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Fact or Fiction: Jerry Jones will fire every staff member with loss against Tampa

I know; sort of a bold statement for a title, but how else was I supposed to grasp the scary truth of what could be? It seems like the tension between this upcoming playoff game and fans is starting to strengthen.

Many fans know the of the Cowboys' playoff games over the last 20 years. Spoiler alert, they lost a lot. With that knowledge, everyone is assuming that this Monday night the Cowboys will meet a similar fate to their past experiences. 

However, there's no denying that 's job is on the line with this game.

The entire NFL knows that the Dallas Cowboys have one of the most talented teams in the league, but I say their lacks . Rumors on the internet are swirling right now, and people are concerned about what will do if the Cowboys lose.

Do I think Jerry will fire the entire staff following a loss to the ?

No, but I do think a lot of big-name coaches will be on the chopping block.

Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy on Upcoming Bout vs Rams: "We're Nobody's Underdog"
Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy

For one, Jerry Jones is for sure not going to keep McCarthy around. I don't care what Jerry said at the beginning of the year about how Mike is the answer — if McCarthy doesn't come out of this game with a win, he is fired.

I may not agree with Jerry on a lot of things, but he is a smart guy, and he will surely fire a man that can't win big games.

Where Mike McCarthy ends up if they lose this game is anybody's guess, but I suspect he won't be getting another NFL head coaching job anytime soon.

Kellen Moore: Has the Student Become the Master?
Dallas Cowboys

Another man on the is Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore.

Kellen has been an up-and-down type of coach all year. In one game, he and his will score 33 points in the 4th quarter alone, and then in another game, they won't get over 7 points for the whole game.

Last week's loss to the Washington Commanders was an absolute train wreck, and Kellen's share of the blame for that disaster is significant.

Kellen Moore is an easy guy to fire at the end of this season. He is another coach who just can't seem to win the big games. Sorry, but you can't have an elite offense like this and just throw it away like these coaches are doing.

This brings me back to my last article about the Cowboys doing so little with so much talent.

The Cowboys are super skilled with players like , , , and much, MUCH more. We have superstar after superstar on this team and the fact that fans are scared about getting past a 45-year-old is absolutely disgraceful.

The coaches should have this game very much in the bag, but at the moment, we the people fear that they don't.

Why Dan Quinn Will Succeed This Year on Defense
Dallas Cowboys

Honestly, Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn is safe… or is he?

Dan has been doing great all year, and while his coaching ability seems to have slipped in the last few games, there's no debating how well he has done with the this year.

I don't think Jerry would fire him, however, I do think DQ would leave the Cowboys if another team were to offer him a head coaching position.

So, following the conclusion of this postseason, am I saying there's a chance that the Dallas Cowboys will be without an offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, or head coach?

Yes, I am. It's a sad theory, but it's definitely within the realm of possibility.

Jerry Jones has the power to do whatever he wants, and if this game makes him uncontrollably angry, then I can 100% see him firing both Kellen and McCarthy. Let's hope we get past the Bucs on Monday night so that doesn't happen.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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I couldn’t agree more! It’s a lot on the table and we can’t afford to lose this upcoming game.


FACT: Jerry kept the RHG Garrett for a decade of mediocrity and post-season failure. He’s loyal to his staff an players almost to a fault. Why would he fire MM & Staff for 2 straight seasons of 12+ wins?


Hello Tony! I think it’s a real possibility that both McCarthy and Moore are fired at the end of the season if they don’t deliver a Lombardi Trophy to the city of Dallas. Personally I won’t be sorry to see them both go. I think Kellen Moore is young and could possibly work his way back onto an NFL coaching staff. One of his big mistakes, in my opinion was not accepting the Boise State head coaching job when it was offered to him. He played his College ball there and would’ve been given every opportunity to succeed. I don’t believe he’s head coach material at the Pro level right now. I hope Dan Quinn will opt to stay on as the defensive coordinator. He could’ve left last off season but he didn’t. I think offers will come his way, if for nothing more than to get him away from the Cowboys. Hopefully Jerry and Stephen Jones will offer the Cowboys head coaching job to him after McCarthy is fired. Further I would like to see them hire Cliff Kingsbury as the Offensive Coordinator to replace Moore. With another coach on the staff that’s been a head coach, Dan Quinn could still run the defense himself.

Daniel O

Yes, Jerry should fire some of the coaching staff, starting at the top. As much as I want my beloved Cowboys to win Monday, my gut is telling me that Brady and Bowles will do what they have ALWAYS done, beat the Cowboys. Honestly, I believe Jerry wants Sean Payton to coach his team, and so do I. And losing another playoff game just might do it in my opinion. That might be the only way to pacify Jerry and the millions of us Cowboy fans over the sting of this team underachieving yet again.


Big Ups to you Daniel O! As much as I want the Cowboys to beat Tampa Bay, I think if a loss would rid us iof McCarthy and Moore, LET’S LOSE BABY!!!


Think it’s very much possible, especially if they are able to bring in in Payton and whoever he’s wanting in his staff

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