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Ezekiel Elliott Ranked 24th on NFL’s Top 100 for 2020

The NFL’s Top 100 list of 2020 has been fully released and Ezekiel Elliott finally heard his name called with the 24th spot. Zeke was the highest Dallas Cowboys player on the list and only three other running backs were named above him.

Other Cowboys named on the 2020 list were QB Dak Prescott (46), WR Amari Cooper (49), G Zack Martin (55), OT Tyron Smith (78), and LB Jaylon Smith (88).

Elliott has made the Top 100 list every year he’s been eligible for it. He was ranked 7th in his first appearance after his dazzling rookie year, then dropped to 54th the next year following his suspension-shortened 2017 season.

Last year Zeke was 18th on the list, so this season’s ranking at 24 is a slight dip but still consistent with his general status among other running backs.

Only the Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey, Derrick Henry of the Titans, and the Vikings’ Dalvin Cook were ranked above Elliott this year. Despite this, few would argue that Zeke isn’t still as or more valuable than any of them for all that he brings to an offense.

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Somehow, even 5,400 yards later, I feel like Zeke is a little underappreciated. He’s 100 percent the new prototype at position-a 230-pound hammer who can play on all three downs and does everything well.Also, the perfect guy to have next to a good young QB.

The annual Top 100 list is based on player votes from around the NFL. While it’s often met with plenty of criticism, it does at least say something about how the NFL’s top stars are seen by their peers.

In the video linked above, some of the following praise is piled on Ezekiel Elliott:

“This guy is built like your perfect running back. If you had to design a running back, it would be Ezekiel.” — Washington RB Adrian Peterson

“That’s the only running back I don’t like meeting in the hole… He’s a solid rock.” — Washington S Landon Collins

“He seems like he gets four yards every carry, no matter who’s in his face, no matter what kind of hole he has to run through…Can catch out of the backfield and take it the distance, too. He’s got it all.” — Washington LB Ryan Kerrigan

“Anything you can say about a good running back, man, you can say about Zeke.” – Dolphins LB Raekwon McMillan

Clearly, Ezekiel Elliott commands plenty of respect from around the league. Hopefully his well-rounded game will help propel the Cowboys to greater success in 2020.

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