From Injuries to Coaching Failures: Can the Dallas Cowboys Recover?

    The year 2020 has brought an onslaught of things to deal with and for the , it’s no different. As they sit 2-4 on the season, it seems nothing can go in their favor with all over the team. As football is one of the most common sports to bet on in the USA, all eyes are on this Dallas NFL team. The Cowboys sit in first place in the lowly , despite what’s been going wrong with the team. In total, the has five total wins with the Cowboys owning 40% of them. Yet, the Dallas Cowboys have been producing streaks of poor performances. We take a look at whether the Dallas Cowboys can recover from what has been a dismal season so far.

    The Injuries Keep Rolling In

    As we reach Week 7, the Cowboys will seriously need to step up their game. However, that is easier said than done, taking into account all the injuries that have plagued the team. Their has taken a knock along with players such as , , La’el Collins, , and . It’s difficult to word how devastating Dak Prescott’s is to the Cowboys. Along with his and playmaking ability, losing Prescott is a further setback for the team.

    It doesn’t help to only fret about what's going wrong, this is also crunch time to focus on the positive traits that can be built on. Some believe that the Cowboys can win with in the position now with Dak Prescott out of action. The Cowboys defense is a big concern and in order to protect the defense, they will have to diligently eliminate the negative plays and increase their time of possession by running the ball with someone like .

    Following their recent loss to the , everything that could go wrong did. It leaves fans and NFL analysts at , knowing what to do but not seeing the team implement it.

    Their next two games are divisional matchups against Washington and the . With players calling out staff for their inability to provide adequate training and strategies, it will be hard to get the players in the right frame of mind. At this point, it doesn’t help to waste time wondering where to place blame for their performance. We could argue that it’s down to player effort, the complexity of the scheme, or simply talent. However, right now, it’s important to question where the team can go from here. What are they willing to do to turn things around?

    The Dallas Cowboys Coaching Woes

    Without beating around the bush, it is clear that the Dallas Cowboys face serious coaching problems. Depending on which side of the coin you want to see it, faces severe scrutiny. It appears that McCarthy doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to relationships with the players. Recently, Dallas Cowboys players have anonymously spoken out about the , including McCarthy. The latest news to come out of the Dallas Cowboys’ camp also shows that there is a breakdown in communication on the field and in the locker room.

    It seems that the solution is very clear and easy to consider. Yet, it appears as if the Dallas Cowboys are hoping their problems will go away on its own. Mike McCarthy needs to move with the times, adapt, or die, and it honestly feels like the latter is taking place. The Dallas Cowboys need a coaching staff that is truly fit for the job.

    Some Positive News

    In some lighter news, is back on the Cowboys’ active roster. The team will be grateful for all the help that they can get. Here’s to hoping that Gregory can help improve the team’s defense. He joins (4.5 ), (1 sack), and (0 sacks).

    In other roster news,  the Dallas Cowboys waived two players, including and WR who was injured during . With all the latest events to take place, it’s going to take some thorough scrutiny of the team and guts to implement the necessary changes that the Dallas Cowboys are in dire need of.

    Star Staff
    Star Staff
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    Injuries, obviously, have taken a pretty big toll. I thought Griffin would play better, disappointed there. Hopefully, Gregory can give our defense a spark. A-Rod came to the defense of McCarthy.
    IMHO, hard to disagree with a great Super Bowl winning QB, who had many good years with MM. I know it looks kind of bleak, but I am not ready to throw in the towel, yet. Lets try to fill the holes as best as possible and fight.


    Ever watch a really elaborate display of dominoes fall? It is fun to watch them tumble and look ahead and anticipate what is coming…what chain reaction will be set off next? Watching the dominoes of this season fall has not been particularly fun and I am looking ahead in dread at what may be coming as they continue to topple against Washington…a team with a very capable defensive line. The Cowboys patchwork line may lead to the next major domino to fall…that being Andy Dalton. He didn’t look particularly mobile last week and with Brandon Knight and Zach Martin going down I expect the Washington D to be teeing off on him all day. I hate it but I fear the Dalton domino will be tumbling soon and I don’t want to contemplate the chain reaction that will follow that drop.

    Cowboys fan

    I thought I seen Everson Griffen get a sack a few games ago!? That’s crazy…. I know I seen him in the back field taking the QB down and celebrating, but he don’t get credit for it!? Maybe I’m wrong…. But either way him and D Law have both been a disappointment, but then again they’re both trying to transition from playing a 4-3 defense their whole careers to playing in a 3-4, and I guarantee that has a lot to do with how they’ve been playing!! These coaches need to game plan to our players strengths, not try to make the players play to how they wanna game plan!! These players are gonna play bad if they’re put in a scheme they’ve never done before, but if they’re put in something they’ve done before they’ll play better!! The last time I checked the coaches are supposed to adapt to the players not the other way around!! Maybe I’m wrong, who knows….

    Gary b

    With 3 new starters on the DL and 2 in the secondary along with a shortened training camp, u would think Nolan gets a little bit of a pass, especially with the injuries. But it still appears to be a poor fit. Why try to implement a complex defensive scheme with 5 new starters on D and no time for them to learn a complicated system. I still think that some of the perceived poor effort is simply due to defenders being confused with assignments and where they are supposed to be on the field. But with that said Nolan is the DC of a defense that is on track to be the worst in NFL history, so he might need to go sooner then later.


    I agree Gary. Given the circumstances this year it was just a poor overall decision to try to do too much. There was already a lot of change to deal with with new player personnel and a new coaching staff if there had been a normal off season. The failure now is the lack of adjustment to figure out what does work for them.