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Free Agency: 2 quarterbacks the Cowboys should have on their radar

As we currently sit, there are 24 days until NFL opens for all 32 teams. While the will be busy trying to shuffle through which of their 23 free agents they want to re-sign, I wanted to talk about one position they need to prioritize more than others.

And that's their position. 

With entering free agency, the Cowboys would have Quarterback behind if the season were to start today.

Grier, a four-year NFL player, isn't a bad option to have, as he showed some promise in the . But are you going to feel good with him as the starter if Prescott were to miss any games? 

Probably not. 

While people could say that their dilemma could be solved if they were to re-sign Rush. My rebuttal is that he's likely donning different uniform threads in 2023. 

With now-former Cowboys in Los Angeles with the Chargers – it wouldn't be surprising to see them go after Rush to help Quarterback with the new-look expected Chargers .

Plus, if they don't end up Rush, other teams will likely have him on their radars, as they saw him perform well and win several games in his collective starts.

And lastly, the has a of not paying their players. Add that with Rush is going to cash in on a big payday from someone – it wouldn't surprise me if they let him walk.

So, with that in mind, check out two quarterbacks the team should have on their radar during this year's free agency. Additionally, with the offense transitioning to a West-Coast scheme, these two guys would fit right since they have shown to get the ball out quickly and efficiently on short throws.


Now before people get angry with this selection, hear me out. We have all witnessed the rise and fall of Quarterback during his five-year career. 

The former number-one pick was once praised for his electric play during his time with the , but once they pushed him out, he bounced from the to then the .

Now a , Mayfield will be looking for a new home, and you can bet he's hoping it's a starting gig somewhere. But would he start here in Dallas?

Who knows. And to clarify, I'm not trying to stir up a QB controversy. But a Mayfield addition would not only make the QB room stronger. It would add some competition under Prescott. 

Plus, he's two years younger than Rush, and I feel better about Mayfield out there on the field if something were to happen to Prescott. Oh, and I almost forgot, there could be a chance that a Mayfield- reunion occurs.

Gardner Minshew

Before we get started, I have to admit Minshew has always been a favorite of mine because of his swagger. It also helps that he's not a bad quarterback, and it was surprising that other teams who needed a starting QB weren't trying to pry him away from the Eagles.

(Maybe they were, I don't know.)

But looking at Minshew, you have a guy who's another former starter for his team, and he showed that he could win games. This year you saw Minshew work his way up and down the field on the tenacious Cowboys – and everyone can and should admit that he almost pulled off a victory.

Now a free agent, it wouldn't surprise me if QB-needy teams went after him to either serve as a bridge quarterback for a rookie or make them their full-time starter.

On the flip side, teams who want high-quality backup quarterback services (aka the Boys) saw how he performed when his name was called, and that could mean he could get a nice pay increase from the $2.5M that the Eagles were paying him.

While Spotrac doesn't have his market value set, I would have to imagine that his expected value has to be around the range of Mayfield and QB Sam Darnold, who are former starters and have their values set at $6.5M and $5.1M.

Minshew or Mayfield wouldn't be bad options for the Cowboys to consider. But if they didn't want to spend big money on a guy – they could look toward the draft.

A name people have connected to the Boys has been TCU QB , who had an electric season for the Horned Frogs. Ideally, you could get him on Day 3. But recently, there was a that the Cowboys are intrigued by Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud, who's being mocked as the top quarterback.

So, who knows what will happen with the Cowboys this

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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