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Former TCU RB Sewo Olonilua Dallas Cowboys Most Intriguing Rookie?

When it comes to the 2020 rookie class, drafted or undrafted, there's one player I'm really intrigued with right now… former TCU .

I know it's a little strange to say considering he went undrafted, however, I really think Sewo Olonilua might just be the Dallas Cowboys most intriguing rookie right now. From his size (6'3″, 240) to his skill set, there's a lot to like about the intangibles he's bringing to the Cowboys and I'll tell you why.

Despite playing mostly as a running back and sometimes Wildcat QB during his time at TCU, there's a lot more to Sewo Olonilua's game than what meets the eye. If you've watched his film, you already know what he brings to the table as a running back. And if you haven't, here's a reminder…

TCU RB Sewo Olonilua Highlight Reel - | Stadium

As impressive as Olonilua's highlights are, I think there's so much more to his game the Dallas Cowboys can tap into. They currently have him listed as a , however, I think it would be unwise of them to pigeonhole him to just one position. I believe he has the potential to be so much more.

If it were up to me, I would take full advantage of Olonilua's versatility. I think he can be utilized as a short yardage RB, a pass protector, a receiving threat out of the backfield, and a traditional fullback in a H-back kind of role. That's already more than brings to the table, who is likely his main competition for a roster spot.

Sewo Olonilua is already a well-rounded prospect coming into camp, but I believe it's his versatility that should allow him to stand out among the other Dallas Cowboys players, not just rookies. Because of that, I think he's the most intriguing rookie to join the Cowboys this . Do you agree?

Who do you think the Dallas Cowboys most intriguing rookie is?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Olawale’s most significant play so far as a Cowboy was against Indy 2 seasons ago where Olawale fell backwards ,tripping over his own feet while wide open trying to catch a pass in the end zone.

Gary b

Hey Brian husband of a C -7 paraplegic here. Yea man fight the good fight it’s all in the attitude bro. But yea to the important stuff ha I’m intrigued with how T Diggs develops at DB as this is a big position of need for this team. In this passing league u gotta have several quality DBs or ur in trouble. i think Diggs has potential to be really good hopefully it comes sooner than later. My question to everyone is who covers opponents #1 receiver each week.

David Corvino

Intriguing, yes. But Jamize Olawale is just as intriguing. Nobody seems to know what to do with Olawale. He’s been in the NFL for 8 years now but has rushed for just over 200 yards, total. he’s 31 years old which is getting up in age for a runner. However, the Cowboys seem to like him. So, the competition at Fullback will definitely be intriguing. Throw in the possibility that one of the undrafted free agent tight ends signed by the Cowboys, Charlie Taumoepeau, may also get in on the FB competition and it gets even more interesting. A side note is Olonilua was part of TCU’s 1-2 backfield punch along with Darius Anderson who was also signed by the Cowboys as a UDFA following the 2020 draft. However, the highest rated running back the Cowboys signed was Rico Dowdle of South Carolina. He may have something to say about a roster spot in 2020. Let the games begin!!!

Cowboys fan

You can’t blame Olawale for not doing much since he’s been with the Cowboys!! It’s not his fault…. The coaching staff are the ones that wouldn’t put him on the field and give him opportunities!! I can only remember maybe 2 or 3 times he was put in on offense to make a play since he’s been with the Cowboys, so that’s why he hasn’t done much!! It doesn’t have anything to do with him not doing anything, it has to do with the coaching staff not giving him opportunities!!


Olonilua has multiple skills, but I don’t think he showed anything special in those highlights, other than a decently explosive first 2-3 steps. Standard jack-of-all-trades, master of none prospect. Anybody that takes snaps away from the too-few touches that Pollard is already getting is a no-go in my book. He and Olawale look to be the same player to me, so perhaps it comes down to cost. Unless McCarthy/Moore just really plan to utilize the fullback, I don’t see anything particularly “intriguing”. However, he does have a chance to make the team.


Cheaper and younger can only help as well …


Martin, good article here. I am also excited to see if he makes the team. I agree with u in regards to olawale. He has simply been underutilized by the cowboys in the past and unfortunately has been put on the wayside. I agree, bringing in this fellow could stir up some goal line looks utilizing triple option plays. He has good cuts and acceleration. Not so much on the top speed though. I can deffently see a surprise fb dive or blast from the I which is something cowboys really haven’t had since the “moose” days. Not to mention he can catch out of the backfield. If he can bulk up without losing that acceleration, their I formation packages will be that much more dynamic not to mention throwing in pollard in a potential slot situation running reverses and slot motions. The run game can be down right ridiculous. People are worried about touches for pollard. See, if Moore plays his backs right, pollard could receive even more opportunities simply because of an additional weapon on the field. Which olawale didn’t bring.
Triple options, swing routes, motion slots, this guy can do it all. People talk about bringing back Austin. Well, no need when u have this fellow. Another weapon for a already awsome offense.
Smells a lot like the days when Rogers was throwing to 7 to 10 receivers a game. Too many weapons on the field for the defense account for. Unlike previous years of predictability. Defenses won’t know who is getting the ball on any down when you add this kid.


Olonilua reminds me of Calvin Hill. He’s big and tall and has pass catching ability. They just need to find another Robert Newhouse.


With the very little research l looked at this match up a couple weeks ago. Olawale has been pretty decent on special teams but of course very limited reps at fb… as a form of cost savings l believe there wouldnt be any cost would be the same due to cap hit so ultimately comes down to whos the better player. Idk, McCarthey picked up Olonilua so that might give him a slight leg up. Personnaly think Olonilua would be a better emergency RB and age is always a factor…

Dick Hurtzem

Dallas picked up quite a few decent free agents. I like Garrett Marino a D. T. Who is very quick, strong, with a no quit motor.. The safety Luther Kirk will be a great special teamed. But Joe Jackson from last year is a real stud. He will make Randy Gregory look like a J. V. Player. Go Boy’s.!!

Paul Roquemore

The former coaching staff didn’t properly use the full i.m.o…however if the rookie is nice as advertised then so be it I just the new coaches properly use the talent


Great Article on a relatively unknown player. After Olonilua was signed as a UDFA I checked out his highlights and was impressed with his skill set and immediately thought what a versatile FB or short yardage back he would make with his size. Sure enough Dallas currently has him listed as a FB. McCarthy has a history of utilizing the FB position in his offense (John Kuhn & Aaron Ripnoski) come to mind. The only problem that stands in Olonilua’s way is Olawale. It’s going to be an interesting training camp for the one FB position on the Cowboys roster.


LB Azur Kamara 6-3 245 Kansas

thomas fitzpatrick

I’m interested in who is going be trusted to cover the other team’s best receiver one on one. I vote for T. Diggs.

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