How the Packers game affected the Cowboys season

    Last Sunday's loss against the was brutal, as it seemed to set the Cowboys back in the playoff race. But was this defeat enough to knock the Cowboys off their rhythm?

    With 8 more games remaining, and a division that is playing at its absolute best, it's going to be hard for the Cowboys to come back from a loss like this. For one, their chance of getting the #1 seed just decreased greatly. In my post about how the Cowboys can steal the #1 playoff seed, I pointed out that they would need to only lose one or two games at most.

    Now with already one loss, that would mean the Cowboys need to win out (pretty much). That isn't going to happen, so perhaps the Cowboys just need to focus on getting into that wildcard.

    So we can already see the effect the Packers game had on them, it decreased the chance of becoming number one significantly. What other things have been rattled after the game?

    Another problem that occurred due to that game was the team's trust in . While Dak had a good game, yard and touchdown-wise, his two interceptions and lack of to finish out the game is going to get fans and staff wondering.

    A scary subject indeed, when on a football team, you need to feel like you can trust your QB to finish close games and overcome challenging and atmospheres. None of this occurred when Prescott was on the field, and that is why a lot of trust has been lost after this game.

    This game also put Green Bay back into the playoff race. While the entire conference has fallen apart a bit this year, every game matters as most of the teams have records similar to circa 4-5.

    There normally wouldn't be a need to worry, but because the Cowboys aren't close to winning their division, they will have to depend on the to get in… The same with Green Bay. The Vikings are a dominant team this year and Green Bay's only hope is to slip into the Wild Card spot (and potentially knock the Cowboys out of their place).

    Even though this loss hurts many fans, I think we can all see the good in this season. After a terrible week one, many of us figured it would be time to turn off the TV because there was no point, yet here we are, battling for a playoff spot.

    There's nothing to be worried about, this game just knocked our guys over a bit, but we can all get back up and look forward to the remainder of the season. Can't wait for a tough battle next week against the Vikings.

    Tony Stahl
    Tony Stahl
    Hey there! My name is Tony Stahl. I have two passions, writing and football, when you put those two together you have where I am now, Inside the Star! I am 18 and live in Fort Worth and am a huge Cowboys fan. Football is my most favorite topic and I could talk your head off all day about it.


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    The NFC EAST used to be the NFC LEAST. That apparently is no longer the case. Almost every year recently (up until this year) the Cowboys have been the division’s top dog, giving them easier regular season wins and an easier path to the Postseason. That’s gone.

    Now with stiffer competition from the Eagles, Giants and even Commanders, the Cowboys no longer have those annual cake-walk games. One example from last year, they won ALL of their intra division games, 6-0. Those six wins obviously helped boost them greatly to a 12-5 record and playoff berth. Now CR led Cowboys did beat Giants and Commanders once each already but lost once to the Eagles. DP hasn’t played in a division game yet. These games will be very important as two of these teams are ahead in the standings and wild card berths are more complicated/tricky sometimes.

    Seeing how the team responds going forward to this new paradigm will be very telling as to how the season will unfold. But up first is a tough, IMO pivotal game vs the Vikings in their house. They better bring their A game.


    VAM, I think I wouldn’t mind seeing Cooper Rush back under Center. He wasn’t flashy or anything, but frankly he’s looked like the better Quarterback. I think Kellen Moore has a lot to do with this team’s faults and shortcomings than a lot of people believe. He’s the same kind of caniving backstabbing that Garrett is. Garrett sabotaged the offense in order to get Wade Phillips fired. That BASTARD Kellen Moore is doing the same thing to idiotic McCarthy and he’s MUCH TOO DUMB TO REALIZE IT! Can’t wait to turn on the Sports channel one day soon and hear that McCarthy and Moore have been fired!!!


    The Cowboys are not going anywhere with the McCarthy and Moore combination on the sidelines. Imagine this much offensive talent in the hands if a competent Offensive Coordinator. The Cowboys would be scoring at least 35 points per game.


    Hey Lawrence, my opinion and comments here on DP have been pretty much the same for about two, three years now. Rush has played well and may be worthy of starting, but the problem is I don’t think they will sit their $40 million man on the bench, unless he really struggles and negatively affects the team’s performance for a few games in a row. Just looking at this year, I agree CR has looked better and he does have a better win percentage than DP. My two cents on this QB situation right now is if DP doesn’t get them into the Postseason and win at least ONE GAME, time to look at drafting a QB EARLY to start the grooming. I don’t know if CR is a long-term fix b/c we haven’t seen a good-sized sample size of him in regular season games. He has performed well in Preseason games a few years back.

    I think this Viking’s game will be a crossroads game IMO. If they lose, it may cut into the trust in DP. Conversely, if they win things will be on a more even keel. As far as MM and KM, I don’t think Jerry will be happy if they don’t get into this Postseason and do some winning there. In other words, heads may roll.


    I think trust in Dak Prescott is on the mind of fans and the Jones Family as well. He looked very shaky at times during that game. It appears that he’s been overpaid at this point. I bet Jerry and especially Stephen Jones wish they’d not given him that amazing contract. They said, I personally think Kellen Moore is the PRIMARY PROBLEM for the Cowboys Offense. As much as Dak is overrated and overpaid, so is Kellen Moore! He’s in WAY OVER HIS HEAD with this team’s offense. The talent is there, he’s simply not up to the task. Also I don’t believe he has any interest in Dak Prescott being successful. He doesn’t have any respect or regard for McCarthy, but that’s understandable. How can you respect a FAT IDIOT like him? Time to get those McCarthy and Moore OUT OF DALLAS NOW!!!!