Hypothetically, What Would it Cost Cowboys to Trade for TE Kyle Pitts?

    Rumors began to circulate yesterday Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is infatuated with former Florida TE Kyle Pitts. The infatuation is certainly understandable considering the caliber of player Pitts is expected to be, but for Mr. Jones to express his potential interest publicly caused to erupt.

    As you can imagine, fans flooded speculating as to what Jerry Jones should and might do. Logically everybody understands Kyle Pitts will be long gone by the time the Cowboys are on the clock with the 10th overall pick in the first-round, so that led to the speculation Dallas could be looking to up.

    Whether it's just speculation or not, you can't ever rule out anything when it comes to Jerry Jones. If he truly wants to put a star on Kyle Pitts helmet in 2021 and beyond he's going to have to move up from #10 to make it happen. So, how far would the Cowboys have to move up and what would it take to facilitate such a trade?

    The team that makes the most sense to trade up with would be the . They currently hold the fourth overall pick and are the first team most likely not to draft a early. If you're doing the math that's a six spot jump from 10 to 4, which on paper doesn't seem like that much. However, when it comes to pick value it is.

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    According to Drafttek's 2021 Trade Value Chart, Atlanta's Pick #4 is worth 1800 points and Dallas' Pick #10 is valued at 1300 points. That means the Cowboys would need to make up the 500 point difference with extra draft capital or throw in a player for more compensation. For arguments sake we will stick with the extra draft capital for today.

    As things stand right now the Dallas Cowboys hold picks 10, 44, 75, 99, 115, 138, 179, 192, 227, and 238. The value of each pick obviously varies, but for the Cowboys to come up with a combined 1800 points to match Atlanta's #4 pick they'd have to give up 10 (1300), 44 (460), and 138 (37) at the very least and even that is slightly less than equal value.

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    Considering the Dallas Cowboys more than likely won't be the only team trying to trade up the Falcons can sit back and wait for the best offer. That could create a bidding war, one in which that could get pretty expensive. Dallas would more than likely have to up their offer that included three of their four Top 100 picks such as 10+44+99 (1864) and even that might not be enough.

    Is Kyle Pitts really worth that kind of draft capital? Would Jerry Jones actually get in a bidding war to acquire his services?

    There's obviously no way of answering these questions right now with any kind of certainty. Jerry Jones is the kind of owner who would make such a move to land a player he truly covets. However, the draft capital it would take to facilitate such a trade might be a tough pill to swallow for most fans. Sadly, only time will tell how this plays out.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Jaime Paredes

    DONT do it we need help at defense!

    Israel Guajardo

    A Sh*t load


    I understand he might be a generational talent but he could possibly be just another really good te/wr. Only way I would trade this is swapping 1sts and a 3rd and giving them Gallup. But why would they do that when they could have cheaper rookie contract with Pitts instead of having to pay Gallup higher pay next yr?
    Don’t trade we need draft picks to fill defensive holes. Mc clay and Stephen need to make sure and bend Jerry’s ear to not do this.

    Cowboy Fan Ed

    Bottom line is we better get some defensive help or we are going to have to score every time our opponent scores!….. Hopefully it won’t be that bad but we do need to pay attention to the defense in this draft ! We should be set with receivers now we need DT, CB’s, OT, ! Let’s get the tools we need to build a Championship Defense!


    Í think is TOO MUCH. Thanks


    I think if Jerry really wants Pitts……..nothing ANYBODY writes HERE is gonna change that lol. Draft day will be very exciting to watch……the next 3 weeks of speculation, not so much.


    I think I’d rather them grab surtain/slater (or Pitts for that matter but I’m sure he’s long gone by then) or really just BPA at 10 and spend the draft capital a little more efficiently if need be by jumping back in the tail end of the first or back up in the second rd for a second pick to maximize the draft haul. With 3 extra compensatory picks to barter with it would make those picks even more beneficial.
    The free agent signings so far haven’t set the world on fire but a couple could be potential starters but with injury history. My main goals is another top cb. Then ball hawk FS to pair with Wilson. Then OT/DT. I’m not quite as worried at LB with the Neal signing and moving to WLB. but I do like Gifford and Bernard as depth behind the starting 3. Shoulda never let Joe Thomas walk and sign for crumbs to the Texans.

    Don Howard

    Jerry Jones is infatuated with JERRY JONES and that is a big part of the problem with the team a lot of icing but to little cake


    Too much to give up for one player.


    Yeah no , I love Pitts , I’ve been a big advocate for him , and still would if he fell to us at 10 , but trading up and giving up precious draft capital makes no sense ,

    Pitts would help put our offense over the top , but that would mean the highest pick we could spend on D without doing another trade would be our 3rd round pick and at that point , most of any player there is gonna be a question mark as far as gonna progress to being more than anything but a backup , maybe , hopefully , they could be starters , which is what we need

    So for me , if he falls to 10 (which isn’t far fetched) you take him on the spot , but if you have to trade up to get him , then no , don’t do it , go with Surtain/Horn or Parsons

    Bennie Ladell Bean

    Tha Cowboys shouldn’t b thinking about pitts they need to stay at 10th n draft surtain whats tha point n scoring 40 if your defense is given up 50


    I haven’t thought of that Brian , Gallup will more than likely be gone after this year anyways , that would definitely lessen the blow picks wise , I wouldn’t be mad if that’s what happens.

    Or maybe if we just stayed at 10 and get a 2nd out of Gallup , we would have 1st and 2 2nds then


    I’m interested on your take on why you’re heavy on Richard Sherman. While he’s still a good corner he’s not near what he used to be. Father time has caught up with him. He’s gonna want pretty good money for past achievements not necessarily what he can still do.
    I believe I read today that he’s gonna wait till after the draft to sign with someone. That tells me that he’s gonna weigh his options and try to land on a team that’s gonna have a good chance at a superbowl run.
    I just think whoever signs him is gonna pay too much for what they are going to get in return.


    Your 1st and 3rd might get you to pick 7 if Pitts is still there.
    You still have 8 more picks for defense.


    I would love to see Pitts wearing the Star. Yet Sherman is 33, has injury issues and has lost a step. He would make a great free safety given his great football IQ, but is too slow to cover today’s speedy receivers. I would pass on Sherman. However, how about Brian Poole or Steven Nelson as free agents at cornerback. Both are 28 years old.


    Cowboys have not really done much in free agency as far as signing difference makers with the possible exception of Neal.
    Cowboys had the worst defense in their history and ranked 28 of 32 teams and second to last in points given up last year.
    In short, the Cowboys defense was pathetic last year.
    You need to build a team through the draft and you need to be good on both sides of the ball.
    To give up possibly your top 4 draft picks for Pitts who is a great player would be insanity.

    Dave SC58

    I hope they don’t waste picks on a trade like that. The Cowboys are in a great position right now. Get a good CB with the first pick, then a Safety or DT with the second pick. The third pack should net them a good DE or LB. If they can accomplish that, they are in good shape to go out and get BPA or use picks as trade bait the rest of the draft.


    Yeah I somewhat agree Brian that change of scheme and DC will help , ppl forget , our D was actually playing a lot better mid to late in season

    That said I question how great of a DC is DQ

    Idk if he’s a really good DC , or another McCarthy

    The only reason McCarthy got another HC job is cuz of what he did in the past with A-Rod at the helm , btw any offense will look good with A-Rod , i hated the McCarthy hiring last year , and i still hate it

    Now the only reason DQ getting a DC job is cuz he had the LOB , and Wagner , Wright , Avril , ALL in their prime , so how good of a DC is he ?

    With that kind of talent on D , pretty much anybody will look good as DC with that , so for me , idk about DQ I’m pretty sure he’s a upgrade over Nolan , but idk how much of an upgrade he is

    jason baugh

    ive always been a you get a generational type of dude any chance you get . But , this is different . Cowboys are loaded at the skill positions . including 2 very good TE’s . And on top of that , you’ll have a chance at a future all-pro o-lineman or a shut down corner . C’mon man !!! Theres no way !!! right ????


    Surtain/Horn are not for certain “Shut down Corners” we think they will , but is that cuz we need shut down Corners or cuz they’re that good ?


    Eli Apple was selected 10th overall to Giants cuz they needed a corner , and that didn’t work out , what’s to say Horn/Surtain wouldn’t be different ?


    Oy, I appreciate the thoughtful presentation of trade up math, but this is a classic case of taking a clickbait report and running with it.

    Yes, things can be rules out with Jerry Jones. For nearly a decade, and more so with each passing year, the team has let the draft come to it. Trading up is a rare beast for the current front office, especially this kind of move. That, and the team needs picks to go to defense – it could even justify putting pick 10 into the offense, but not that plus multiple other picks.

    And read between the lines about the rumor. There was no public statement, just a comment made by a beat guy. And it isn’t hard to see the kernel of truth behind the clickbait: Jones thinks that Pitts is awesome, but that’s it. He probably thinks that Trevor Lawrence is awesome too, but isn’t going to be making a deal to take the QB for obvious reasons. Infatuation doesn’t mean that the owner is going to bend over to take the player – that is how the beat guy was able to make it sound as if Dallas would “target” Pitts without actually lying. But…the insinuation is still very dishonest. Ye have been warned!


    I can’t believe no one else saw this…

    1800 – 1300 = 500 (NOT 600)

    The article’s math is all wrong

    Cowboys fan

    That’s too much draft capital to give up just to move up 6 spots!! And we need too much help on the defensive side to be throwing those kinda picks away for just one offensive player!! And I don’t wanna hear that our free agent signings free us up to do just about anything in the draft cause it don’t!! The free agents we signed are a bunch of nobodies!! Kazee, Neal and Ty are pretty good, but they are not good enough to where we can overlook that position in the draft!! Not to mention the fact that they are only signed on for 1 year!! So again, our free agent signings does NOT free us up to draft any player in the draft!! We still have all of those positions to fill!!

    Gary b

    Too many hypotheticals to lend much credence to this possibility. No way I trade up for an offensive player though. In fact If he’s there at #10 would consider trading down with another team that is lusting for him, the same as if a QB falls to them. If the offer isn’t sweet enuf then maybe take him. If not we can use the move down pick in the 15-20 range to get in my order of preference 1.Parsons 2. Surtain 3. Horn 4. Slater 5 Moehrig One of those is likely to be available. The draft capital we get back could then be used to barter back into bottom of the 1st or top of the 2nd to get another player at a needed position.

    To me we are in a good bartering position at #10 and possessing so much draft capital. Let’s hope a player drops that a team behind us really wants.

    Phil cox

    We DO NOT need another TE!!! Why pass on a shutdown corner like PSII who will immediately start & fill a GLARING hole??? Look at the one of a kind, great HOF TE, Jason Whitten…how many playoff games did he “take” us to???

    Cwbysfan 1967

    Forget the front four. Get some real linebackers. Dallas is handicapped. The linebackers really suck. Watch the huge ground gains. Vander Esch is always hurt and out. Smith cannot run laterally and every team knows it. Smith cannot read offenses without VE’s call. The worst linebacker corps I have ever seen in Dallas. All the good LBs always leave for bigger money and better teams BUT Jones keeps awarding the worst players with large cash like Smith, DLaw and Mr RB Ohio State. Let’s face it, the defense sucks. As far as the latest news….. about Elliott changing his number, it should be ZERO to match his play.

    Travis D Diggs

    Sooo trade your defensive draft capitol to get more offense. Sounds very Jerry like. Having the #1 offense with a horrible defense doesn’t make you better. Being a cowboy fan all my life makes me question my own decision making sometimes

    James A. Howerton II

    The thing Brian forgets to mention is that going into the last month of last season, we OWNED the 4th Pick. Anyone thinking that we were going to beat teams like Kansas City, Green Bay or Tampa, just to name a few, was a fool. Our outside shot at a SB ended with Dak’s injury.
    Why in the world wouldn’t Jerry just tell McCarthy, “Don’t worry about the record this year. We’ll just get the highest Draft Picks we can so we can bulk up the OL and start building our Defense.”
    But instead we’re talking about TRADING UP FROM THE 10TH SPOT FOR A PLAYER WHO’S NOT A QB.


    Look , the only player on D in this Draft that’s close to a sure thing is LB Micah Parsons imo , EVERYONE ELSE IS QUESTIONABLE ON D , SURTAIN IS 100% A QUESTION MARK , stop trying to build up the guy , you ppl sound like the ppl out there thinking 49ers are gonna take Mac Jones , it’s a JOKE TO THINK SURTAIN IS FOR CERTAIN A “SHUTDOWN CORNER”

    Bottom line , Kyle Pitts is 1 of 5 imo that are surefire hits , Lawrence , Sewell , Chase , and Slater are my other sure hits , if Pitts falls to 10 , I’m jumping all over it , as far as trade up , I would only do it if we got a trade in the works to get a 2nd rounder out of Gallup , otherwise , I wouldn’t do it


    And if you trade down and Pitts goes insane with his team , and our picks don’t , we’ll look like fools

    Gary b

    My thing is CB has a big learning curve. Jeff Okudah was selected #5 overall in 2019, and he wasn’t good last year at all . And he was rated higher then either Horn or Surtain. CBs generally take a few years to hone their craft and be difference makers, if they do reach that level.

    I would rather take Parsons who has pro bowler written all over him and get BA CB with our second pick. I’m hesitant to burn the #10 on a CB. We have the draft capital to move up down and still get a nearly comparable CB with our second pick.


    4 is way too high. You keep saying after FA we’re fine on defense, we’re not. We’re not good in the DL, on the back end, or in the LBs. We’re terrible across the board. I’m 100% for pitts at ten, bc it’s crazy value. Trading to 4 isn’t an option, and the defense needs help at every single position

    Jasper J

    None of the free agents signed are difference makers except for Neal IF he is healthy and can stay healthy. In no way do they give the freedom to not attempt upgrades via the draft. SuperBowl requires a complete team play with multiple playmakers not just all serviceable rotational fill ins.

    Yes, take Pitts at 10 if he accidentally falls. Definitely do not trade up to get him.

    Never trade Gallup. Extend him today for 3 to 5 yrs to stabilize WR. He will be more expensive next year of course.


    Brian, I’m curious about an idea that seems almost too logical to me…If Pitts does happen to fall into Dallas’ lap at pick #10, why wouldn’t Dallas immediately start calling every team with remaining first rd picks, and offering Michael Gallup and another pick to jump back into rd 1 to get an impact CB or DT? Heck, Farley, Barmore, Moehrig, or even Horn may still be attainable.


    Well Jerry Jones is a moron so I honestly think and am afraid this is a very real possibility. We don’t just need cb help either. Safety has and still is a major hole. If we don’t go defense at #10 we’re going to once again be the laughing stock of this draft. I’m a cowboys fan always have been but this is just getting more and more ridiculous the older Jones gets.