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Fact or Fiction: The Cowboys Draft Should Be All About Offense This Year

After spending the 12th Pick on Penn State in last year's draft, people figured there would be a mix of offensive and defensive players targeted after Parsons, but the club surprised everyone and spent almost all of their picks on defense.

Now entering this year's draft, it's clear that both sides of the ball still need help, but could this year's draft be centered around ?

Looking at their current , you see they need help at OL (), WR (), RB (), , TE (), and (not a high need, but a late prospect works).

Judging from that list, OL and WR arguably reign as the most important for them to address, so my question is: Could there be a chance that the franchise drafts multiple guys at those two positions?

Starting with OL, most mocks have them taking either a , , or early, but taking one prospect doesn't solve your OL issues. With questions about who's going to replace previous starting Guard and starting Tackle , the franchise needs to make sure they target multiple high-quality players to upgrade in the trenches.

Jumping to the WRs, I understand some fans feel WRs or could be guys who step up in the WR3 role, but it's clear the franchise has signaled they aren't confident in them, and based on their , the writing is on the wall that they are likely drafting a wideout.

In addition to WR, another weapon they're going to target is TE since they lost and don't have anyone to backup TE . With that in mind, I could see a scenario where at least four-to-five out of their nine total picks are devoted to the offense to fill all of their needs.

Shifting to the , the franchises' needs are at (DL) (), , CB (, which is more of a lower need), S (), and LB (Linebacker). While I'm not trying to downplay that their defensive needs aren't important, I feel like unless a talented defensive prospect falls to them, then you won't see them pick defense till later in the draft

Overall, I expect a mix of players on both sides of the ball to be drafted by the Cowboys, but I wouldn't be surprised to see more offensive players drafted. With that in mind, my verdict is FICTION because the team has multiple holes to fill throughout their team, and if they went all-in on offense, they would need to be aggressive in to fill those defensive needs.

And, if you told me the Cowboys are going to sign some impact players in free agency, I would think you're living in another universe.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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gary b

IOL/IDL/LB. Fix middle of the line on both sides of the ball, or nothing else matters.


O-line first, then DT. then versatile Edge who can also play on second level and in space as needed. Then WR, S, CB, RB BASED ON how the draft unfolds. Don’t see TE, as we have at least three now including favorite target, security blanket DS. Of course everything is very fluid during the draft including moves up/down and trades.

As far as a QB, let’s not even WASTE yet another late round pick as they did on DiNucci. As they are LOCKED in with DP for the foreseeable future, barring some unforeseen crazy scenario, why waste a pick on a backup as THEY HAVE two decent ones in Rush/Grier.

UNFORTUNATELY, the time to draft a REAL promising QB HAS PASSED like two+ years ago. Foolishly, the FO apparently wanted/wants absolutely NO COMPETITION in the QB room.

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