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Jason Garrett, Jones Family Continue Meetings Ahead Of Contract Expiration

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is, well, still the head coach. We’ve entered day four of “Jason Watch,” with more weird meetings underway at The Star.

Garrett’s contract will expire in the coming weeks (or days depending on the reports you trust), meaning he will no longer be the head coach of America’s Team sooner or later, but the word coming from these daily meetings is certainly odd.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reported today that people inside The Star are thinking that Jason Garrett will have some type of role with the team in 2020, even if he is no longer the head coach. He also indicated that Garrett requested play calling duties for 2019 season during a post-season meeting a year ago, but was denied the request.

Ed Werder on Twitter

I’m live on #NFL Live in 90 minutes. As Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett resume their series of meetings, I can tell you this: people inside the building have begun to wonder if Garrett is going to have a role with the 2020 #Cowboys – whether as head coach or in another capacity.

Ed Werder has been on the Cowboys beat for ESPN for quite a while now, so it makes sense that he’d be in the know here. Still, other trusted reporters like Jane Slater have not mentioned this play calling request, so believe what you will.

Jane did say that no one around the organization – coaches nor players – is really sure what’s going on right now, though. She also reported that Garrett is yet to finish all of his exit interviews, something that the Joneses seem to want to allow him to complete.

Jane Slater on Twitter

Update from a team source on a Jason Garrett/Jones family meeting take 3 : “I think they will meet later today” no timeline, thoughts on the tone or direction of the meeting. The only people in the know here seem to be Jerry, Stephen and Jason. Wild.


In the end it’s likely that Jason Garrett is no longer the Dallas Cowboys head coach, but this has been a strange week to start 2020 nonetheless. Stay locked into Inside The Star for all your Jason Garrett-related updates.

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