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Jason Garrett Solidifying His Role As Cowboys Head Coach

Mauricio Rodriguez



Jason Garrett 1

Only eight teams remain alive in the race for the Super Bowl. Among them are the Dallas Cowboys, who recently defeated the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL's Wild Card round. It was a huge win for the NFC East champions against Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, a duo with tons of postseason experience, including a Super Bowl victory. This was a team win, but one guy in the organization might be the biggest winner of the 24-22 victory.

Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett has been constantly doubted by fans and analysts alike. Last Saturday night, he made a great statement for himself and his future with the franchise.

Let's talk about his recent history with the team first, shall we?

For many years, the Cowboys' head coach has been widely discussed by many fans and analysts around the league. His career in Dallas has had a lot of ups and downs and unfortunately very little postseason action.

In the last three years, though, it's kind of hard to ignore what he's done. If you look at the big picture, it's actually not easy to argue the team would be better off with someone else at the wheel. Since 2016, the Dallas Cowboys are 33-17. That's a 66% winning percentage. That ranks fourth in the NFL in that period, only behind the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Kansas City Chiefs. That's despite missing Ezekiel Elliott for six games and Tyron Smith for three weeks in 2017.

The Dallas Cowboys have won the NFC East in three of the last five seasons. And who knows what could've happened if Tony Romo hadn't been out in 2015. I'm not sure there's a coach out there who would've found success with such a QB carousel that featured Kellen Moore, Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel.

And of course, we must talk about Jason Garrett's record in the playoffs. Before Saturday's game, Garrett had a mediocre 1-2 record. Even the total of three postseason games is disappointing. The Cowboys' head coach really needed to remind everyone that he is in fact able to win in January. He managed to do just that last Saturday versus a playoff-experienced coach in Seattle's Pete Carroll. He's now at 2-2 in his career.

He was able to lead his team to victory in a back-and-forth low scoring game that was coming off a 6-1 streak before the playoffs. The Seahawks weren't able to shine doing what they do best, which is running the football. The Cowboys were prepared for the big stage and handled the game pretty well. In an intense match, Garrett's team was more dominant than what the scoreboard says and did what they've done against strong teams.

They dominated the time of possession with a strong running game and an elite defense. With a playoff win under their belt, the Cowboys are now headed to Los Angeles to face the two seed Rams in the Divisional Round.

Not to mention the team started the season 3-5 and didn't quit. The mere fact that they're still in it after such a start is impressive. Garrett has been a huge factor in the Cowboys' turnaround of the 2018 season and should receive a big round of applause for that. Time and time again, we've witnessed how his players never quit on him or the team. That's really special.

They didn't do so when they were losing 21-3 in the playoffs versus Green Bay. Despite it resulting in a loss, the Cowboys came back to tie it 31-31 before losing to a game winning field goal. We've talked a lot about how Dak Prescott having a lot of comeback wins and game winning drives. Well, those shouldn't be QB stats only. They're a team stat... a coaching stat.

Let me say that I myself have questioned Garrett's job a lot. This is not the first time I begin to regret that either. What Garrett needs to prove now is consistency. His future will definitely not be decided by next week's outcome against the LA Rams, but it'd be great for him to continue to rack up postseason victories and give this team a shot at a championship.

Who knows if Garrett will remain the Cowboys' coach for long. But for now, it's hard to make many arguments against him. We can talk about his 8-8 seasons from long ago, but that doesn't seem to make any sense to me. Since 2014, the Cowboys have been a different team.

However, they still lack something and that is postseason success. This is the year to turn that around. The Cowboys have gotten their first win of the playoffs but they surely hope to play a lot more football. For now, on to the Rams...

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Tyron Smith Named Most “Underpaid Veteran” On Dallas Cowboys

Kevin Brady



Dallas Cowboys Player Profile: T #77 Tyron Smith 1

Counting the pockets of Cowboys star players has become a favorite activity of the national media this offseason, as everyone tries to figure out how Dallas will structure the deals for their young players over the course of the next year.

While trying to figure out what the new deals will look like, it's worth reflecting on how well the team did on some of their past negotiations. The Ringer released an article this week naming the most underpaid veteran on each NFL roster, with Tyron Smith earning that honor for the Cowboys.

Smith, who signed his extension with the team back in 2014, is under the deal until the 2024 season. That 8 year extension was lucrative at the time for sure, but as the salary cap rises and other offensive tackles have gotten paid, it looks more like a bargain deal for Dallas by the second.

"A long contract is a bad deal for an elite player in a league in which revenue grows handily. The salary cap was $133 million in 2014, but it’s $188.2 million for 2019. So while the Cowboys have 41.5 percent more money to spend, Smith hasn’t had a raise in five seasons. The Cowboys essentially locked up one of the best tackles of his generation for his entire career."

When put like this, you can see just what a steal of a contract the Cowboys signed Tyron Smith for. Smith is inked for the entirety of the prime of his career, and has very little leverage for a holdout given how many years still remain on this deal.

On the field, Tyron Smith remains one of the best left tackles in all of football, even if back issues have forced him to miss some time over the last two seasons. Smith should remain a top contributor for the Cowboys for at least a few more years, all of which will come at a bargain for a Cowboys team looking to execute some salary cap gymnastics next offseason.

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PFF Ranks Cowboys Run Defense 13th In The NFL

Kevin Brady



Leighton Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith

The Cowboys duo of young linebackers took the NFL by storm in 2018.

Rookie Leighton Vander Esch and former second round pick Jaylon Smith played well above expectations, as for the first time in years Dallas did not face a significant drop off in defensive production when Sean Lee was out and injured.

These young linebackers are the cornerstone of a run defense which should be among the league's best going forward, and Pro Football Focus agrees. Well, somewhat agrees.

PFF ranked all 32 run defenses heading into the 2019 season, slotting the Cowboys 13th overall. Better than half the league, but not quite top 10.

PFF's reasoning behind this ranking certainly makes sense, as they credit the young linebacker duo without mentioning much of what will be in front of them helping to stop opposing running games.

"The Cowboys’ run defense begins and ends with the league’s best young linebacker duo. Leighton Vander Esch ranked third in run-stop percentage as a rookie while Jaylon Smith checked in at 29th."

The playoff loss in Los Angeles has left a bad taste about the Cowboys' interior defensive line in a lot of mouths, but I do think they've improved the unit this offseason. Signing Christian Covington and drafting Trysten Hill was a nice start to do so, but having Maliek Collins healthy and Antwaun Woods back for a full season will also go a long way.

Interestingly enough, two of the Cowboys divisional foes came in ranked above them on this list. Washington was slotted as the 12th best run defense, while Philadelphia was placed at number 8. Both teams' units deserve respect, of course, but this further highlights how difficult it could be to run the ball in the NFC East this season.

While I hate simply throwing this term around, analytics suggest that passing is what wins games in the NFL. Passing and stopping the pass, I should say.

With strong run defenses in their division, the Cowboys will need to maximize their passing game efficiency if they want to repeat as NFC East champions.

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3 Reasons Amari Cooper is Primed for an All-Pro Season

Matthew Lenix



3 Reasons Amari Cooper is Primed for an All-Pro Season

Amari Cooper changed life for the entire Dallas Cowboys offense in 2018. Finally, Quarterback Dak Prescott has the number one option at wide receiver he's desperately needed since his rookie campaign. Now, after half a season and multiple playoff games under his belt in Dallas, Cooper is set to have a monster year. Here are three specific reasons why.

1. Culture

Head Coach Jason Garrett has established a certain way of doing things in Dallas since taking over in 2010. His constant search for the RKG or "Right Kinda Guy" as he puts it has the culture in the locker room at a very positive and productive place. As criticized as he is, justifiably or not, he has his team all on the same page. This is something Cooper has been trying to find since he entered the league in 2015. An organization with the right mindset in order for him to perform and maximize his skill set. After being traded to Dallas, Cooper opened up in November about being unhappy during his days in Oakland.

"I wasn't really happy in Oakland or anything like that. But when I sat and thought about it [Monday} night, I thought about the fact that they traded me away. I don't know how to feel about it," Cooper told Yahoo Sports.

This may seem small to others considering these players make millions of dollars right? Well, it doesn't change the fact that they're human. When you feel unappreciated you don't play to the best of your abilities. Shortly after the trade, Cooper talked about how he's been different since putting a star on his helmet. "I feel like it did change me, as far as having that chip on my shoulder. Not that I wasn't passionate before, but playing with more passion, trying to intentionally have fun out there. It definitely has changed me, in terms of me going out there and just having fun with it," Cooper said. A change of scenery was just what the doctor ordered for Cooper and the Cowboys.

2. The other weapons around him

The Cowboys aren't just Amari Cooper or bust at the wide receiver position. Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb provide more challenges for defenses on a weekly basis. Gallup has firmly locked down the number two spot on the depth chart. It took a while for him to establish chemistry with Dak Prescott, as they would misfire on several big plays during the first half of the season. Nonetheless, by seasons end things started to pick up, and he finished with 33 receptions for 507 yards and 2 touchdowns. In the playoffs, he scored a touchdown in the Cowboys Wild Card win over Seattle. The next week against the Rams he performed well even in defeat, with 6 receptions for 119 yards. He's got speed, size, and versatility. Now with a full season and two games of playoff experience under his belt, I look for even more production from Gallup, as a possible breakout star.

Randall Cobb is a much-needed upgrade in the slot for the Cowboys. Unlike former receiver Cole Beasley, Cobb can line up inside or outside. Giving new Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore a bigger bag of tricks at his disposal. Now, he can lineup Cooper inside or outside and play with a plethora of different looks, keeping defenses off balance because of the uncertainty of how the Cowboys will attack through the air.

Then, of course, there's Ezekiel Elliott. The two-time rushing champion is the tone-setter on offense and dictates how defenses will attack. With Cooper being such a threat in the air you basically have to pick your poison. 8-9 man fronts against the run can make you vulnerable to play action down the field or quick slants with Cooper's exceptional route running. The more productive Elliott is the more honest it keeps opposing defenses, opening up more opportunities in the passing game. Averaging 101.2 yards per game for his career, second all-time to Hall of Famer Jim Brown, Elliott can make create even more opportunities for Cooper in 2019 with a full season of playing time together.

3. Motivation

Amari Cooper is currently looking to sign a long-term deal with the Cowboys. Preferably, both sides would like to get this deal done before the season starts considering he's in the last year of his rookie contract that is set to pay him 13.9 million in 2019. However, it isn't just a new deal that motivates Cooper heading into the new season.

"It's kind of a weird situation, just being that I've never been in this situation before, talking about a contract. But also, I'm under a fifth-year option, so I'm not too familiar with it. I really don't ask my agent many questions. I'm not really worried about it that much. I'm more focused on actually playing and really earning the respect and then the contract," Cooper said.

Being motivated by earning respect is a very mature approach from Cooper. Now, add that to the fact that I'm sure he wants to firmly put his name alongside Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Odell Beckham Jr, and Michael Thomas as the best receivers in the game, you have a fully motivated number one option heading into the new season.

Amari Cooper has already made three pro bowls, but now there's another level for him to reach. In just nine games last year with the Cowboys he caught 53 passes for 725 yards and 6 touchdowns. Also, he caught another 13 on 18 targets in the playoffs for 171 yards and a score. He's in the right culture, he has a number of other weapons around him and he has multiple reasons to be motivated heading in the new season. With a full offseason of building chemistry with Dak Prescott, I see Cooper taking that leap to the All-Pro level in 2019.

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