How Does Wentz’ Extension Impact Dak’s Future Deal?

While the Dallas continue contract negotiations with Quarterback Dak Prescott, the have extended Carson Wentz. One or the other would have to go first and it was the Eagles who set the market value for the young signal-callers.

The Eagles signed Wentz to a four-year extension, which is surprising. After they opted for the younger player over , many expected Philadelphia to lock up Wentz for a longer term. Four years don’t seem like very much, but an extensive probably impacted this. On the bright side for Wentz, if he finds success through 2024 (he’ll be 31 years old), he’ll have another huge deal coming his way before he has to retire.

It’s worth noting that although we’re using the term four-year extension, that’s without considering the fifth-year option the Eagles had already exercised. Right now, he’s under contract with Philadelphia for the next six years.

Now, let’s talk money. His new four-year extension is worth $128M that includes a record $107.9 million guaranteed ($66M of which are fully guaranteed at ). His deal can also go up to to a maximum value of $144 million, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The extension will put Wentz on $32M per year, which will likely look like a bargain a few years from now.

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QB Dak Prescott

But what does this all mean for Dak Prescott?

First off, let’s remember that although he’s been a starter since his season, Prescott was not a pick. This means the Cowboys don’t have a fifth year option, which means his new extension will likely be for a longer term. A five or six-year deal makes the most sense.

Controversy on who’s the better quarterback between Prescott and Wentz will continue forever, but frankly, it isn’t relevant to this discussion. Both are good promising quarterbacks whose deals will likely be similar in terms of average per year.

Right now, Wentz deal set the bar at $32M per year. Prescott’s team will want to be above that mark and they’ll have ammunition to negotiate. First of all, contrary to Wentz, Dak hasn’t missed any time. In the NFL, availability is the best ability and Prescott hasn’t suffered an injury in the NFL that’s caused him to miss time.

Also, unlike Wentz, Prescott’s salary as a rookie was ridiculously low. After all, there is a big difference between being the second overall pick and being the 135th selection. You can bet that’ll be brought up in the negotiations.

While this doesn’t mean Prescott will come and break the bank by signing for $35M per year, we might be looking at a range from $31-33M. Which the Cowboys should pay him as soon as possible.

Sounds like a huge deal, but it won’t on a few years. Don’t forget will get his deal done next , along with many other young gunslingers. Not to mention, a new is already in the works, and it could reset everything we believe about the .

Prescott’s deal is only a matter of time. Hopefully, the Cowboys get it done sooner rather than later. The Eagles were first to get Wentz for a big, but reasonable price. Players are getting paid, and now it’s Dak’s turn.

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