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How 2021 Free Agency Could Impact the Cowboys’ 2020 Draft

As they prepare for the , the and all other teams have a lot of factors to consider. Filling the gaps on the current roster is generally the top priority, but sometimes drafting for the following season's needs is not far behind. How could the Cowboys' anticipated in 2021 impact their draft decisions this year?

Before we dive into this topic, here's a quick glance at the significant players scheduled to become unrestricted free agents in 2021:

Yesterday I ranked the Cowboys' needs from the 2020 Draft. You'll find in my analysis that what the team may need in 2021 is very relevant now, especially with some positions where rookies struggle to make an immediate impact.

is the best example of this. While immediately replacing is a key goal in the current draft process, Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis are coming right up behind him as free agents. Even newly-added is only on a one-year deal.

That leaves only Anthony Brown as an experienced CB under contract for 2021. The combined power of present and future need made corner an easy pick for the top spot on my list of needs.

The same goes for . While anything below a 1st-round pick may not result in a new starter this year, what about next season?  If neither Woods or Clinton-Dix return then that leaves and as your starters. That's far from ideal.

At , getting Sean Lee and Joe Thomas back for 2020 were great moves which help bolster the depth and insure against for and . But again, these veterans are only signed to one-year contracts. Who will take their spots in 2021?

We only have to look back to last year's draft to see an example of how drafting for the future can be valuable.

Connor McGovern
Dallas Cowboys G

There was a lot of head scratching last year when Dallas used a 3rd-round pick on Penn State's Connor McGovern. After all, they already had their five starters on the and bigger perceived needs elsewhere on the roster.

One thing we don't know for sure is if the Cowboys already anticipated that 2019 would be Travis Frederick's last season. But even if they didn't, they knew that Joe Looney would be a in 2020 and they needed a new backup ready to go.

With Frederick retiring last month Dallas went ahead and re-signed Looney. But now they're in a good position to weather the loss of Travis through a competition between Looney and McGovern. Whoever wins should at least be an adequate starter and the loser a strong backup.

Imagine if McGovern wasn't around right now. Dallas would now be stuck trying to find a backup center in free agency (and that isn't easy) or spending at least a mid-round pick on one. They might also feel pressure to draft one in the earlier rounds for a more long-term solution.

Sure, the Cowboys might still draft a center if they really like somebody. But the point is that they don't have to. An investment from last year's rookie class is hopefully going to pay dividends now.

That same logic should drive some of Dallas' decision in this draft.

At first glance, we might scoff at the idea of the Cowboys drafting a in 2020. But if they never reach a long-term deal with Dak Prescott, and with Cooper Rush also set to become a free agent next year, would you regret having someone else in the mix?

Of course, the immediate needs at CB and WR should take precedence over next year's worries. But depending on the talent available in certain rounds, don't be shocked if Dallas repeats the McGovern move and drafts someone with 2021 in view.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Victor A Gardner

Another reason to prioritize CB, edge, and S in 2020.

Cowboys fan

That’s why safety should be the top priority in this draft!! If we draft Xavier Mckinney…. A player that can play all over on defense, that can take care of our safety need this year and that’ll make it one less safety we’ll need next season and he can play other positions too if we need him to!! Xavier Mckinney is always gonna be my first choice in this year’s draft cause of our need at safety, cause we’ll need him even more next season and cause of his position flexibility and cause I’m tired of us over looking the safety position as if safety isn’t an important position on a team!! We wouldn’t have to worry so much about it if the stupid coaches we had last season would’ve picked Juan Thornhill or even one of the other 2 safeties that was on the board instead of picking Tristan Hill!! Now by this time next season we’re gonna need 2 starting safeties instead of just one…. Unless we draft Xavier Mckinney in this draft!!


1 Trevon Diggs CB
2 Jacob Eason QB
3 Tyler Biadasz C
4 Kyle Dugger S
5 Darrell Taylor DE
6 Raekwon Davis DT
7 John Hightower WR

Time to give greedy, arrogant Dak some competition. I would try to trade him for picks, but Jones don’t have the stones to do that. Dak is becoming a real problem, with the contract, and now with HIS STUPID SELFISH PARTY!

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