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Is the Cowboys 2018 Season Circling the Drain?

For the , I thought the matchup was one of the more winnable games left on their schedule in 2018. Unfortunately, I was wrong  and with the way the rest of the schedule is shaping up, the Cowboys season could already be circling the drain.

The Dallas Cowboys are about to enter the most difficult five game stretch on their schedule. All five of these games are against teams and three of those are against division rivals. The outcome of these five games will not only likely decide who wins the division, but also decide whether or not the Cowboys have anything to play for the remainder of the year.

The fun kicks off next week against the , who they just so happen to play again in a little less than a month. The Eagles will be coming off their and get home-field advantage. With the way the Dallas Cowboys are playing right now, that certainly doesn't bode well for them coming away victorious.

Things don't get any better from there unfortunately. They will once again hit the road to take on the before returning home for three games against the , , and the Philadelphia Eagles. Ouch! I told you this was a tough five-game stretch for the Dallas Cowboys.

Jason Garrett
Dallas Cowboys HC

Honestly, I don't know if they can win any of those matchups. The Redskins might be the best chance at a “W” since they just lost three starters, but I still don't know if that will give them enough of an advantage. We can hope, but it still likely won't be enough as far as the season is concerned.

If you've read any of my previous stuff, you know I'm forever the optimist. Unfortunately, the Dallas Cowboys have all but killed my optimism this season. Every time I think the are ready to turn the corner, they just end up letting me down time and time again. Enough is enough.

Even though the Dallas Cowboys looks like it's circling the drain, I don't think we will see any drastic changes made. It's already too late for that unfortunately. But, these next five games could impact who remains on the Cowboys staff for next season.

Like many of you, I'm more than ready to move on from Jason Garrett and . They just haven't been getting the job done and it's past time to see what some new blood can do. I think this five-game stretch will probably seal their fate in Dallas.

I know has been backing his coaches publicly, but I think even he is starting to buy into the outcry from his fan base that a may be in order. At least that's what the majority of , including myself, is hoping anyway.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys 2018 season is circling the drain?

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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Chuck Wright

Is this a “Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb” question? I’m all in on tanking and improving draft pick status.


um, you mean improve our draft status in the 2nd round?


BM, the season is down the drain and in the waste water tank……over.

the stupid arrogance that is displayed by this coaching staff week in and week out is completely mind blowing. i just don’t get it, JG cannot be that inept, or is he?

as i posted in another thread, name 5 players on this team who you have seen improve over the last 3 years, from rookie year to where they are now. absolutely amazing that nearly everyone on this team has regressed or become a non factor.

there is no one behind them to push them, so the status quo remains. there is no accountability, so status quo remains. no one is in fear of losing their jobs, status quo remains. when is the last time you saw the HC go over to his QB and talk to him during a game? never, our HC never talks to his players during games other than an occasional nice job. every other HC in the league i have seen go over and at least give the QB some confidence or and WTF! are you doing…..not here in dallas.

i was a fan of JG and wanted to see him succeed here but he is / has been a waste…..time to move on.


Aikman said all we needed to know and already knew. Success starts from the top . Common denominator for all the crap we are dealing with ??? JERRY JONES . who will go down as the biggest fool ever. he will not be remembered for the great Stadium or the bought and paid for yellow HOF jacket but for the last 23 years of JACK SQUAT !!! Also the first and only GM to Ever fire a SUPER BOWL WINNING coach and had the audacity to say the Chan Gailey was his worst decision . GIVE US A BREAK


Better Coaching?/
After 8 years NOW they want better coaching? They fired the wrong guys and EVERYBODY knows it. Ram have Mcvay . Eagle have Pederson and we have Garrett? Please don’t insult real fans . It always starts at the top and trickles down. Mediocrity has set in in Dallas and they will not change until it hits Jones in the pocket . What a Waste. The Cowboys now have been exposed for a lack of Coaching. This team has a COMPLETE lack of leadership. Starting with Jason “broken Record” Garrett. And in the middle of it all is a head coach in Garrett and a staff that has been gifted 8 full years of patience with fairly little to show for it. Good teams overcome adversity. The Cowboys are succumbing to it. Another year of HOPE, REALITY and Excuses. 23 years now. 2 Playoff wins ?
HOPE REALITY and Excuses… HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS .Jerry’s Boys are garden variety and not very interesting. They are empty promises with a fan base who clings to the past while ignoring how average they actually have become. Since the Cowboys last appeared in an NFC Championship Game and/or the Super Bowl, the Eagles have been to six NFC Championships and two Super Bowls and won this year . 23 Years and 2 PLAYOFF WINS!! HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!
And We get Garrett back Mediocrity at it’s finest!!!

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