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Ezekiel Elliott Calls Out Sports Illustrated After Twitch Controversy

As the Dallas Cowboys aim to report to training camp as scheduled late in July, Running Back Ezekiel Elliott has made sure to provide Cowboys Nation with entertainment through his gaming channel on Twitch, the streaming platform. Zeke’s playthroughs of the famous Call of Duty War Zone have been fun, but one of his latest streams caused some controversy.

After he thought he had ended his stream, Elliott said he was “low-key faded.” This immediately caused the clip to go viral on social media as plenty of fans and reporters assumed Zeke was referring to being “high.”

The controversy among fans as to what the term “faded” actually meant increased drastically when a major sports media site ran with a story on the clip.

Shortly after the video was everywhere on Cowboys Twitter, Sports Illustrated published a story implying Zeke was in fact high. Elliott was having none of it though, as he quickly called out SI with a tweet that read: “Actually I was referring to the few drinks I had which I said during the live stream.” Elliott also suggested the article was defamation and threatened SI by tweeting they’d hear from his lawyers.

Since then, Sports Illustrated has deleted the article and Elliott has also taken down the tweet. Zeke, however, added that he expected that from a gossip site but not from Sports Illustrated.

For different reasons, Ezekiel Elliott’s name has been in plenty of headlines lately. The star running back remains the only Cowboys player whose name was released after “several” team members reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. In an interview with Cameron Magruder, Elliott mentioned he was doing fine and that even when he had symptoms they weren’t that bad.

Also, Elliott has been accused of a dog attack and has since responded the victim was trespassing, a matter that will likely drag out for a bit more time.

The latest headline though, only happened because some people seem unable to agree on what “faded” means. Hopefully, Zeke isn’t that annoyed with the incident that he decides to stop streaming his videogame sessions because he’s been fun to watch in an offseason in which players have yet to report to team facilities. He’s been responsive to the chat and constantly interacts with his followers.

My personal favorite interaction? Zeke responding to a comment that asked why did Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen had more rushing touchdowns than him in the last two years… Elliott didn’t hesitate. “Because Josh Allen is a beast. That’s why!”

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Mauricio Rodriguez

Written by Mauricio Rodriguez

I love to write, I love football and I love the Dallas Cowboys. I've been rooting for America's team all the way from Mexico ever since I can remember. If you want to talk football, I'm in... You'll find me at @MauNFL.


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  1. What a surprise another bad look from our manchild franchise RB. It’ll be a miracle if he can get thru the season without doing something incredibly stupid, and getting himself suspended . Grow up already Zeke.

    • Just because somebody wrote a story about him doing something bad it doesn’t mean he actually did it!! And he’s only been suspended once in his career, and that’s already been almost 3 years ago, so why do you think it’ll be a miracle for him to get through a season without getting suspended!? Comments like that calling a man names and telling him how to act isn’t how a grown man is supposed to act, so you mite wanna take your own advice and grow up yourself before trying to tell another man to grow up!!

    • I’ve known very few people personally in the workplace that have ever received a suspension. But, then again, I’ve only been working for 41 years. So, when a guy has already been suspended once in such a short career, I can understand how you have concern over it happening again regardless if the SI story is true of not. What’s the best predictor of future behavior? Past behavior.

  2. This should be a complete non-story. But it is Zeke, and it seems like every year there’s something he does that makes me wonder if he could just mature a tad … though this is a nothing-burger.

  3. Hey cowboy fan I didn’t call u out bro called Zeke out. Noticed u make it personal alot and attack with words. I’m plenty grown up. Easy sit behind a computer screen and berate everyone that disagrees with you. Might wanna take ur own advice.

  4. If I disagree with someone I do it respectfully as do most of the guys on here. Surprised u haven’t been called out before this.

    • Clap! Clap!! Clap!!! Clap!!!!

      I agree with you so much about the way people jump your sh*t with personal insults for voicing your opinion. Says a lot about those who do that.

  5. Yo! Zeke , next time make sure your camera is off when your done streaming . Now for all of you that seem to think he done something wrong.
    Chill wit that mess. He on his time in offseason.
    The man is grown , he can have a few drinks . The dumbass reporter should know his slang before trying to report anything.

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