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Former Cowboys Safety Headed to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

The Dallas Cowboys have been incredibly fortunate to have the level of safety play they’ve had in the history of their franchise. Darren Woodson, Charlie Waters, Mel Renfro, Cliff Harris, and Roy Williams all played a huge role in various generations of Cowboys’ defenses. George Teague may not have been drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, but his legacy with the team is entrenched and enshrined in nearly every Cowboys highlight package.

After a fantastic NFL career, Teague will now be honored for what he did at the University of Alabama. On Saturday, May 8th, George Teague will be inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

Alabama Sports Hall of Fame on Twitter: “From the University of Alabama to the NFL…this Saturday George Teague joins the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame!@Teaguefootball #ASHOF2021 | @AlabamaFTBL | #RollTide / Twitter”

From the University of Alabama to the NFL…this Saturday George Teague joins the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame!@Teaguefootball #ASHOF2021 | @AlabamaFTBL | #RollTide

Teague played four years for the Crimson Tide, amassing 14 total interceptions, including six each in his junior and senior seasons for Alabama either leading the SEC or tying for the lead in the conference in both seasons. He was an integral part of the 1992 National Championship team and made one of the most important series of plays in the 93 Sugar Bowl to help maintain their undefeated season against the University of Miami.

First Teague recorded his first interception return for a touchdown. Then on Miami’s ensuing drive, Lamar Thomas got away from the defense and was sprinting downfield for what looked to be a Hurricanes touchdown. Then “The Strip” happened. In pursuit, Teague caught up to Thomas and ripped the ball away from the Miami wide receiver, and returned the ball upfield. Though the play was overturned because of an Alabama offsides penalty, it prevented a would-be touchdown, and Miami had to punt five plays later.

Alabama’s George Teague- -The Strip-.wmv

The strip from the 1993 sugar bowl

George Teague’s career with the Dallas Cowboys game at a time when the Cowboys were exiting their Super Bowl window and on the downside of Troy Aikman’s and Emmitt Smith’s career. The Cowboys never really contended in the same way they did when he was with the Packers. Nonetheless, Teague’s impact and legacy with the Cowboys is firmly intact because of a play that came after the play. Teague will forever be known as the “Defender of The Star.”

T.O. Celebrates on Dallas Star

Awesome Dallas Cowboys Moment! T.O. gets one up’d by Emmit Smith and “leveled” by George Teague!

Teague is now the head coach at John Paul II High School in Plano, Texas, and is the host of the Teague’s Take Podcast.

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Written by John Williams

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  1. I’ve always admired GT for lowering the boom on TO when he celebrated on the star! But I would also like to say that I like TO but not when he played for SF!

    • TO is one of the more underrated Cowboys in the history of the franchise. His career as a mercenary kinda diminishes how great he was. Sad that his stint in Dallas was short-lived and sandwiched by time in San Fran and Philly.

  2. Darren Woods? Don’t you mean Woodson? You write for the Star and don’t know one of the greatest safeties who has worn the uniform for us?

    • Thanks for pointing it out Joel. It was most certainly a typo that I didn’t catch on Edit. Woodson is one of my favorite Cowboys ever. I only own two jerseys. Tony Romo and Darren Woodson. Again, thanks for pointing it out.

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