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Interview with LB Charlie Thomas ahead of the Cowboys 2023 Draft

As I have mentioned, when scheduling interviews with draft prospects, you are never sure what you will get once you start talking to a player.

Some players are chatty, some are quiet, and some guys — like Charlie Thomas from Georgia Tech — are all business.

Thomas knows what work he needs to do to get the job done.

He does not bother with Twitter or . His focus is to get ready to play football at the next level.

Here is a look at what the invitee had to share with me when we spoke.

Pat Schuster: How was the combine ? How good was it to post the seventh-best 40-yard dash for linebackers at 4.52?

: It was a learning experience being down there at an invite-only event. ,

I felt special to have a chance to compete with my peers, learn from NFL coaches and meet with many teams through my time in Indy.

I prepared for the combine with Brent Callaway at EXOS, which showed in the drills.

I now look forward to individually meeting with the teams and finishing this process over the next month as we wait for the draft at the end of April.

Pat: According to Georgia Tech's record books, you played 2,457 defensive snaps. What is the first snap you think of?

Charlie: The interception this year against Pittsburgh.

Pat: What is the best advice you've received at this point in your career?

Charlie: Be consistent.

Do not be a leader only sometimes. If you lead, do it daily, by example, or verbally.

Charlie Thomas 2022 Highlights | Georgia Tech LB

Pat: Who was the best player you faced in college?

Charlie: Kenny Pickett.

Pat: What game film should all teams watch from your college career?

Charlie: Virginia Tech in 2022. I had 15 or 16 tackles and a fumble recovery.

Pat: What teammates should we look out for next year?

Charlie: Clayton Powell Lee DB, Donate Smith RB, and Zach Pyron (we call him ).

Pat: You graduated from high school a semester early to enroll at Georgia Tech and were a member of the Honor Society. Academics are important to you. Where did that come from?

Charlie: I was raised with the direction to make something of myself both academically and athletically.

I learned that at an early age, long-term classroom success is even more important than the playing field.

Few Minutes with NFL Draft Prospect Georgia Tech LB Charlie Thomas 2

Pat: What are your thoughts on playing in nickel packages in the NFL?

Charlie: I would love to play some safety as I started my college career feeling like I could be a safety, so I would like to prove it if the team wanted me to do it.

Pat: What is your experience playing ?

Charlie: I played it early in my career and played all different roles. Once I became more established on the , I stopped but always enjoyed it.

Pat: Is there any NFL player, past or present, that you model your game after?

Charlie: I love watching tapes of Luke Kuechly and am always interested to see on the field.

Pat: Whom was your most significant influence growing up?

Charlie: My Grandad — before he passed — and my mom.

Pat: What was the most challenging class you took at Georgia Tech?

Charlie: It was an Intro to Business class. It showed how to create, start, launch, and have your own business.

Pat: What advice would you give that player starting a college football career?

Charlie: Try to be the best version of yourself every day.

Pat: Describe yourself in a few words.

Charlie: Intelligent, confident, and leader.

Pat Schuster
Pat Schuster
Lifelong Cowboys fan I currently live in PA with my wife and three amazing kids. In the past few years, I have interviewed close to 300 players prior to them entering the NFL. I have written for several publications, but all things always pointed back to the love of America’s team.

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