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Halftime Report: Cowboys trail Commanders 13-6

After two quarters, the are trailing the 13-6. This team always finds something to keep us fans talking about. This time it comes right before the

After a botched punt by , Washington jumped out to a early 7-0 lead.

then muffed a punt giving Washington another short field and Washington missed a chip shot field goal. 

After pick-6 throw by , Washington jumped out to a 13-0 lead. 

The Cowboys ended the half with a touchdown pass from Prescott to . An absolute dart. then missed the PAT, giving Washington a 13-6 lead. (of course).  

They shouldn't have even played any starters if this is how they were going to produce. 

I can't stress this enough, it doesn't matter if they are playing the best team in football or the worse, they play to the level of their competition. 

The Eagles are leading the Giants at half, so let's not even focus on that. Let's focus on the fact before this game started this team ALWAYS looks bad after a or an extended week off.  

If I had to guess, will play the starters coming out of half and try to score a touchdown and then pull them. 

Look guys we see this every single week, I don't know it is, but this is the time to get everyone out of the game and let them rest until next week. We are going to be kicking ourselves if something happens to , Lamb, , or someone else. 

Somehow after looking so bad at times, this team has still averaged 30 plus points the last seven weeks, but they do make these mistakes in the playoffs they will be going home early. 

This team looks like the best team in football and the worst team in football at times, make it make sense.  

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Hello Shane! It’s hard to believe that it could get any worse than the first half, but it certainly did. Dak Prescott’s status with the Cowboys must be reevaluated at the season’s end. May be hard to move him and that BIG CONTRACT, but something has to be done. Kellen Moore is getting consistently worse and McCarthy continues to be a nonfactor for this team. I don’t think they have a chance at Tampa Bay and perhaps the best quarterback in the league when they made Sam Howell look like the second coming of Johnny Unitas. I hope that Jerry and Stephen Jones see that this is a losing situation with McCarthy and Moore. This Cowboys team is too talented to be pushed by the Texans and actually beaten by the Commanders. Just pathetic all around. I was wondering when we’d finally see the real Bret Maher. Can make a 60 yard kick but can’t make a routine extra point attempt. A leopard never changes it’s spots I’ve been told! Time to bring in a decent young kicker and perhaps a young punter. And how about Turpin! Maybe having him make the Pro Bowl team was a mistake.


Shane, i thunk it’s the guy that’s charged with being the leader of this team on the field. That’s Mike McCarthy! He’s so out of touch and detached it seems that it’s a miracle they have 12 wins this season. I think it would do wonders for this team to be rid of McCarthy and Kellen Moore. What would be missing with them gone? Absolutely Nothing!!! They’re both more or less liabilities than they are assets. The Cowboys will not be any worse off not having a couple of Clowns like them patrolling the sidelines.

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