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Jalen Hurts overreaction — has he really surpassed Dak in the NFC East?

' fans probably won't like this . Part of the ' fanbase will grab their torches and pitchforks for even suggesting this upbeat take on .

In either case, here it goes.

The changed the complexion of the East. The initial tug of war for the top claim in the division was with that year's number two overall pick, and Prescott. We all know how that ended.

It was the epitome of the tortoise and the hare.

Wentz started the blocks quickly but stumbled as Prescott skipped past him for the crown.

Now, another Eagles quarterback is attempting to overthrow Dak's claim. No pun intended.

Last season, was on fire. He led his team to a appearance and was an candidate.

The top consensus Quarterback ultimately bested him on both fronts.

Even still, most media pundits and critics would argue that Hurts is the top quarterback in the division by a large margin.

While I won't sing Dak's praises and I've wrote my fair share of Dak criticism, I'm also not ready to anoint Jalen after one really good season.

Merry Christmas: Dak Prescott deliver after early pick-6

Dak Prescott owns his NFC East opponents and that includes Hurts

People will have you believe that the has been a less-than-impressive division controlled by the seven-year quarterback.

Twenty-seven wins and seven losses.

When healthy, Prescott has been hard to beat within the division.

In addition to Wentz, (albeit at the back end of his career) was on the wrong end of those wins that Dak racked up.

wasn't much better with his 0-4 as Washington's signal caller when he went head-to-head versus Prescott.

That's all fine and dandy, but this is about Prescott and Hurts.

In the 2020 and 2021 seasons, both quarterbacks grabbed one win in the games they participated in.

Last season, their teams went 1-1 versus each other, but there were no head-to-head matchups because of .

The numbers were closer than you would have guessed in the last five regular games last season.

The one item I like to use as a point of distinction is the eye test against each other's defenses.

Yes, Hurts pulled out a win at their place early in the season, but it wasn't his best individual performance.

He went 15-25 for 155 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 65.6 QBR.

When Dak played the Eagles at , he reminded everyone how good he can be under pressure.

The 347 passing yards and 3 touchdowns with an 86.2 QBR were beautiful.

Week 18 Preview: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) celebrates after making a first down in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles during the first half of play at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sunday, October 20, 2019. (Vernon Bryant/The )

To dethrone the king of a division, you have to do it convincingly

In the fight world, to take a champ's belt, you have to either knock them out or win with no doubt left to the viewers.

For Hurts, yes, he has made it to a Super Bowl (and lost it), but is that enough for him to supplant Dak as the top quarterback in the NFC East?

I think not.

I have to give some credence to consistency. Yes, leading the league in turnovers while missing five games will leave a mark.

It was not pretty from a turnover standpoint for Dak last year. It was darn right ugly.

However, the sample size of seven seasons compared to only two seasons must stand for something.

Give kids a toy seven years ago; there's a high chance they'll lose interest. A new remote control car with updated features will excite them. That is what is happening.

Jalen is Dak 2.0. Minus the Super Bowl appearance, the Cowboys quarterback has done everything that Hurts has done.

I have been as critical of number 4 as anyone else, but I also know the journey of carrying an albatross of a contract around your neck is only just beginning for the former Heisman runner-up.

I intend to let this play out.

This may be the beginning of Jalen and drop-off for Dak. If so, I will gladly admit I was wrong. I am not ready to concede yet, and Prescott isn't offering his throne yet, either.

Jermaine Arvie
Jermaine Arvie
I currently reside in the Mansfield Texas area. I'm a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. Love to talk sports, love to write. Currently writes for Fansided and as well as Inside The Star.

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