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Fact or Fiction: The Cowboys Should Consider Trading RB Ezekiel Elliott

As we sit a month away from and 70 days until the start of the NFL regular season, I admit I'm in the same boat as some fans who want to see some football action or even moves made by the franchise.

Writing about the team can be challenging when the well is dry around team news, but as I sipped on my homemade iced coffee on this lovely Sunday before the Fourth of July, one Cowboys-related article caught my eye.

In a Bleacher article written over the weekend, Brent Sobleski listed one player each NFL team should consider trading before the 2022 season. For the Dallas Cowboys, he selected .

Sobleski's reasoning was:

By trading him now, the Cowboys can save $12.4 million toward this year's , which can be rolled over to 2023. Unsurprisingly, the Cowboys are in the red going into next .

The is now built around , and backup running back is more than capable of taking on an expanded role.

Dallas might not be as good in the without Elliott, but their previous approach hasn't gotten them the success they've desired. An Elliott would create far more flexibility for the franchise to operate.

While I agree with Sobleski in saving the Cowboys a big chunk of change and giving Pollard an expanded role, moving on from Elliott in this current offseason wouldn't make the team better, nor will you net high trade compensation.

In the new era of teams that are becoming reluctant to pay running backs (after seeing the decline and breakdown of RBs after they get their payday), it would make sense to say, “Ok, let's move on from Elliott and give Pollard the reins.”

But if you roll out with Pollard as the starter, are you confident relying on RBs and as your backups?

Yes, there may be RBs like David Johnson (who's a shell of himself, 30 years old–which is also four years older than Elliott) or a (who had a nice, little run with the Ravens in eight games, but is also 30) that you could add–but do they really help you?

Last year, Elliott finished the season with 1,002 yards and 10 TDs, with an average of 4.2 YPC. Additionally, his longest run was in Week 4 of 47 yards–coincidentally, when he was on pace for another productive season before he began to decline after Week 8.

While some fans point out: “Well, he didn't show up in the !” or “They should have taken him out and used Pollard more because Elliott was a bum!”

I agree on both points.

But we didn't find out till later that Elliott was playing injured for most of the season and during their Wild-Card loss.

If he still felt he could contribute and ride for his team, then so be it. That's a guy you would want on your team, right?

Someone willing to put their body through hell to win for his team, and although they didn't pull it out a victory–How does possibly moving on from him make the team better?

Shifting back to the money aspect that Sobleski mentioned, if the franchise wanted cap space, they would try to move on from other players first.

Because if the Cowboys were to him, they would have a $30,080,000 million dead cap hit, according to Spotrac, and trying to find a partner to take on his contract is likely impossible.

Nonetheless, I get it's frustrating to watch from fan's views to see your star RB not produce elite stats or live up to his contract.

However, with Elliott healthy (as HC has praised him for it), it will be interesting to see how he performs this year.

If I got to choose how to run the running backs, I'm riding with a 1-2 punch from Elliott and Pollard and taking some wear-and-tear off Elliott's body.

Both have shown to complement each other, and giving different looks to opposing defenses will only pay dividends for the Cowboy's questionable offense this year.

So, if you haven't realized–my verdict is FICTION BY A MILE.

Ride out this year with Elliott and Pollard, and if you want to move on from him, the next offseason is the best chance, as the franchise has a way out of his contract.

If moved on, you can re-sign Pollard to a reasonable deal and look at drafting a running back in next year's star-studded RB class that will make fans droll over the potential, and boom, your RB situation is solved.

But in the meantime, let Zeke eat.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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HELL NO!! HES GONNA CRUSH IT THIS YEAR! Pollard is No ZEKE. ZEKE takes Hits and Battles. He’s not running sweeps and screens all the time! He’s lost a All-Pro Center, a Pro-Bowl Right Tackle, and a Hall of Fame Lt. Tackle having a hard time staying on the field! Give him a Damn Line! And Dak RUN THE BALL!!


I wonder how more effective both Elliot and Prescott would be with a double tight end set. Instead of being stuffed on the run or scrambling for time as with the 5 man front often used last season these two might live up to expectations. Just a thought.


Who is Actually Writing This Garbage? Somebody is suggesting We trade A Talented RB Who is also A Former League MVP?? Yeah, Somebody Hit Their Head on Something Pretty Hard!


In what world did Elliott ever win league MVP?


No one would trade for Elliott. No One.
No one trades for a 16 million dollar back who has been in decline for several seasons.
No one.

B Holden

Does anyone remember when #22 was considered to be declining and THambrick was the backup….took several years for Dallas to get any resemblance of a run game….while Pollard does flash, his pass blocking is suspect….does anyone want to leave Dak’s unprotected in today’s game..


Problem is if they trade EE, there is not much that can be counted on behind TP right now. I was hoping they drafted a promising RB this past year, and they could have picked up a good one later on as the RBs picks started slow. They would have more flexibility now. But now they really can’t move EE, IMO.

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