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Former Cowboys WR Amari Cooper Praises CeeDee Lamb, Jabs OC Kellen Moore

was in Dallas for all of 's run as and 's career thus far. Though now with Cleveland, the Cowboys' former number-one receiver has good insight into this team and made some comments today that are worth paying attention to.

Appearing on “The Ticket” radio show earlier today, Cooper shared some thoughts on Dallas moving forward with Lamb as their new top receiver. Thankfully, Amari had only good things to say about his former teammate.

From a four-time Pro Bowler and one of the NFL's more productive receivers since he arrived, Amari's endorsement is no small thing. And while he likely has some feelings about this and staff after being discarded, those don't appear to be clouding his judgment about Lamb as his successor.

Cooper was traded to the Browns in March in a cap-clearing move. Dallas only got back a 5th-round pick and an earlier pick in the 6th round; the real impetus for the coming from the $16 million in cap space that dumping Amari's contract created.

Dallas used some of that money to re-sign but it's generally expected that CeeDee will now be the featured receiver. While Lamb's talent has never been questioned, Amari's slight jab at Kellen Moore reveals how he felt about his usage in Dallas' and concern for Lamb going forward.

Last year Lamb was the most-targeted receiver in Dallas but was only 24th in the NFL overall. Moore's offensive approach is to maintain balance, which was evident in Cooper and Schultz being tied with 104 targets each and not being far behind Lamb's 120 targets for the year.

Comparatively, had 191 targets in Los Angeles while other big WR names like , , and Stefon Diggs were all over 160 for the .

Clearly, Amari feels that Kellen Moore's playcalling holds receivers back in Dallas. No doubt Cooper blames usage for why he didn't get to produce more here and wound up being discarded.

Hopefully, CeeDee Lamb's talent won't be restrained in 2022.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Mmmm…wide receiver critical of coach for not getting more targets. Imagine that.


Kellen can call the plays, but Dak is going to throw it where he feels most comfortable. Whether that’s a fade to Lamb down the field, a sideline back shoulder fade to Gallup, or a curl to just about anyone.

If Moore has Lamb running a lot of crossing routes or downfield fades, he’d better be wide open quickly, or else Dak’s going to move on to whatever route has the receiver coming back to him. That’s why DB’s have started sitting on those routes. Only way Moore can “feature” Lamb is to have him run a lot of curls, stop routes and screens.

Evan Terrell

There’s a reason why no one hired Moore to become their head coach after last season. He’s not that good of an offensive coordinator and he’s not very considerate either. He can’t make the right adjustments to what the defense is doing. Unfortunately Jerry wants him to call the plays so, go figure. But, all will becforgiven if Jerry hires Dan Quinn as the Cowboys next head coach.

Tim C Truemper

There’s no “clearly about” Kellen Moore holding back C Lamb. He got the most targets! Ok. Balance, I am all for that. So let’s not create a controversy when there is none. As I recall, Amari was wanting the ball directed to him more during the course of the season. That would’ve meant less targets to Lamb.


If only they get rid of Garrett. If only they get rid of McCarthy. If only they get rid of Moore. Starting to see a pattern. Perhaps they should be looking at someone that actually plays ON THE FIELD.
BTW, how did Quinn’s defense do with that 25-point second half lead with Falcon in that Super Bowl. How did he “adjust”??? Be careful what you wish for.

Charles page

All I see is they over paid QB and RB who hasn’t won anything to deserve guarantee money. Could of used that money for the O line or defense. Jones been trying to buy a ship instead of winning one. Takes time to build up a team to be dominate. Been a cowboy fan before Jones took over. No talented coach goin work for him.


Jess, are you serious? You just read a lot of stuff that wasn’t there, maybe even projected a little bit. There’s no jab at KM anywhere in that statement. At all. Period. You literally had to make a bunch of stuff up in your head to believe that was a jab. Now, maybe it was, but there’s nothing in that statement, by itself, that indicates it is. Maybe you should take your “journalistic integrity” a little more serious my dude.

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