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Has Dallas Cowboys Infatuation With Earl Thomas Finally Ended?

The Dallas Cowboys dance with Earl Thomas could finally be over.

For years now the Dallas Cowboys and fans around Cowboys Nation have tried their hardest to put a star on Earl Thomas’ helmet. The Cowboys tried to acquire him via trade from Seattle in 2018 in a NFL Draft day trade offering the 50th overall pick and also tried to sign him in 2019 before being outbid by the Ravens. Could the third time be the charm now that Dan Quinn is part of the equation?

As you probably already know, Dan Quinn and Earl Thomas have a history together. They were both part of the Seattle Seahawks defense during their “Legion of Boom” days and that familiarity with one another provides the connection that could potentially put the All-Pro safety on the Cowboys radar. But, the lack of interest in him last season when he was a free agent suggests otherwise.

Surprisingly enough, Earl Thomas didn’t suit up for another team last year after being released by the Baltimore Ravens. The fact the Dallas Cowboys were in desperate need of secondary help and didn’t reach out to ET would indicate their infatuation with one of the most feared free safeties in the game has finally come to an end. And yet, the idea can’t really be put to bed completely just yet.

The Dallas Cowboys once again find themselves in desperate need of secondary help with a large majority of their defensive backs entering into free agency. At the very least they need a starting free safety to play opposite Donovan Wilson and another starting caliber cornerback. Earl Thomas could potentially be the solution to one of those “needs”.

Earl Thomas
Free Agent FS Earl Thomas

The seven-time Pro Bowler is an upgrade over any safety the Dallas Cowboys currently have on their roster. It was painfully obvious Darian Thompson isn’t up to the task of being a starting safety, making ET an appealing option. After all, he’s already familiar with Dan Quinn’s system and would provide a much-needed veteran presence in what could be a very young Cowboys secondary.

There is one problem though. Earl Thomas is now labeled as a troubled-but-talented player, so much so not one of the 32 teams chose to sign him as a free agent last season. The Cowboys, like the rest of the league, must have discovered some unfortunate things about his behavior and deemed him not worth the risk.

This is a “never-say-never” business though and the Dallas Cowboys are one of those teams who don’t mind taking risks on talented players. It wouldn’t be all that surprising if they turned to and Dan Quinn for some insight to see what might make Earl Thomas tick. Of course, any insight he can provide is about a half a decade old.

There’s no way of knowing for sure what the Dallas Cowboys think about Earl Thomas, but it does appear that the infatuation with the future Hall of Famer has run its course. Then again, that could all change if their offseason plan to upgrade the safety position fails. If that happens they’ll likely explore all options, including a “troubled” player.

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. I believe that everybody deserves a second chance! I would bring him in and and say if you work for me this is what I expect: Conduct yourself as a professional on and off the field, be on time, back your teammates and coaches and this Organization, and when the National Anthem is played toes on the line! This is what I would tell all my employees and if they agreed then great! If they disagree then play for somebody else! If I Write the checks I believe I have the right to require how I want my employees to conduct themselves in the work place!

    • I wouldn’t mind if the Cowboys signed him to a team friendly incentive-based deal they could get out of. There’s no way I would invest very much and him though.

  2. So, now that Dak’s contract is done, media returns to Earl Thomas stories?
    ET is old, injured, and a bad team member. No, no, he is not better than anybody because he is old…he is done.
    The year is 2021…not 2013. The Legion of Boom ended 5 years ago or more. ET has already been tried and cast off several teams since then.
    Move on.

    • If it were me, I wouldn’t mind kicking the tires on ET just to see where he’s at mentally and physically. Maybe bring him to camp on an incentive-based, team friendly deal. Having said that though, I think the Cowboys and the rest of the league and probably moved on.

  3. Brian, I agree. It might be wise to sign him on an incentive based and team friendly contract. If something goes wrong, cut him immediately. No risk on that take. Although I believe he is really past his prime and there are multiple options on the Safety position.

    • An incentive-based team friendly deal is probably the only way I see Earl Thomas playing in the NFL again. Whether or not that will be with the Cowboys has yet to be seen. I’d personally try to go a different direction, but have ET as my fallback if plans fall through.

  4. If you could get him for a good deal then why not?
    Cowboys have taken chances before on problem type players who were much less talented.
    It’s not like secondary is a strength of the team.

    • The only question I really have is whether it was Earl Thomas’ off field problems that kept him from being signed last year or if his skill set is diminishing. Depending on the answer to those questions could determine if he’s worth the risk for the Cowboys or not.

  5. I feel it’s worth trying , i mean the Bucs and Brady gave AB a chance and he ends up catching a TD pass in SB ,

    I think it’d be worth trying , you never know , he may be finally humbled after sitting a year , he could at least be somewhat of a mentor in DQ system ,

    I’d sign him and go get one of the top safeties in draft

    • I’m not against the idea. But then again, I don’t know what the Cowboys and other teams might have dug up when digging into his past.

  6. How can you justify NOT bringing him in, that’s my question. Guess what 31 of those teams who didn’t sign Earl share with the Cowboys? They didn’t win the Super Bowl either! Not bringing him in has 0% of helping. Bringing him in? Hey, you never know, dude is barely over 30. (X88 is on point, Antonio Brown was as “toxic” as it gets but now he has a ring)

  7. Ok I get the concern but is this some type of joke or something?

    Why wouldn’t you pick up ET is probably would bring a real idea of how to play the position at least. You see how he reacted towards his fellow teammate about a busted assignment. What’s wrong with a extremely motivated Pro bowl safety. Ok what could have possibly been dug on him? Sounds like whatever it is it can’t be worse than what AB did
    Or ray rice that dude Got a second chance. Jerry Mike , & Jerry Jr don’t just think about this in the showers make a move that will solidify the backend of the damn defense.

  8. ET was outright cut by Baltimore at the request of the players because he free lanced and ignored the scheme.
    No, that has zero chance of making anyone better which is why he is out of the league.

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