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Is Dorance Armstrong one of the Cowboys Most Underrated Players Going Into Next Season?

is entering his fifth year with the Cowboys after a two-year $12 million deal in March. Armstrong compiled a very solid campaign with career highs in tackles (37), (5), and hits (12) while also adding a fumble recovery, a blocked punt, and a defensive touchdown against the in . He recorded 36 pressures and 23 quarterback hurries in just 13 games last season (five starts).

Some people love them, and some don't, but when you look at a few of the advance stats, Armstrong was second amongst Cowboys defenders in hurries and pressures last season, only behind I'm sure you can guess, . We may get our answer very early whether or not he will be one of the most underrated players on the roster next season.

If we see Armstrong receive a full workload at the , his pass-rushing numbers could turn out very solid for a team who will need to fill at least a bit of production. With the loss of , someone will need to step up and make an impact, and it very well could be Armstrong.

Armstrong looks to be the man who will lineup alongside when next season gets here, but let's not forget Dallas still has Dante Folwer Jr. and rookie . Both players will compete for reps in , and maybe we will see a combination of these three in 's .

We don't know what Armstrong's ceiling looks like just yet. He was a big-time role player last season. He did not see the field nearly as much as others did, we know that but it is hard to tell what he could do with a full workload.

After signing his deal this , if Armstrong stays healthy, I think we could see a very productive year from him in his second year in Quinn's system.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Armstrong is very good and plays the run well in addition to his pass rush.
By the way, the Gregory myth , now in Denver , has had surgery and has no date for expected availability.
Denver saved Jerry from overpaying a pet and losing Armstrong.

William Bristol

Could not agree more! Also Gregory saw Armstrong everyday in practice and knew the comparisons might not look good! Go get em Armstrong!

Cowboys fan

Will need to fill at least a bit of the production lost by Gregory?? Last I checked, Gregory’s production shouldn’t be that hard to make up!! Armstrong produced just as much as Gregory did last year and he didn’t even get to play as much as Gregory!! If you ask me, I think we got lucky Gregory ran to the broncos!! And we ended up signing the better player, for a lot cheaper!! Plus we got Donte Fowler, who in my opinion is better than Gregory is too!! Us losing Gregory was a blessing in disguise, you writers just don’t seem to realize it yet!! But you will when the season starts and Gregory don’t do anything for the broncos, and we have 2 or maybe even 3 players produce more than Gregory does by the end of the season and we have all 3 of those players for a fraction of the cost of Gregory’s contract!! And that’s not including Lawrence and Parsons!! I’m talking about Armstrong, Fowler and rookie Sam Williams!! Williams mite take a year to get that much production, but I’m sure Fowler and Armstrong can match Gregory’s production by themselves especially with Dan Quinn as the DC…. Which makes it a possibility for Williams to produce better than Gregory too!! Anyways I’m gonna leave it at that…. I get tired of talking about Gregory, who wasn’t really that good to begin with!!

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