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Ezekiel Elliott snubbed from 2022 Pro Bowl Roster

The strong season hasn't gone unnoticed, as five of their players were rewarded with a selection when the results were announced earlier this week. Ideally, none of these guys will be able to make the trip because they will be busy getting ready for a , but it's still nice to see their strong play get rewarded.

It's should be no shock to anyone who watches football at this point to see , , , Zach Martin, and earn a trip to the Pro Bowl, but there is one notable player that is missing from that list. 

Despite the fact he is currently 2nd in the in rushing yards and touchdowns, was somehow left off the list. I can see why James Connor and his 16 touchdowns were voted in above Zeke. currently leads the NFC in rushing and the Vikings are holding down the last spot, so it makes sense that he is making the trip, as well.

However, when it comes to 's selection over Zeke, this is where it gets a bit murkier. This is no knock on Kamara's talent, but when you look at the numbers you'll notice the guy with on his helmet currently has more total yards and touchdowns. 

Elliott has racked up 1127 yards and 10 touchdowns this season, despite being slowed by a banged-up knee at times. Kamara trails him slightly in both categories with 1016 yards and eight touchdowns. Another factor that should be considered in close calls like this is the fact the Saints are 7-7 and on the outside looking in for a playoff spot. 

Meanwhile, Zeke has played an integral part in the Cowboys' offensive attack that currently has them in 2nd place in the NFC with a 10-4 record. He's racked up these numbers despite spreading the ball around to their plethora of offensive weapons, including fellow .

I can understand the argument that Kamara has put up similar stats in fewer games, but availability is one of the most important factors and Zeke is yet to miss a game. Another factor that could be hampering Elliott is the fact that he doesn't look as explosive as he once was, but that shouldn't negate the fact he's still 2nd in the conference in rushing yards and scores.

When it comes down to it, I'm sure Elliott would prefer to hold up the Lombardi trophy over winning any individual accolades at the end of the season, but he should still be recognized for what he's done for this Cowboys offensive attack. 

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