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Fact Or Fiction: The Cowboys Offense Is Still Capable Of Making Noise

Believe it or not, I sympathize with any Cowboys fan who has felt frustrated lately by the franchise's questionable decisions, because I completely agree that it's exhausting seeing the team lose every year.

You would think after a 25-year drought, the franchise would finally figure it out or attempt to go all-in by acquiring big-time players, but of course, it's looking like a typical for the Cowboys.

In this piece, I look at three statements that are tied to the franchise and determine if they are fact or fiction.

To ease your curiosity, here are my statements below:

“The offense can survive without Amari Cooper”

Personally, all the news has been a headache for me because although it was reported they were likely leaning to moving on from the wideout, I want it confirmed by the head honchos in Dallas.

(Imagine if Cowboys Owner , who loves the media attention, came out and said they are going to actually keep Cooper. What a plot twist that would be.)

Anyways, with the leaning towards Cooper gone, it's hard to gauge what the will look like without him.

When Cooper was on the field, he was typically guarded by the opposing team's best which allowed more looks for Wide Receivers , , and . Now with Coop out of town, adjustments will need to be made from the trio on how they handle more attention.

Speaking of the trio, it's not guaranteed that Wilson will be returning since he's a , but Lamb and soon-to-be-signed Gallup are players who will get the first crack at carrying the offense.

Other players that could help include , free-agent wide receivers Cedrick Wilson, , Malik Turner, and free agent .

With that being said, my verdict is FICTION because of the unknown beyond Lamb and Gallup, and it's tough replacing arguably a Top-10 wideout.

Lamb, who's a name that fans believe could become the Boy's new WR1 isn't a guarantee since he's so young, but he did show alpha traits while at Oklahoma. Gallup could be considered as well, but he will be coming off a major and could take some time to reacclimate himself on the field.

“Jerry Jones is the sole reason for the Cowboys' failures”

After writing this statement, I thought to myself about how easy it would be to answer.

Like honestly, the statement itself is guaranteed to be one point any fan or analyst brings up as a reason for the franchise's failures. Since buying the team in 1989, Jones was able to craft three Super Bowl-winning teams and essentially looked like a genius during the 1990s era.

However, his ego got in the way of any future success, and the Cowboys' last trip to the Super Bowl was 26 years ago.

Of course, there could be people who bring up past playoff appearances where certain players “choked,” but when it's all said and done, he is the one calling the shots.

There have been countless seasons where superstar players and coaches were made available, but he remained on retaining their personnel.

To save you some time, the verdict for this statement is FACT x 1000 because I could write a novel on him, but I wouldn't want to bore you to death.

If you haven't kept up lately with Cowboys news, he is on the verge of letting wide receiver Amari Cooper walk and likely believes the team will fare better without him. His mindset is most likely he's potentially bringing back Gallup and Dalton Schultz at the price of Cooper, but any team would be in trouble if they are losing one of their best players.

“Ezekiel Elliott could regain his All-Pro form”

There are many things I could say about , who was once considered an absolute phenom, but we have to address the elephant in the room and that's Elliott is a shell of himself.

To start, I understand his name carries a label to still be considered a top running back in the league, but his body seems to be breaking down because of his physical running style and he's becoming part of the trend that states running backs fade once they hit their late-20s.

Elliott who began his career in 2016, had 1,631 yards in his first season, which led to people labeling him as the next great Cowboys Running Back.

However, over the next few seasons, his yardage would fluctuate to the point where chatters were made that Zeke needed to be moved or benched, but for the Cowboys, that's not an option.

So, what do you do?

Well, I'm not a running-back coach, but I think the likely scenario is to incorporate Running Back more in the to ease off the workload Elliott receives and preserve his body for the .

In his limited touches, Pollard showed he was a home-run hitter, and he would allow Zeke to show flashes of why he was All-Pro.

To answer the verdict, I'm going to go against the popular crowd and say FACT, but to a certain extent.

Following the loss to the 49ers, the team disclosed that Elliott was playing through a PCL injury and people questioned why they had him on the field. I understand the remark, but you were going to have to drag Elliott out of the game if you wanted Pollard in more.

Another change that could be addressed is beefing up the to give Elliott less wear and tear, and also allow Pollard to hit those big plays.

So yes, feed Zeke, but only marginally.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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John hickma

You forget jimmy Johnson also has a big ego one reason he left it just as much his fault then Jerry, who paying the bills Jerry is it takes everybody to put a championship team together blame Jerry all you want but I haven’t seen Jerry playing on the field sense 1964 ncca championship game but no matter what GO COWBOYS AN RAZORBACKS

Cowboys fan

I agree with Amari Cooper being gone, this team will be worse…. Way worse!! And it’s not Jerry that’s gonna make the mistake of letting him go, it’s his retarded son Stephen!! Stephen is the cap guy, so he is the one who will make the decisions on how to get under the cap!! Jerry made a big mistake letting Stephen have that job, it’s the biggest mistake he has ever made that involves this team!!

Now the 2nd comment, about Jerry being the sole reason for the Cowboys failures…. I have to disagree with you!! Like you said before, Jerry was able to put together 3 super bowl teams, and sure Jimmy Johnson was involved too, but if it wasn’t for Jerry, Jimmy wouldn’t have even been the head coach for us!! And there were a lot of players that Jerry signed back then that Stephen didn’t want Jerry to sign, and Stephen actually threw Jerry up against the motel wall asking him if he was crazy for signing Deion Sanders….. And Jerry tells him…. Maybe, now get out of my way so we can go win another Super Bowl!! And what happened…. They won another Super Bowl!! What’s the difference between then and now?? It’s Stephen Jones…. Stephen Jones has way more control over the team, and he’s why we haven’t won another Super Bowl not Jerry!!

And just a quick comment about Zeke!! I believe he can still be a top RB in the league, and I think he started to prove that at the beginning of last season, he was running really good, and was getting some good yards every game, all the way up till he got injured in week 4 or 5 and after that he lost a lot of yards a game!! And a PCL injury isn’t anything to scoff at either…. A lot of other players would’ve sat out for as long as it took to heal, but Zeke didn’t do that, he kept trying to play through!! Plus he was playing with a crappy offensive line blocking for him, that didn’t help anything either!! So I think he can be at least close to what he used to be in the early stages of his career!! I’m willing to give him one more year!!

Cowboy Fan Ed

Mark my word if we loose AC they better have somebody as good or better or we are going to be in the same shape we were in before AC came to town! I realize that AC stays injured but a lot of WR’s have injuries that they deal with through the year! CD hasn’t proved to me that he can step up and be the lead dog and MG certainly hasn’t either ( talking about injuries) MG is dealing with a lot of them! Sometimes I think just because AC doesn’t grow his hair out and string it like a mop or because he doesn’t dance like he just got zapped buy twenty thousand volts after he scores people think he can’t play! He is still a good receiver that in my option will be hard to replace if we let him go!

Walt Van Zandt

Cooper has been great. I remember before he arrived and the change it made. Of course, with heavy coverage on him the numbers go down, but he is still a threat that Dallas needs. Perhaps if he were flashier in his behavior ownership would recognize what they have.


As predicted it was all or nothing last season…. this season they’ll be worse. No money and a ton of overpaid players that aren’t worth 1/3 what they were paid…. Yeah this is the Joneses fault…. doesn’t matter if he doesn’t play on the field or not….. he’s created a mess.

gary b

Letting Cooper go doesn’t mean we don’t recognize his value. He’s a good but not great WR , who doesn’t have a big enough impact on games to justify his 20 million. Hard decisions have to be made regarding the cap.

Dak bears some responsibility for not getting him the ball, Moore bears responsibility for shoddy play calling and Cooper didn’t do enough with the opportunities he did have.

Chris J

Dallas is not headed for mediocrity. 2021 was the last shot before the massively bloated contracts hit the cap and cause the team to gut its core

The formula for success in the NFL is to not overpay for average QB play. Cooper made Dak top 10-15. With him gone, Dak will look like a bottom tier QB

Tank and Zeke should have both been released before their contracts

This is a 6-11 ball club for the next 3 years

gary b

You can’t just release players at your whim. When u do so ur left with “dead money” on your cap. So in essense ur paying them for “not playing” for you.

I agree Dak has not performed up to his contract. I still think we can win with him, if other aspect of the team improve. The OL was a train wreck towards the end of the year and we had no running game to speak of. It’s easy to blame the QB, and he absolutely bears the most responsibility. But the list of problems on this team is long and doesn’t just involve one player.

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