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Hypothetical La’el Collins Trade Could Recoup Cowboys a 2019 1st-Round Pick

Well , when the finally gets underway in April we will have to sit through 57 selections before the are finally on the clock in the second-round with the 58th overall draft pick. But, what if I told you there was a way they could recoup a first-round draft pick? Would you be interested?

Now, before we get started let me make one thing clear… this is completely hypothetical. This isn't something I have heard floating around the mill or something the Cowboys would even consider. It's just a little out-of-the-box thinking on my part involving a player currently on the roster who I believe could be expendable.

You may have guessed it already, but the player who I think could help the Dallas Cowboys recoup a first-round draft pick in 2019 is  .

Before you get all worked up, I no way believe La'el Collins is worth a first-round draft pick by himself. But, if the Cowboys were to package him with a future draft pick, probably a first-rounder in 2020, they could realistically up into the latter part of the first-round this year.

Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys Owner and GM

I don't know about you, but if there was a player still on the board the Cowboys liked in the backend of the first-round this year, I would absolutely package Collins and the 2020 first-rounder to trade up. It seems like a lot to give up, but not if you actually look a little closer.

The Cowboys would basically be exchanging years without a first-round pick and getting something right now for a player who doesn't seem to have a future with the organization. La'el Collins is after all entering a contract year and might net the Cowboys a mid-round compensatory pick in 2020. Dallas likes those comp picks, but there's no way they would be able to get a first-round talent with one next season.

I don't know if this is something the Cowboys have discussed behind closed doors are not, but I definitely think it's in the realm of possibility. In fact, they may already have Collins' replacement at right already on the roster in . He was after all an at the University of Texas, and was considered one of the best not that long ago.

With the possibility of moving Connor Williams to RT it would of course create a void at . But again, the Cowboys have someone they could insert there as well, . He started eight games for them at LG last year in 2018, and performed pretty well in those starts.

The only thing left to do would be to find a trade partner. I think there would be several teams in the latter part of the first-round who would be interested in acquiring La'el Collins if packaged with the Cowboys first-round draft pick in 2020. That includes the who just so happen to have two selections in that area, one of which (27th overall) was originally the Dallas' to begin with.

Collins is just 25 years old and has the versatility to play or tackle. He is a proven starter and has held up well against some of the best pass rushers in the league. He may be the weak link on the Cowboys , but he'd immediately be an upgrade for other teams around the league.

What do you think? Would you use La'el Collins to trade up in the first-round?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Saul Molina

It depends if we could move up into like spot 12 to 15 maybe

Saul Molina

Ok read the whole article no way your giving up a player and a 1st Rd pick just to get back in the bottom half of the second Rd no way

Brian Martin

It would be the backend of the first-round. Essentially you’re pretty much just exchanging years without a first-round pick and packaging Collins to trade up this year.

Collins is in the last year of his contract and at best the Cowboys could get a mid-round compensatory pick in 2020. Packaging him with a 2020 1st would be kind of like swapping him for a first-round talent this year instead of a mid-round talent next year.

Saul Molina

Wouldn’t do it just not worth it loseing a player yea you might pick someone up you like but then who plays RT Fleming I don’t think so

Brian Martin

Connor Williams and then play either Joe Looney or Xavier Su’a-Filo at LG

Saul Molina

That’s not a bad suggestion mark

James A. Howerton

Not too sure about that unless a player they REALLY like is still on the board, especially a S. First they need to get DLaw signed. If he’s unhappy this whole thing could fall apart.

Brian Martin

Completely agree. There’s no sense in trading up unless there’s someone they really like. And I also agree with you about DeMarcus Lawrence. He’s a huge part of the Cowboys defense.

Nick Russo

I like the outside of the box thinking and think that you selected a good player to package based on his contract status and likelihood of him receiving a new contract. However, I personally don’t think I could be fully sold on it.
1) Collins finished his first year at RT on a high note, playing well against K. Mack, JPP, and Joey Bosa. He wasn’t terrible last year and if he can potentially make a big jump in year 3 at RT, I wouldn’t hate extending him a year or two. Remember, this was a player that was a sure 1st rounder before all the craziness of his Ex-girlfriends murder (which he had no involvement in).
2) Given how many of our top players are still under contract through at least this year, I don’t feel an extreme urgent need to get back into round 1. We will have a number of good young players coming to the end of their contracts after next year or the year after and I would rather have a first round pick then, when we can more accurately determine who might need to be replaced.
2b) The needs that we enter this draft with have a lot of depth in this draft. There are going to be a lot of quality D-lineman, saftey’s, and RBs that we can take in later rounds and don’t need to give up capital to move up.

But still like the idea of netting something if we do lose Collins, rather than losing him for nothing.

Brian Martin

I was really basing this trade on the fact I don’t believe Collins has a future with the Cowboys beyond the 2019 season. I don’t see them extending him. They have a lot of money tied up in the OL already. I highly doubt a trade like this would happen, but it’s fun to speculate about.

Nick Russo

If I had to guess one way or the other I would lean towards agreeing with you. Unless they could extend him at a very team friendly price I can’t see him staying. It will be interesting to see how the FO decides to handle this draft and the compensatory pick we have.

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