gonna be like Vikings with a cap strapped , overpaid team than we are gonna be like WFT with a good young team


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist , or should i say NFL analyst to say that our D was AWFUL , yes that’s true , but it does take a analyst or someone who pays attention to say that Dak is a problem , there’s plenty of blame to go around , but IMO Dak deserves A LOT more blame any of you ppl give him or mainstream so called “analysts”

0 pts. vs Rams week 1

0 pts. vs Falcons week 2

9 pts. vs Seahawks week 3

14 pts. vs Browns week 4

3 pts. vs Giants week 5

What’s this you may ask ? That’s the amount of points the Cowboys scored in the first quarters of each game week to week with Dak at QB last season

And as been highlighted before , we can’t win vs. good teams which reminds me of how Kirk Cousins turns into Kurt Cousins in Prime time games ,

look if I was GM of Cowboys I would get rid of Dak , but the fact of the matter is i ain’t so IDC what the Cowboys do at this point , if they sign Dak fine , they move him fine too , either way we ain’t winning anytime soon cuz our team is just too DAMN dysfunctional

Gary b

A competent GM would have already pulled the trigger and made a decision on Dak one way or the other by this point. Now Dak holds all the cards and that’s Jerry’s fault. He should’ve never let it get to this point. And the more he waited/waits the more the QB market goes/went up.

If he wasn’t confident that Dak was the guy then why let it get to this point? Jerry needed to shit or get off the pot. Trade him or sign him. Now he is in a weak bargaining position and he has no one to blame but himself. Should have just given him the 4 yrs like he wanted. Now he runs the risk of losing Dak without compensation.

As I said in a previous post, the role and importance of the GM is often times overlooked on successful teams. Too bad we have an owner masquerading as one.

Gary b

I’ll add that Jerry had Dak on a dirt cheap rookie contract for 4 yrs and this bad current team is what we constructed out of all that FA money we had.

Does that sound like giving Jerry FA money is the answer to our problems necessarily?

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