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How Alabama LB Rashaan Evans Could Fit Cowboys’ Plan

After hosting Alabama for a 30-visit earlier this week, the Cowboys have also reportedly met with Payne's college teammate, .

Rashaan Evans is an interesting prospect, and one the team might consider in the . While I have my reservations about taking any linebacker not named or Tremaine Edmunds at 19, Evans is “LB3″ on my own board.

In college, Evans played as both an off ball linebacker and an player on passing downs. While effective as an , Evans isn't nearly the polished rusher you'd want when allowing a player to be your third-down rushing specialist. I think Evans would be a full-time off ball linebacker for the Cowboys, and an effective one at that. Still, he could be used in sub packages as a pass rusher, or even just as a blitzer, to get to the .

As an off ball linebacker, Evans is an athletic sideline-to-sideline player who flies around making plays on tape. It's tough to standout on film when playing alongside the talent on Alabama's , but Evans did so every week.

At 6'1” and 232 pounds, Evans is actually a bit smaller than most linebackers the Cowboys tend to target in the draft. His 3 cone time and broad jump both surpass the Cowboys' athletic thresholds, and his 20 yard shuttle just misses the mark by 0.3 seconds.

As high as I am on Rashaan Evans, I don't think he would be the right pick 19th overall. In fact, as I just mentioned, I don't think Dallas should be taking any linebacker outside of the top two guys in round one. Not only is there is enough depth in this class for the Cowboys to snag a linebacker at 50th or 81st overall, but I also don't see linebacker as all that important a position to upgrade.

You win on defense in the NFL with defensive linemen and cornerbacks first. Dallas has already upgraded their group, now it's time to add an impact defensive before addressing their linebacker needs.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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I disagree with you in saying LB is not that important in this year’s draft. It is very important and even more importantly is the fact that we choose the right LB. The General is the smartest player on the defense maybe the smartest person on the team. So when we choose his eventual replacement he needs to not only be physical but he has to be able to put his teammates in the right position to make the play like Lee does now. We see what happens when Lee is out. The defense looks lost without him. I don’t know much about Evans but if he’s smart then maybe he is worth a look. I guess we will see in 22 days.

Chet Horton

I completely disagree but enjoy the debate.

They don’t need a 1 or 3 technique DT until the 4th or 5th round. They have 3 DT and one is a true 1 technique and 1 technique DT aren’t game changers.

The Cowboys desperately need a stud linebacker that can be a game changer, like Sean Lee. Sean Lee is hurt several games every year. Jaylon Smith may never be a game changer and he is still learning. They lost 2 LB’s and replaced them with a less talented LB in free agency. Now if they draft that stud LB and Jaylon Smith lives up to his potential then we have a much stronger defense even with Brent Price at 1 technique than we would have by drafter Vita Vea at 19 this year and whatever LB they end up with later in the draft.

The problems with our defense last year were because of injuries and players doing something stupid and getting suspended. The starting defense the last half of the season raised their level of play to the point they could have won several of those games they lost earlier in the year if they had played with that lineup and played at that level.

Say you don’t go LB… they need a G in the 1st round much more than they do a DT. A TE is a better idea than a DT this year for that matter.

Tommy Davis

I see a lot of comments by folks who apparently did not watch many Cowboys games. For a player playing in what was really his rookie year on the field and playing at about 70% of his physical capacity, Jaylon Smith had an outstanding year. He was second on the team with 99 tackles and his play improved greatly during the second half of the season. he is close to being 100% now and the Cowboys expect even greater things from him this upcoming season. That’s why they don’t feel linebacker is their most glaring need. The Cowboys play a lot of 2 linebacker sets, SeanLee and Jaylon Smith. Damien Wilson is a capable 3rd linebacker. As for the defense looking loss when Sean Lee was out, that was more on Marinelli the Defensive coach, he seldom played the right combination of players on defense. When pressured, he finally started playing D. Lawrence, M. Collins, D. Irving, T.Crawford, S. Lee, J. Smith , A. Hitchens, C.Awuzie, J. Lewis, B. Jones and X.Woods. That combination made the defense formidable.


When exactly did I say anything negative about Jaylon Smith and whoever you want to blame it is a fact that the Cowboys are lost when Lee is not on the field. He is the defensive QB and has a knack high football IS for putting players where they need to be. Maybe Jaylon can be like Lee someday but he is not there yet.


I see whr ur going with this, and ur abt to crash!!! LB, by far is the position of need in Dallas.. If not LB, S!!!

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