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Is Penn State LB Micah Parsons A Real Possibility For The Cowboys At 10?

If there was one common complaint from during 2020, it was about this team’s starting linebackers.

Once a fan favorite comeback story, has become the main character of football woes. He’s often out of position, takes bad angles, and seems to lack hustle at times in the eyes of the fanbase.

Then there’s former pick , who simply cannot stay healthy, and his future in football due to his shoulder/neck should rightfully be questioned at least a bit.

This all leaves the Cowboys with a lot of money tied up at linebacker, but really nothing to show for it on the field. Linebacker has become a need for Dallas seemingly overnight, and one first round prospect is putting himself back in the conversation for the Cowboys in the first round.

Penn State’s Micah Parsons, that is.

Parsons had a monster (who hasn’t?), and made sure to hype himself up afterwards. Parsons said that he knows he’s the “most versatile” player in the class, with the ability to play each linebacker spot and rush the passer.


Micah Parsons has the chance to be a stud in the NFL.

At his height, weight, and speed he is perfect in today’s league where he will be asked to carry tight ends in coverage as well as defend the run in traditional defensive looks. Parsons’ size, explosiveness, and ability as a blitzer all make him an intriguing draft prospect this year.

But is he worth the tenth overall pick?

This is nothing against Micah Parsons individually, but the Cowboys would be crazy to take a linebacker in the first round. Especially with such dire needs at more premium positions.

With Jaylon Smith already paid and Vander Esch on a first round contract, why sink more resources into this position? If they are going to take a defender in round one, let it be one of these top prospects.

II and would both have more meaningful and immediate impact to the in year one than any off ball linebacker would.

What do you think?


Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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  1. I oils draft Parsons he is fast and has good size and would be a huge upgrade over the linebackers we have now with no Sean Lee and LVE injuries I would do it if tight end is gone along with the cornerPatrick Kyle Pitts but if I had to pick it would be Pitts all day

  2. Gary b, yeah I was a little surprise when Moehrig was there in second rd in this simulator. Would be great if this was attainable for us. But then who knows what front office is planning.

  3. VAM- I like that fanspeak mock u cited. If we get Parsons and Moehrig that’s a great start. This is a deep CB class so I think we can get a good one in the 2nd-3rd round. Plus with the draft capital we have, we have the ammo to stategically trade up or down to get targeted players at positions of need.

    As I’ve previously stated I think the perception regarding the value of LBs is changing as the league evolves and offenses are more wide open and pass oriented. Plus the proliferation of athletic TEs and the crazy catch and run ability of some of these other skill players necessitates u having equally fast athletic LBs that can match up. As THROWUP88 said LBs can impact the game in multiple ways. Tampa Bay sure showed off the value of good LBs the way theirs were flying all over the field in the SB.

  4. Agree with James Altice, unfortunately we have pretty weak LB in Smith, so why not get the widely considered best defense player in the draft that happens to be a LB, IF he still there at #10. But as you say, Jones loves Smith, so chances are this won’t happen. BTW, agree with you on the WAY OVERPAID DP, and that person in WH, too.

    Last year, our run defense ranked 31st, next to last, and our pass defense ranked 11th. So one can make a case for Parsons, and draft a good CB later. IMO, this is where the biggest problem was, as we got run over by almost every RB we faced.

    A 6 round Fanspeak Mock that gets us run stopping help we badly need, plus a very productive CB, 8 INTs, 38 BPUs;

    LB, M Parsons
    S, T Moerhig, TCU
    CB, P Adebo, Stanford
    DT, J Tufele, USC
    Edge, P Jones II, Pitts
    DT, T Slaton, FL

    Of course who really knows how these picks will shake out. I respect the other opinions about 1st round LB picks, this is just my two cents of how to beef up our BAD run defense..

  5. Smith and LVE were considered the best duo LBs in the league 3 years ago (or was it 2?) I’m going to stay positive and hope it was more of a terrible system brought in at the absolute wrong time (virtual meetings only due to Covid).
    I was always sure Dak would get re-signed, and they made it cap friendly while the cap has gone down. Jerry likes to take chances (and give chances), so I am looking forward to the watching our new ‘bargain’ players in a better planned scheme of which the new guys are already familiar with.
    There is almost a month before the draft which is already getting harder to read about everyday by the ‘professional’ armchair gms and angry fans on who and who NOT to pick, as if your opinion is actually looked at in the boardroom. I’m confident we will have a good draft.
    There is also about FIVE months before the season starts to add in other possible free agents, so I’m really not understanding all the negative talk about how we are not signing so and so etc…
    In my opinion, things are most definitely looking up, especially if we can stay reasonably healthy.
    Loving the extra game now too. Actually makes the league a bit more competitive if you realize it’s not just a random add on.
    Go Cowboys!!

  6. Here’s what Bucky Brooks had to say on Micah Parsons , Lance Zierlein did a mock where the Pats got Parsons at 15 , here’s what Bucky said

    If he falls to 15 he’s absolutely a steal and you talk about the Pats try and bring back the Dynasty , they can bring back the Dynasty with Micah Parsons in the middle , this is a tremendously talented player who does a great job of not only rushing the passer but making plays sideline to sideline , you put him in that Defense,  look out in NE

    BTW I’ve seen mocks where Parsons goes to Atlanta at 4th overall pick

    I value LBs over CBs BY FAR , not even close imo , CBs can be taken out of the game way too easily , I’ll take one elite LB over one elite CB any day of the week

    You can send 2 guys at him if he’s in zone , you can throw completely on the other side of the field , now when you get a collection of elite CBs and Safeties , then it’s effective but if not , you get taken out too easily,

    Where as a LB can help in all facets of the game , he can get to QB , he can stop the run , and he can cover , it’s all the more important now to have LBs who can run , and no J Smith and LVE can’t run ,

    RIDDLE ME THIS name off just the top of your head the CBs that played for Tampa last season , then try to think of the names of the LBs Tampa has , i can name 3 LBs on Tampa’s team and NONE OF THEIR CORNERS


  7. I completely agree with you James it makes me sick how this team is being operated one stupid mistake after another make a mistake and instead of admitting it double down and make it worse

  8. We could get experienced LB for reasonable price if the idiot Jones family would sign him and quit playing hard ball, reason JJ hasn’t signed him he is infatuated with a weak at best LB Jaylon Smith!!! He is horrible takes bad angles, lazy and he got his money when JJ gave him huge contact and then way over spent for Dak is why we won’t go to another Super bowl until he is gone ,but still have his stupid son knows nothing about how game is meant to be played. I know I’m ranting but watching 20+ years of stupidly is like watching what Biden is doing this country. SIGN REAL PLAYERS AND QUIT BARGAIN BASEMENT SHOPPING!!! Ihope Dak proves me wrong but I know of at least 10 QBs I would prefer over him!!!

  9. I put LB on the same level of RB you should never draft one in the first round as a rule the beating the positions dish out shorten the career making the pick less valuable and you can get serviceable players in later rounds

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