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Ezekiel Elliott Wants Cowboys to “Lock Back In” on the Running Game

Being successful in the running game will always be critical in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys currently have the fifth-ranked rushing attack in the NFL at 133.8 yards per game, but lately, it's been a struggle for them on the ground.

In their last four games, the Cowboys have averaged just 88 yards per game rushing after putting up 164.3 yards in their first six. The Cowboys will be without and more than likely won't have against the on Thursday. Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys top , thinks is the perfect opportunity to establish the run.

“I think running the football has to be important to us,” Elliott said. “I think it helps this . We're a better football team when we can run it well.

“I think it will be point for us Thursday to get that run game going.”

The Cowboys' gets a major boost this week as is on track to return after missing three games with an ankle . This means that Smith, , and will play their first game together in the starting lineup since 2019 which gives the Cowboys running game a great chance to get back on track.

“We've just got to run it better,” Elliott said. “Maybe the past couple of weeks, we haven't run it that well.

“I just think we have to kind of lock back in and get it going.”

It's been a tale of two seasons so to speak for Elliott. He averaged 86.8 yards in the first six games of the season. However, over the last four games, it's been cut in half to 43.5 yards. has also seen his numbers go down as of late as he's gone from 61 yards per game in the first six to 32.5 over the last four.

Elliott and Pollard moving the chains consistently led the Cowboys to a 5-1 record earlier in the season. Over the last month, their lack of success on the ground has led to a 2-2 record. Simply put, the Cowboys are a better offense when they can establish the run and get defenses to load the box which allows to spread the ball around in the . It's about balance and it's something the Cowboys need to get back to against the Raiders.

The Cowboys are 7-3 with a two-and-a-half game lead in the East. With seven games left, Dallas needs to start separating from the pack, and getting the running game back on track is a great way to start.


Written by Matthew Lenix

I write dope stuff about the Dallas Cowboys and what not.

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Jeff Tuggle

Sad if Collins starts. What a joke. Steele has been out of place at LT but by all accounts he was playing at a Pro Bowl level at RT.

Ruben Trevino

You have to have a big running game to loosen the the Defense!! Open up passing lanes!!


When you play against mediocrity for the most part and start playing against above average teams, you’re going to get your a*s kicked every time. Shades of 2 years ago. When will you ever learn?


Running game struggled coaches have to be blamed tween Steele was doing a good job in the right tackle position they changed into left tackle when Collins came. Collin is a veteran he should be in place of Tyron smith he was the best alternative.putting Steele in the left not only it messed the left side all the timing synching what was developed in the first six games got messed up .currently Steele is playing better in the right tackle position watch Kansas game how bad Collins was

Cowboys fan

Jeff…. Have you lost your mind?? Seriously…. Who in their right mind would rather start Steele over Collins?? I’ll admit that Steele has been playing pretty good at RT, but he has been far from a pro bowl player!! If you want a pro bowl caliber player playing at RT then Collins is the guy!! There’s a reason he started over Steele to begin with!! The only reason he got the start is cause Collins got suspended and the other reason he kept the job when Collins came back is cause Mccarthy wanted continuity at the position!! And hopefully that’s how he feels this week and going forward cause if he does then we’ll get the better RT playing for us in RT La’el Collins!!

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