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Is CB Jourdan Lewis In For A Pay Day Elsewhere In 2021?

Is there a bigger disconnect between fan perception and coach perception than that of cornerback Jourdan Lewis?

The Cowboys cornerback has been a fan favorite since entering the league, winning Cowboys Nation over with his competitiveness and ability to create turnovers from the get-go. He’s had trouble finding consistent playing time, however, falling down the depth chart in part due to Kris Richard’s love for longer and taller cornerbacks.

Initially playing on the outside during his rookie year, Richard immediately moved Byron Jones down from safety and pushed Lewis to the inside of the defense. This was a godsend for Jones’ career, but not so much for Lewis’.

Lewis quickly fell behind Anthony Brown for the starting slot cornerback role, but due to injury was able to showcase his abilities during 2019. Lewis filled up the stat sheet last season with four sacks, six pass breakups, and two interceptions.

Now Lewis enters a contract year for a team which is in the process of spending a whole lot of money on other players, and just drafted two cornerbacks in the first four rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Jourdan Lewis spoke to earlier this week, saying he was looking forward to a clean slate with this new defensive coaching staff.

“And they said that everybody has a clean slate. It doesn’t matter how big, tall, how long you’ve been here, it doesn’t matter. If you can play ball they want to see you in that position to go and compete for that job” – Jourdan Lewis.

Yet defensive backs coach Al Harris told that same that he values length in cornerbacks, and implied the team was looking for length when drafting both Trevon Diggs and Reggie Robinson II this year.

All of this may mean one thing: Jourdan Lewis could have a completely clean slate in 2021, with a nice pay day for another franchise during free agency.

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. He could even still get moved this year. Still baffles me how Brown was given an extension and Lewis wasn’t. Hoping he plays to his abilities are forces Jerry to commit to him. All that said, If I had to predict, I would say he’s likely to finish 2020 as a Cowboy and then move on just as being suggested here by Kevin.

  2. It’s sad that J-Lew, in limited snaps last year, tied Byron jones 5 yr int total and almost had as many sacks as your $100+ defensive end. And there is talk about him not being a cowboy. It’s just rediculous because he’s a couple inches shorter than their “ideal” size DB. I think the only player on that team that is potentially better than him is Trevon Diggs after he gets half a season in the big league under his belt. Chido can’t find the ball to save his life that’s why I think he would be a really good safety keeping everything in front of him.

    • That was all on Kris Richard for liking long, length corners. The new staff of Mike Nolan and All Harris prefer lying and lengthy corners but also want turnovers. So it maybe a nice, fresh beginning for Jourdan Lewis

  3. Making decisions like this with Lewis is part of the reason we don’t have a Super Bowl won in twenty years…Lewis is a former receiver who knows how to find the ball and has the athleticism to go get it…letting him go or even limiting his snaps is a huge mistake for our defense…

  4. Lewis, Diggs, Brown, Robinson, Worley, Wilson, Woods, Haha, Wilson are the secondary players of the present/future.
    I believe Awuzie will be traded, Thompson wont make roster & not sure if Canady will either although Canady is a really solid CB.
    Main questions are resigning Lewis, Woods, Worley, & Haha at end of season. Worley is double edge sword cuz if he starts & does great he will join another team that can give bigger contract, if hes rotation guy at corner/safety he will probably be the odd man out cuz Lewis, Woods and Haha will have to be signed. Unless, we go all out for Jamal Adams in Free Agency then Haha wont resign.
    I firmly believe Lewis will show why Dallas should have ran a more man on man scheme the last few years so Lewis strengths were used not his weaknesses in zone & Cover 3 coverages. Diggs obviously will become a starter for years to come. Then Brown got paid but doesnt mean he wont have to beat out Worley/Robinson/Canady for the 3rd corner spot. Dallas may use worley for size since Lewis most likely will play slot in 3 corner situations.
    Dont see Robinson starting this season but maybe next season or 2022. For now he needs to rotate in at corner or safety & get better.

    If we trade Awuzie, then we should sign Lewis during season so he will be cheaper because if he dominates all season his value/worth will only rise so save $ & resign him before trade deadline. Possibly start Lewis Brown Worley to begin season then whichever of the 3 are struggling replace with Diggs. If Woods or Haha struggle replace with Wilson, Robinson or Worley.

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