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Halftime Report: Cowboys Lead 10-6 in a Sloppy Game filled with Turnovers

In the beautiful city of Nashville, the are taking on the on a Thursday night. This game has been quite entertaining as the score is 10-6. While I feel like the Cowboys should have sat their starters when up 10-0, it's going to be hard to bench them with a halftime score of 10-6.

First Quarter:

Dallas would get the ball to start the game and the Cowboys seem to be running the ball quite often on their first drive. With Runningback out for the game, would be the main man tonight. This drive would sadly end around mid-field and the Cowboys would have to punt it away.

Tonight, Joshua Dobbs would be the starter tonight for the Titans as they would start this drive around their own 10 yard-line. Joshua shows confidence as the first play is a 10-yard completed pass. This drive wouldn't last very long though as the Titans would be faced with a 4th and 5 situation on their own 30 yard-line.

As they punt it away, would humorously bounce the ball to himself in mid-air and gain about 8 yards on the return.

As the next drive started, Dak would throw the ball quite well and eventually get to the goal line. Elliott would end up scoring a touchdown and would have his 9th consecutive game with a rushing TD. Cowboys take the lead, 7-0.

Titans wide receivers couldn't catch the ball on their drive and would have to punt the ball away quickly. With under two minutes remaining in the 1st quarter, the Cowboys would get the ball again but get stopped on the Titans' 26-yard line and the quarter would come to an end.

Second Quarter:

The 2nd quarter would start with a 36-yard field by , making the new score 10-0. Titans would get the ball yet again and Dobbs would heave the ball all the way down to the Cowboys' 30-yard line. After a strange play that was challenged by and overturned in his favor, the Cowboys would strip the ball away from QB Dobbs and recover the fumble.

is 10/11 on passes so far and Dalton Shultz would be making some good catches for the Cowboys tonight. The drive would be looking good until Dak drops a direct snap that results in the Titans recovering it near mid-field.

As the Titans would take over, they would end up going three and out and punting the ball down to our 7 yard-line. With a little over 6 minutes remaining, the Cowboys would try and put some more points on the board before halftime. While pushed up against their goal line, Dak delivers a great pass to to get them out of potential danger.

Once again, another turnover happened as Dak threw the ball to Tight End Payton Hendershot. The pass was a direct hit however Hendershot bobbled the ball leading to it falling right into the hands of a Titans player.

After that humiliating play, the Titans would get a huge run that would get them right outside the as the two-minute warning would hit. The Titans would be going strong but get stopped on 4th down. They would have to settle for a field goal that would bring the score to 10-3.

The Cowboys would try to storm down the field before halftime and would do a pretty good job with the help of a call. With a couple of seconds left, Dak would throw an interception that would result in the Titans getting the ball. They would take the ball down to the 10 yard-line and would make an easy field goal that brings the score to 10-6.

This has been an aggravating game so far for Cowboy fans for what should be a simple game to win, is a nail bitter for fans who love the sport. Mike should have benched the starters like Dak, Lamb, and Elliott when we were up 10-0, however, this next half will be scary for fans. Let's hope that the Cowboys can do their common comeback in the second half before its too late.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.

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Cowboys fan

Dak didn’t drop a direct snap, the ball never even made it to Daks hands!! They showed the replay right after it happened and you can see Tyler Biadasz snapped the ball right in his butt, and Dak never even got to touch the ball!! And the Titans got stopped on a 3rd down and had to settle for a field goal…. If they got stopped on a 4th down, they wouldn’t of had another down to kick a field goal, if they got stopped on a 4th down, we would’ve taken over at that point!!

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