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Former Cowboys QB Tony Romo to Produce Football Drama Series for Showtime

After setting all the major passing records for the , has become a success as a lead analyst for . Now, the former of is dipping his toes into another area of television.

Romo along with Gossip Girl actor Chase Crawford and Yellowjackets producer Drew Comins are parenting together to bring a football drama series to the Showtime network.

“The show would follow the fictitious first family of football and the players, coaches, and power brokers behind the high stakes world of America’s biggest professional sport,” said Joe Otterson of Variety.

All three men will share executive producer credits on the project. The show will be produced by EntertainmentOne which is the same company that puts out Yellowjackets. It has been said to be a cross between Succession and Friday Night Lights. The project is currently in search of a writer.

Romo is married to Crawford's sister Candace. The two aren't strangers when it comes to working together either. In 2016, they teamed up as two of the executive producers for the sports comedy-drama film “Undrafted” which is based on the true story of the brother of the film's director Joseph Mazzello who missed out on the Major League Baseball draft.

Matthew Lenix
Matthew Lenix
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The “perks” of being a Dallas Cowboy QB, former or either wise. So many doors open.

JJ attempted to impress that upon DP, but he chose the “it’s all about me, screw the rest of the team” route. Salary cap be damned. Then JJ stupidly caved, and now we see the result. One playoff win in six years, while even SECOND AND THIRD YEAR QBs are eclipsing him, getting to and/or winning SUPER BOWLS.


DP’s legacy will be nothing but empty stats. If you read Stephen Jone’s quotes on DP he still at least appears to be drinking the kool aid.


“This whole thing revolves around No. 4,” said Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones last week at the Senior Bowl. “That’s what this league is all about, it’s a quarterback-driven league. We feel like we’ve got one of the best in the business, if not the best. It’s all about him. We’ve got to continue to put the pieces around him.”

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