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Is Dalton Schultz Worth the Money he’s Asking for?

Friday’s deadline came and went with no long-term deal for , as expected. Schultz will now play the entire on the worth $10.9 million.

The $10.9 million is still a significant increase from Schultz’s rookie contract. It’s now the sixth highest cap hit on the team this season and the third highest of any tight end in the league. Only Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith, two tight ends on the , carry a higher cap hit.

What Schultz is probably looking for is a deal paying him around $13-15 million, making him the highest-paid tight end in the NFL (worth noting the franchise tag already makes him that this season). Besides Schultz, only tight end makes more than $10 million per season.

So, is he worth it?

Schultz has gotten better every single season. Thanks to ’s torn ACL, he was used more as a pass-catcher, hauling in 63 passes for 615 yards and four touchdowns. He took the starting spot from Jarwin and never looked back, catching 78 passes for 808 yards and eight touchdowns.

Schultz is coming off a career season and now wants to cash in. As a receiving tight end, he’s gotten better in almost every aspect. The biggest criticism for him is his blocking mishaps.

While Schultz’s blocking was good last season, there were some well-documented blunders. When he lost on the line, he lost hard.

That isn’t to say he’s not a good blocker. Schultz is still a good blocking tight end. But, it can do with some improvement.

If his pass-catching skills are so valuable that we can forget his blocking, Schultz may be worth locking up long-term. However, Dallas then has to ask whether his production is just a product of the he’s in or not.

Having at certainly makes Schultz better. The Cowboys also go to the air a lot, throwing the ball around 60 percent of the time last season. This gave Schultz more opportunities that he was able to take advantage of.

That question is a hard one to answer. Is Schultz valuable enough to make him the highest-paid tight end? Or is he expendable enough to replace? My answer would be the latter.

While Schultz’s progression has been great, he’s not an elite tight end. He may never be. Schultz won’t be the primary receiving threat this season, with that honor going to . His blocking is good, but do you want to pay a tight end that much for his blocking?

I believe you can find another tight end that can thrive in the Cowboys’ offense. Schultz himself went from the No. 3 tight end to the starter, mostly due to circumstances as well. Who’s to say that can’t happen for anyone else?

Schultz is an asset, but he isn’t the offense's focal point. Because of that, I wouldn’t overpay for him, and I’m certainly not losing sleep over the possibility of losing him either.

Nick Coppola
Nick Coppola
Student at the University of Oklahoma. Reporter for OU Daily. Junior Writer for Inside The Star. Contributor for Guns Up Nation.

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Jeffrey Tuggle

Amen. Well put

Dalton R Ellis, Jr

The question is never really how much a player is worth, it is how his asking price fits within the cap vs. how much he contributes on the field. All teams have lost players to other teams because the other teams had the cap money and the desire more that their original teams.

Clayton Godfrey

I wouldn’t sleep well at night, assuming just anyone can step in and do what shultz did with Dak! How many times did shultz not only catch the ball, but twist and bump for 5 more yards after the catch!? How many times did defenders have coop and lamb locked up and a hurried dak could check it to shultz on a scramble or a high pass? That chemistry isn’t easily replaced as we’ve seen! I think under valuing him now would be ignorant, especially when guys like Kyle Pitts are gonna want a big pay day soon. Might as well pay him 12 million structure it so it don’t hurt so bad and lock him up now, while it’s cheap! He’s Dak security blanket in our diverse reciever Corp! Don’t shake that up now!

Clayton Godfrey

How does NE afford the 2 highest paid TEs on the SAME team? Or GB spending 200M on defense in the Off season while making Arod the HIGHEST paid QB in the league? They got people to make it work, the cap is a sacrificial lamb for fans to blame when their team is always screwing them DC4L

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