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Is Cam Newton the Fix to the Cowboys Backup QB Problem?

The made their final cuts on Tuesday afternoon as all 32 teams needed to trim down their for the regular season which begins on September 9th.

Most notably, backup quarterbacks and were the first of many players to be waived after their not-so-good performances in . who had the better performances out of the three is the current backup to .

While Rush’s spot seems to be safe, the most surprising cut today was the releasing quarterback Cam Newton. As soon as the news broke out on , national media talked about Newton’s next landing spot possibly being Dallas since they need a capable backup behind Prescott.

Newton’s was due to him being unvaccinated and not wanting to take a backup role. While Dallas is showing interest would the former be okay with taking a backup role, or will he wait out on the market until a his services as a starter?

Newton’s recent release will create more buzz and headlines for Dallas which the franchise does exceptionally well. This could be good for the if the and Newton can work out an agreement as he will instantly become the most talented backup the Cowboys have signed in decades.

Dating back to when was under , the Cowboys have rarely had a backup who can consistently win games. Newton can change that trend as he has been a starter since entering the league in 2011, have playoff experience, and has won numerous awards.

We currently do not know how the Cowboys will handle Newton not being vaccinated, but the fact there is interest says a lot about their concerns at the backup position.

Best believe the Cowboys will do their homework and go through their evaluation before deciding to sign Newton. wants all players on the team to be vaccinated, so if Cam can do so he can still be of service and help the team win games in some capacity.

We will see how this plays out throughout the week and if Newton is indeed signed, this will be huge for the Cowboys’ as and supporters can feel great about winning games if he has to step in and play this season.

What do you think?


Written by Alec Cash

I am a 24-year-old Cowbys Content Creator with exceptional skills in Published Writing, Public Speaking and Podcasting. Sports Writer Covering the Dallas Cowboys for Inside The Star.

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  1. IMO, the Cowboys will not bring in anyone to challenge DP, be it Newton or any other QB with starter potential. Especially NOW after overpaying him. And if anyone doesn’t think he was overpaid, just listen to JJ who said just that.

    Great franchises over the years have brought in REAL competition at EVERY position including QB. Examples: Staubach for Morton, S Young for Montana, Rodgers for Favre, ETC. They don’t rest on their laurels.

    Cowboys, on the other hand, seem to do just that now. Rush for DP? NO. GG, BD? COME ON. Even end of his career AD, no real competition. The article even mentions Romo never having real competition. Results???

    We were once a great franchise, under Landry and Johnson, that won SBs, or at least got to BIG MEANINGFUL GAMES. Now win one playoff game in 5 years, and get second highest contract in NFL. history? And I get that they are probably the richest franchise in sports, but most of that was built on the success and backs of past great teams.

    The LAST QUARTER CENTURY, unfortunately for so many longtime fans here, doesn’t live up to the place among the greatest teams in NFL history!

    All that said, it doesn’t mean I won’t be rooting for my team to win EVERY GAME.

    But 26 years and counting!

  2. He’s an upgrade and that simply can’t be disputed. But he’s polarizing so immediately many will dismiss him. Yet he’s reportedly always been well regarded by teammates everywhere he’s been. Sounds like Dez Bryant all over again (without the hysterics).

    If he’ll play 2nd fiddle for $1.3 million, by all means bring him in … and if he can’t overtake Rush by week-4, move on from him. He may even have trade value if another QB goes down early.

    In my opinion, your QB3 is the oe you work to develop … while your QB2 needs to be able to win 3 out 5 games in a pinch. Rush is not that guy. Period.

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