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Mortensen: Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones “Infatuated” with Kyle Pitts

It should come as no surprise that the intensity has risen in debates about the and what the should do with the 10th overall pick. As we inch closer, the debate will heighten as options become clearer for the Cowboys.

One of the more interesting outcomes that have crept into the land of possibility is what the Cowboys do if Florida falls to them at the 10th pick. Should the Cowboys take the generational talent at tight end or be more reasonable and add a player to their ? It’s a fascinating question though it seems unlikely that Pitts falls to the Cowboys.

However, it seems that has become enamored with the ' star playmaker. On ’s draft special Chris Mortensen had this to say:

“We’re hearing this thing about Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys and the GM, being infatuated with Kyle Pitts. So I figure he’s gonna have to up to get Kyle Pitts. I think he’ll offer and Larry Allen, maybe throw in . He doesn’t need Tony Romo but he has , he spent $40 million a year on Dak Prescott so why not go get Kyle Pitts, or if he actually falls to 10 you couldn’t rule him out.”

Chris Mortensen, ESPN via Clint Buckley of 247 Sports

At his , he exhibited wide receiver speed in a tight end body. Though he’s not as devastating a blocker as George Kittle, he’s a solid blocker in the run and pass game and isn’t going to get beat often.

It’s not surprising that Jones loves Kyle Pitts. He’s an easy player to become infatuated with. His size, speed, range, and athleticism make him a very desirable target for any team. He sounds like a Jerry Jones player as a playmaker down the field.

I don’t foresee the Cowboys trading up in the draft to take him unless it’s a small trade up to the Detroit Lions at seven, but they’d have to really love him to be willing to give up a third or fourth-round pick in order to make it happen. According to the trade value chart, the Cowboys would probably have to give up pick 75 to go get him. That seems unlikely.

That said, with just weeks until the NFL Draft kicks off with the at number one, there will be more information coming out about the prospects that teams like. Some of it will be disinformation intended to throw teams off of who they actually like and are targeting at 10.

The other thing to note is that it’s been some time since Jerry Jones was the sole decision-maker in the war room. During the era, the Cowboys set up an operation that sought consensus among the team’s , department, and . In ’s first year at the helm, the Cowboys followed the lead of and the scouting department.

Much of how the comes back to how they’ve set up their draft board. If Kyle Pitts is their best player available when they get to their pick at number 10, then it wouldn’t surprise me if they took him and worked to address or later in the draft. Much like they did last season.

There are no guarantees in the draft and trying to predict what’s going to happen is a difficult proposition. As we saw with 's fall to 17 in 2020, anything is possible. That took a lot of moving parts. For Pitts to fall to 10 would take some work, but not near as much as it did for the Cowboys to land last year’s top playmaker.

Though most eyes have been fixed on or , Pitts is a player you have to consider with your first-round pick if he’s available. He’s a rare playmaker with athleticism that compares favorably to Calvin Johnson. Johnson was faster, but he was also lighter. Pitts is a mismatch nightmare for defenses. He is too quick and fast for linebackers and too big and strong for .

It’s easy to understand why Jerry Jones loves Kyle Pitts. He’s that good of a football player. And throwing Pitts into your with , Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and Ezekiel Elliott is like playing and would be a dream come true. He’s too dynamic of a weapon to completely rule out and if he’s available at 10, I don’t see how the Cowboys don’t take Kyle Pitts.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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Don Howard

Don’t doubt this for a second but hey I don’t think Pitts would be the train wreck Johnny Football was (is) so that’s something but don’t worry about trying to build a team just grab whatever looks good at the time the team sadly is not going deep into the playoffs any way

James Vargas

One thing is certain. The upcoming NFL draft will be exciting !

Jay Weston

You really should have paid attention in English class.”the land of possibility is what the Cowboys do if Florida Tight End Kyle Pitts Dallas to them at the 10th pick. Should the Cowboys take the generational talent at tight end or be more reasonable and add a player to their defense. It’s a fascinating question” Doesn’t make a lot of sense,also,questions generally use a question mark.(?)


The idea the offense doesn’t need work is overblown , there was too many times last year where I saw us going down 14 – 21 points or more , and last time I checked , THIS ISN’T MAKE IT TAKE IT BASKETBALL , so that means our Offense had numerous times where they could comeback from down 7 but we didn’t , come back to 7 after being down 14 but we didn’t , and have a chance to come back to 14 after being down 21 but we didn’t , and that’s with Dak fully healthy

So yes this Offense needs fixing more than ppl realize , the D needs it even worse , but why not fix something on Offense which would be much easier to fix now if Pitts falls to us than trying to fix our entire D ?

Adding Pitts would make our Offense go over the top , he’d help out a lot in the red zone and be a move the chains kind of guy , a Kelce , if you will , he can play TE or WR , so if we lose Schultz or Gallup , it won’t affect our Offense.

Where as on our Defense we need a Corner to go opposite of Diggs , a safety to go opposite of D Wilson, (and pray Wilson isn’t another X Woods) a run stuffing DT , a LB who can cover these speedy TEs , and a DE that can get to QB , you think it’s likely we’ll get all of that in this one draft ?

Bottom line , if Pitts is at 10 , you take him , or else you’re GIFT WRAPPING THE DUDE TO THE GIANTS OR EAGLES AT 11 OR 12 and that’s something I can’t and wouldn’t let happen

Don Howard

Thanks for your class on grammar but if I wanted that I would sign up for a English class didn’t want it then nor anytime

Gary b

I think any short comings the offense experienced were mostly due to our OL being decimated by injuries and the continued deterioration of Zeke. If we can stay healthy on the OL that will have a trickle down effect on the entire offense. Not sure how much that will benefit Zeke but it can’t hurt.

That said I think Pitts would be a luxury pick, although u could make a case that it could put our offense over the top and would make it difficult for teams to keep pace with us on the scoreboard. A prolific offense also makes teams play catch up ball against us and negates their run which is our Achilles heel.

Lastly I think the continued evolution of Dak will allow him to be the maestro in making this offense go. And yes for you Dak detractors he needs to do a better job of taking care of the ball. He has a history of protecting the ball well, so I don’t expect that to be a big problem moving forward. But he needs to consistently play at a high level to justify that contract and mostly because we rely on him so much. He doesn’t have to be perfect every game (who is ? ) but he needs to consistently good to very good.

Ethan L Chazin

Drafting Pitts with 10th pick instead of going defense…best analogy I can give is the old Golden State Warriors in the late 80s with chris mullen, tim hardaway and mitch richmond. The old Run-TMC. They were fun as heck to watch run up and down the court scoring 130 a game, as the warriors last a majority of their games. That is all I’ve got.

Ryan Blair

No Kyle pitts wasn’t

Gary b

When ur evaluating these players from powerhouse schools like Surtain and M Jones from Alabama, u have to remember they are surrounded by elite talent at practically every position. Elite teammates make u look better for various reasons. Not saying Surtain isn’t worthy of his high rating. He’s obviously battle tested and has gone up against the best WRs in the SEC and has earned his accolades. Just something to consider.


Best analogy I can give for drafting Pitts over defense at 10 is KC Chiefs , who won a SB two seasons ago and was in the SB this year despite a bad D and injured O-Line

I agree Gary b on O-Line being healthy will help a lot , problem is that’s looking like more of an if every year , Smith can’t stay healthy , Collins was gone all of last year , and even Martin is starting to become shaky health wise , I’d say they’re more on the downside and I am very doubtful they’ll be able to even deliver one more fully healthy season , which is a problem , the Chiefs overcame that problem this year as well as the bad D to the point of making to SB cuz of the weapons they had on offense , of course as we know , they lossed but they made it none the less

And I’d rather do that at 10 than to go need at CB or whatever and let him go to Philly or Giants , if Philly got their hands on Pitts after trading down when they were probably gonna take him there at 6 , that might be the best trade this year

Now again this is if he fell to us , which after his pro day , I wouldn’t get how he would fall to us , so if he is gone by the time we pick then yeah we go D with that pick , but if he’s there , you can’t pass on him


Offensive red zone help is a big need. It has been for a few years, so its not related to just last year and the injuries. Its all of the 3 factors: play-calling, no real inside (TE) threat, OL-play. Pitts and Slater address the red zone capabilities, but not as much as the play calling will …

David R

If he falls to 10 then take him! The Cowboys can address defense for the rest of the entire draft! We would secure him for 5 years and be outstanding on offense. PS2 would be a great pick if he’s there at the time but, imagine having all our past tight ends Jay, Jason and whoever you wanna name wrapt up in one! The Cowboys would be off the charts good for years. Just need him to fall and take him.


It’s because Pitts will sell jerseys and make him money


If Pitts is available at 10, take him. Then sign Steven Nelson or Casey Heyward in free agency.

Jesse G

Doing the opposite of what Jerry Jones wants will get a championship faster.

Ryan Blair

I think that cowboy should get Kyle pitts and keyvon thibodeaux on your team if the cowboy don’t have Kyle Pitts and keyvon thibodeaux on your team then the cowboy will not win the super bowl game and cowboy will going to home and the super bowl game and now if the cowboy do get Kyle pitts and keyvon thibodeaux on your team then the cowboy will win the super bowl if not the cowboy can say goodbye to the super bowl game because the cowboy will not be in super bowl

Ryan Blair

Cowboy your fan want Kyle pitts and so you mind will to get Kyle pitts

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