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Fact or Fiction: LB Micah Parsons Is Already the Cowboys Most Important Player

On Thursday, Jeff Kerr, NFL Writer, released an article predicting 2022 MVPs for each NFC team, and for the , Kerr selected LB –which was surprising for me.

I'm not claiming that Parsons isn't -worthy for Kerr's selection. But as I read Kerr's paragraph over Parsons, it got me thinking and asking myself two questions.

  • How and why wasn't QB chosen?
  • Has Micah Parsons already elevated himself as the franchise's most important player entering just Year Two?

While I will save that Prescott conversation for another day, Kerr's points about Parsons convinced me that Parsons IS ARGUABLY the Cowboy's most important player.

But before I continue about Parsons, here are some of those points Kerr had:

There are plenty of Cowboys players who are vital to their team's success, but Parsons is the one who transformed the from one of the league's worst into a top-10 unit.

The Cowboys defense went from 28th in the league in points allowed in 2020 to seventh in 2021. They improved their takeaways from 23 to 34 in the process and were 7-3 when Parsons recorded a sack last year.

Parsons is the first player with 13 and 80 tackles in a single season since  in 2012 (Watt won that season)

While I'm not trying to make this a hate post on Prescott or any other player that some fans believe is the most important, realizing how impactful Parsons truly was last season is crazy to wrap my head around–and the best part is he's not even close to being in his prime.

And before fans freak out about the idea of classifying him as your best player, just be thankful he's on the squad. Because if you minus Parsons from that defense last year, do they hover around a Top-10 ranking in the league?

Probably not.

So if you haven't realized whether I'm choosing Fact or Fiction in today's post, I'm hammering FACT 1,000 TIMES. 

With Parsons, you have a generational player that can win you games single-handily, and that's something the Cowboys haven't had on their team for quite some time.

As I said, I'm not trying to make this a diss post on any of the other Cowboy players, but Parsons is a special cat that can take this team on deep playoff runs and is arguably the top LB in the league.

I get the argument that Prescott should be your most important guy, but if the franchise doesn't choose Parsons, I feel like we could be talking about how they missed on another HOF-type player years down the road.

Don't get me wrong, Prescott is great.

But Parson's impact has already surpassed him in one year, and you're kicking yourself nine times out of 10 for not having Parsons on your team than Prescott.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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Jermaine Berry

I totally agree with your post. Parsons’ impact on this team is felt more than any other player on the roster. He’s already helped to elevate the game of other defenders. The fact that he and DeMarcus Lawrence have a friendly competition over who will be the sack leader this year clearly shows Parsons impact on the vet. It’s invigorating to have a generational talent on this team. I believe the last one we had was DeMarcus Ware.


Take Dak off and this is a 3 win team .
Take Parsons off and the Boys maybe win one less.
On to the best clik bait.

Kevin Williams

Until further notice, this is still a QB driven league. No matter how you feel about Dak, the team wins or loses with him. Now, all that that being said, Michah is 1A to Dak’s #1 on the importance list. Just my opinion… Many Blessings!

Cowboys fan

I don’t believe Parsons is the reason this defense went from one of the worst to top 10, in my opinion that happened because of Dan Quinn!! If it wasn’t for Dan Quinn, Parsons wouldn’t have been in the position to get those 13 sacks!! And as far as the takeaways go, it was Trevon Diggs that was the leader in that category, and he got those takeaways by jumping routes, not from the LBs or the linemen getting pressure on the QB!! Maybe a couple came from getting pressure on the QB, but the most of them came from him jumping the routes!! And Parsons only had 3 forced fumbles, so he can’t be the reason for all the fumble recoveries!! And I think that this defense would’ve still been close to a top 10 defense, even without Parsons, cause like I said, I don’t think Parsons was the reason we had that good of a defense…. I think it was Dan Quinn!! Don’t get me wrong, Parsons was really good last season, and was defensive player of the year worthy, but there were other players on the defense that were big reasons for why the defense was that good, other than Diggs, there was Jaron Kearse, a nobody until Dan Quinn got a hold of him, Anthony Brown, wasn’t really any good until Dan Quinn came along, Dorance Armstrong had a breakout year LVE got back to his old self about halfway through the season, even Basham had a career year under Dan Quinn!! So no Parsons was not the reason for the defenses turn around last season, he did help, just like the other players I named off, plus others, and I’m glad he’s on our team, but he wasn’t the reason for the defenses turn around, it was Dan Quinn!! And you said that Parsons is a special player that can take this team into a deep playoff run, but last time I checked, we were eliminated from the playoffs in the wild card round last season, and in that game, LVE was the one making the biggest plays in that game, even after stupid players like Gregory were being flagged for stupid penalties, LVE was still making big plays to keep us in the game!! And before anybody says anything, I’m not saying LVE is better than Parsons, I’m just trying to make a point on one of the other crazy comments that was made in this post!! And I have to agree with siempre…. You take Dak off the team and we mite win 3 games…. If we’re lucky, but you can take Parsons out, and we mite win 1 less maybe 2 less games!! And the biggest reason for that is, Dan Quinn….. Dan Quinn had this defense going the way it was!! So I have to go with fiction!! I think Dak is the most important player on this team!!


Parsons may be the “best” player on the team, although kind of too early to say for sure with just one year under his belt.

The most “important” designation usually goes to the QB. Thats where the problem is with this team. Unfortunately, our QB is just not very good, and if you don’t agree, just look at his post season, where it all counts. One 2-point first round win vs Seattle, in SIX YEARS. Who thinks that’s good and please don’t bring up that “team sport” BS. Burrow went to the Super Bowl without an O-line.

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